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Thermodynamics, Microstructures and Plasticity als Buch

Thermodynamics, Microstructures and Plasticity

'NATO Science Series II Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry'. Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2003.…
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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, held in Fréjus, France, September 2-13, 2002


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Thermodynamics, Microstructures and Plasticity als Buch


Titel: Thermodynamics, Microstructures and Plasticity

ISBN: 140201368X
EAN: 9781402013683
'NATO Science Series II Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry'.
Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2003.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Alphonse Finel, Dominique Mazière, Muriel Veron
Springer Netherlands

31. Juli 2003 - kartoniert - 528 Seiten


This book is a comprehensive assessment of the various theoretical and numerical methods currently in use to investigate microstructural transformations and mechanical properties of inhomogeneous systems, from the atomic scale to the macroscopic: kinetic mean-field theories, Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics simulations, Ginzburg-Landau and phase field methods as applied to plasticity and microstructure transformation, discrete and stochastic dislocation dynamics, and cluster dynamics. Extensive surveys of major physical processes include: solidification, microstructural evolution in single and polycrystalline systems under internal and applied stress, high temperature plasticity, recrystallization, large plastic strain in multiphase systems, fatigue, fracture, diffusive transformations, and fine grained materials.


I: Introduction. Introduction to modelling techniques in diffusive phase transformations; Y.J.M. Bréchet. II: Phase Transformation and Microstructures: Mesoscopic Methods. Mean field theories and Ginzburg-Landau methods; V.I. Tokar. Mesophase phase field modeling of engineering materials: microstructure and microelasticity; A.G. Khachaturyan, Yu U. Wang, Yongmei M. Jin. Phase-field models of solidification and fracture; A. Karma. The dynamics of interfaces in elastically stressed solids; P.W. Voorhees, K. Thornton. Cluster dynamics; C. Sigli, P. Guyot, L. Lae. Sensitivity of texture development during grain growth to anisotropy of grain boundary properties; A. Rollett. Computer Modelling of diffusion controlled transformations; G. Inden. Solute drag: a review of the Force and Dissapation approaches to the effect of solute on grain and interphase boundary motion; C.R. Hutchinson, Y. Bréchet. On the jerky nature of martensitic transformation; G. Anathakrishna, S. Sreekala, R. Ahluwalia. III: Microstructures and Plasticity. Deformation of single phase and multiphase materials up to large plastic strains; J.D. Embury. Microstructural aspects of cycle deformation and fatigue of metals; H. Mughrabi. High temperature plasticity of metallic materials; Y. Estrin. Transformation-induced plasticity in steels; P.J. Jaques. IV: Modelling of Plasticity and Related Microstructures. Grain size effect of plasticity modelled by molecular dynamics; H. van Swygenhoven, P.M. Derlet, A. Hasnaoui. Mixed atomistic/continuum methods: static and dynamic quasicontinuum methods; D. Rodney. Boundary problems in DD simulations; B. Devincre, A. Roos, S. Groh.Discrete dislocation plasticity; E. van der Giessen. Surface instabilities and misfit dislocations in annealed heteroepitaxial films; M. Haataja, M. Grant. On the role of the strain-rate sensitivity in collective dislocation effects; P. Hähner, S. Bross. Statistical properties of dislocation ensembles; I. Groma, F.F. Csikor. Collective behaviour of defect ensembles and some nonlinear aspects of failure; O.B. Naimark. Field theory of crystal defect structure; A.I. Olemskoi, A.V. Khomenko. V: Kinetics and Phase Transformations at the Atomic Scale. Monte-Carlo methods; V. Pontikis. Kinetic Monte-Carlo simulations in crystalline alloys: principles and selected applications; P. Bellon. Role of atomic-scale simulation in the modeling of solidification microstructure; M. Asta, D.Y. Sun, J.J. Hoyt. Applications of Monte-Carlo simulations to the kinetics of phase transformations; F. Soisson. VI: Experimental Investigations of Microstructures. Experimental investigations of microstructures; G. Kostorz, R. Erni, H. Heinrich. Atomic-scale tomography of microstructures and plastic properties; D. Blavette, E. Cadel, B. Deconihout, F. Danoix. Analysis of displacement and strain at the atomic level by high-resolution electron microscopy; M.J. Hytch. Dislocation organization under stress: TiA1; P. Veyssière. List of Speakers. Partners/Sponsors.
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