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Traceability in Chemical Measurement

Auflage 2005. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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Metrological traceability of chemical measurement results means the establishment of a relation to metrological stated references through an unbroken chain of comparisons. This volume collects 56 outstanding papers on the topic, mostly published in t … weiterlesen


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Traceability in Chemical Measurement als Buch


Titel: Traceability in Chemical Measurement

ISBN: 3540439897
EAN: 9783540439899
Auflage 2005.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Paul De Bièvre, Helmut Günzler
Springer Berlin Heidelberg

8. Dezember 2004 - gebunden - 312 Seiten


Metrological traceability of chemical measurement results means the establishment of a relation to metrological stated references through an unbroken chain of comparisons. This volume collects 56 outstanding papers on the topic, mostly published in the period 2000-2003 in the journal "Accreditation and Quality Assurance". They provide the latest understanding, and possibly the rationale why it is important to integrate the concept of metrological traceability including suitable measurement standards such as certified reference materials, into the standard measurement procedures of every analytical laboratory. In addition, this anthology considers the benefits to both the analytical laboratory and the user of the measurement results.


P. De Bièvre: Editorial/Introduction to this volume.- P. De Bièvre, R. Kaarls, H.S. Peiser, S.D. Rasberry, W.P. Reed: Measurement principles for traceability in chemical analysis.- P. De Bièvre: et al.: Protocols for traceability in chemical analysis, Part 1.- P. De Bièvre et al.: Protocols for traceability in chemical analysis, Part 2.- R. Dybkaer: Metrological traceability in laboratory medicine.- F. Adams: Traceability and analytical chemistry.- P. De Bièvre: Do interlaboratory comparisons provide traceability?.- R. Dybkaer: From total allowable error via metrological traceability to uncertainty of measurement of the unbiased result.- M. Buzoianu: Practical considerations on the traceability to conventional scales.- P. De Bièvre: Traceability of (values carried by) reference materials.- A. Williams: What can we learn from traceability in physical measurements?.- W. Richter: How to achieve international comparability for chemical measurements?.- P. De Bièvre: The key elements of traceability in chemical measurement: agreed or still under debate?.- B. King: The practical realization of the traceability of chemical measurements standards.- M. Máriássy et al.: Link to the SI via primary direct methods.- A. Zschunke: The role of reference materials.- B. Belanger: The measurement assurance concept in calibration and traceability at NBS/NIST.- I. Kuselman et al.: Lifetime of the traceability chain in chemical measurement.- St. Rasberry: Proficiency evaluation as a traceability link in chemical metrology.- P. Armishaw, B. King, R.G. Millar: Achieving traceability in chemical measurement - a metrological approach to proficiency testing.- A. Wallard: Traceability issues in physics.- W. Richter: Comparative study of the presentations at the CCQM Workshop on Traceability.- M. Müller: Traceability in Laboratory Medicine.- M. Lipp: Testing for foods derived from modern biotechnology: Opportunities and limitations for metrology.- W. Richter, Güttler: A nationaltraceability system for chemical measurements.- L. Siekmann: Establishing Measurement Traceability in Clinical Chemistry.- M. Kimberly: Clinical laboratory reference networks.- Ph. Taylor: One way of disseminating Reference Values with demonstrated Traceability and demonstrated Uncertainty to Field Laboratories: IMEP.- E. Völkert: Implementation of Traceability - Needs and Perspective of the IVD Industry.- G. Holcombe, R. Lawn, M. Sargent: Improvements in efficiency of production and traceability for certification of reference materials.- M. Buzoianu, H.Y. Aboul-Enein: Traceable measurement in clinical laboratories.- Ch. M. Beck: A traceability protocol to the SI by gravimetric analysis.- V.P. Antipin, A.A. Grigorieva: Reference Samples for analysis of gas impurities in aluminium and titanium alloys: Features of production, certification and usage to ensure traceability of results.- S. Duta: The use of certified reference materials in the Romanian traceability scheme.- P. Spitzer: Traceable measurements of pH.- P.E. Holland et al.: The development of gas standards and calibration techniques for measurement of vehicle, aircraft and industrial emissions, natural gas, occupational exposure and air quality.- I. Sperlingová et al.: Problems of traceability of total protein and catecholamine determinations in human urine.- M. Sega: Traceability in routine chemical measurements: an example of application in the determination of CO2 at atmospheric concentration.- Glavic-Cindro et al.: Traceability of measurement results of the effective acquisition time in gamma-ray spectrometry implemented by the pulser method.- Y. Mitani et al.: Traceability and Practice in Metrology in Chemistry.- P. Charlet, A. Marschal: Benefits of the implementation of a metrological structure for water analyses.- L. Brüggemann, R. Wennrich: Traceability of results of chemical measurements concerning a linear calibration.- W.P. Reed: Traceability, is it what we really want in our


From the reviews:

"They present a broad coverage of analytical endeavour and scope and allows the reader the advantage of compilation. ... overall this is a useful compilation and would serve as a good introduction to and an overview of the field for practicing analytical chemists and scientists particularly from certified laboratories ... ." (C. Burgess, Chromatographia, Vol. 62 (3-4), 2005)
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