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Ultra High Dilution als Buch

Ultra High Dilution

Physiology and Physics. Auflage 1994. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
Buch (gebunden)
The idea of editing this book was born in the winter of 1988/1989. Christian Endler was organizing the workshop 'Wasser und Information' (water and information) in Austria [1], and Jürgen Schulte was working on a publication of his results on at... weiterlesen


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Ultra High Dilution als Buch
Titel: Ultra High Dilution

ISBN: 0792326768
EAN: 9780792326762
Physiology and Physics.
Auflage 1994.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von P. C. Endler, J. Schulte
Springer Netherlands

31. Januar 1994 - gebunden - 284 Seiten


The idea of editing this book was born in the winter of 1988/1989. Christian Endler was organizing the workshop 'Wasser und Information' (water and information) in Austria [1], and Jürgen Schulte was working on a publication of his results on atomic cluster stabilities and long-range electromagnetic interaction in atomic clusters. It was Franz Moser from the Technical University of Graz who brought these two together. After a talk that Moser had given in Bremen, Schulte explained to hirn his ideas about clusters and long range interaction, and his concern about reliable theories and experiments in research on ultra high dilutions (UHD) and homoeopathy. He was suggested to be a speaker at the Austrian workshop. Reviewing the contributions of this workshop and the current literature on UHD and homoeopathy, especially the PhD thesis by Giesela King [2] and the excellent survey by Marco Righetti [3], we decided to work on a book in order to critically encou­ rage more scientists to work and publish in this field with a high scientific standard. What we had in mind was a useful contribution to the goal to lift research on UHD and homoeo­ pathy to an internationally acceptable scientific standard, to encourage international scien­ tists to work in this area and to establish UHD and homoeopathy in academic science. Delayed by our individual academic careers in our specific fields, and delayed by lack of funds it took us about four years to finish this book.


Prefatory Word; P. Fisher. Preface. Introduction.
Part 1: Physiology. Hormesis: Dose Dependent Reverse Effects of Low and Very Low Doses; M. Oberbaum, J. Cambar. Reappraisal of a Classical Botanical Experiment in UHD Research; Energetic Coupling in a Wheat Model; W. Pongratz, P.C. Endler. Immunological Examples on UHD Research; M. Bastide. Further Biological Effects Induced by UHDs; Inhibition by a Magnetic Field; J. Benveniste. A Zoological Example on UHD Research; Energetic Coupling between the Dilution and the Organism in a Model of Amphibia; P.C. Endler, W. Pongratz, R. van Wijk, F.A. Wiegand, K. Waltl, M. Gehrer, H. Hilgers. Scientific Proving of an UHD on Humans; H. Walach. Physiological Effects of Homoeopathic Medicines in Closed Phials; a Critical Evaluation; R. van Wijk, F.A. Wiegant.
Part 2: Physics. Outline of Experimental Physical Methods to Investigate Specific Structures of UHDs; J. Schulte, P.C. Endler. Conservation of Structure in Aqueous UHDs; J. Schulte. Is the `Memory of Water' a Physical Impossibility? E. Del Guidice. Small Water Clusters (Clathrates) in the Homoeopathic Preparation Process; G.S. Anagnostatos. Mass, Fluid and Wave Motion during the Preparation of UHDs; D. Auerbach. UHD Effect and Isotopic Self-Organization; A.A. Berezin. About Quality and Standards in UHD Research and Research on Homoeopathy; J. Schulte.
Part 3: Biophysics. Some Biophysical Elements of Homoeopathy; F.A. Popp. Electromagnetic and Magnetic Vector Potential Bio-Information and Water; C.W. Smith. Resonance Phenomena of an UHD; C.W. Smith, P.C. Endler. Transfer of Information from Molecules by means of Electronic Amplification; M. Citro, C.W. Smith, A. Scott-Morley, W. Pongratz, P.C. Endler. Effects of Typical Thyroxine related Frequencies on Amphibia; K. Spoerk, W. Pongratz, P.C. Endler.
Part 4: The Historical and Medical Context. Glossary; P. Andersch, P.C. Endler. Characteristics and Selected Results of Research on Homoeopathy; M. Righetti. Homoeopathy with Special Regard to Immuno-Allergological Research; B. Poitevin. Clinical Studies of Homoeopathy; the Problem of a Useful Design; M. Haidvogl. Prospects. Preliminary Elements of a Theory on UHD; J. Schulte, P.C. Endler. Epilogue. Alternative Research or Research on Alternatives? F. Moser, M. Naradoslawsky, J. Schulte. Summary. Index.


` . . . a most welcome tome and makes a significant contribution to the understanding of the way homeopathic medicines work. This book adds significantly to our understanding and will therefore appeal not only to the homeopathic buff but also to the scientific community as a whole. I can strongly recommend this book which is certain to become a classic in the fields of ultra high dilution research and homeopathy in general. '
HomInt R&D Newsletter, 1/94

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