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Unsteady Combustion

'NATO Science Series E'. 1996. Auflage. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Praia da Granja, Portugal, September 6-17, 1993


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Unsteady Combustion als Buch


Titel: Unsteady Combustion

ISBN: 079233888X
EAN: 9780792338888
'NATO Science Series E'.
1996. Auflage.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von F. Culick, M. V. Heitor, J. H. Whitelaw
Springer Netherlands

31. Januar 1996 - gebunden - 576 Seiten


This book contains selected papers prepared for the NATO Advanced Study Institute on "Unsteady Combustion", which was held in Praia da Granja, Portugal, 6-17 September 1993. Approximately 100 delegates from 14 countries attended. The Institute was the most recent in a series beginning with "Instrumentation for Combustion and Flow in Engines", held in Vimeiro, Portugal 1987 and followed by "Combusting Flow Diagnostics" conducted in Montechoro, Portugal in 1990. Together, these three Institutes have covered a wide range of experimental and theoretical topics arising in the research and development of combustion systems with particular emphasis on gas-turbine combustors and internal combustion engines. The emphasis has evolved roughly from instrumentation and experimental techniques to the mixture of experiment, theory and computational work covered in the present volume. As the title of this book implies, the chief aim of this Institute was to provide a broad sampling of problems arising with time-dependent behaviour in combustors. In fact, of course, that intention encompasses practically all possibilities, for "steady" combustion hardly exists if one looks sufficiently closely at the processes in a combustion chamber. The point really is that, apart from the excellent paper by Bahr (Chapter 10) discussing the technology of combustors for aircraft gas turbines, little attention is directed to matters of steady performance. The volume is divided into three parts devoted to the subjects of combustion-induced oscillations; combustion in internal combustion engines; and experimental techniques and modelling.


Preface. Part I: Combustion-Induced Oscillations: Principles, Practice and Control. 1. Unsteady Flames and the Rayleigh Criterion; E.C. Fernandes, M.V. Heitor. 2. Premixed Combustion in a Periodic Flow Field; J.O. Keller, P.K. Barr. 3. An Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Premixed Combustion in a Vortex in a Laboratory Dump Combustor; D.W. Kendrick, et al. 4. The Influence of Fuel/Air Mixture Oscillations on the Formation of Self-Sustained Combustion Instabilities in Premixed Combustion Systems; H. Büchner, W. Leuckel. Some Modeling Methods of Combustion Instabilities; S. Candel, et al. 6. Pulse Combustors Applications: Past, Present and Future; B.T. Zinn. 7. Recent Progress in the Implementation of Active Combustion Control; E.W. Hendricks, K.C. Schadow. 8. Suppression of Combustion Oscillations of Premixed Flames by Active Control; M. Katsuki, et al. 9. Combustion Instabilities in Propulsion Systems; F.E.C. Culick. Part II: Combustion in Internal Combustion Engines. 11. Diagnostics of Diesel Combustion; O. Haahtela, et al. 12. Visualization and Quantitative Analysis on Fuel Vapour Concentration in a Diesel Spray; J. Senda, et al. 13. Flame and Turbulence Interactions in a Four-Stroke SI Engine; J.H. Whitelaw, H.M. Xu. 14. Spray Transport and Mixing in Spark Ignition Engines: Some Modelling and Experimental Trends; F. Vannobel. 15. In-Cylinder Diagnostics for Production Spark Ignition Engines; P.O. Witze. 16. Cyclic Variation Due to Misfiring in a Small Two-Stroke Engine; T. Ohira,et al. 17. Cycle-Resolved Two-Dimensional Laser Induced Fluorescence Measurements of Fuel/Air Ratio Correlated to Early Combustion in a Spark Ignition Engine; H.M. Neij. Part III: Advanced Tools: Experimental Techniques and Modelling Schemes. 18. Laser Diagnostics for Temperature and Species in Unsteady Combustion; A.C. Eckbreth. 19. Mathematical Modeling of Turbulent Flames; W.P. Jones, M. Kakhi. 20. The Modeling of Combustion and Pollutant Formation in Engine Flows; N. Peters. 21. Modeling of Turbulent Combustion for I.C. Engines: Classical Models and Recent Developments; R. Borghi, et al. 22. Some Effects of Density Variations in Turbulent Flows with Pressure Fluctuations; A.A. Burluka, et al. Authors' Index. Subject Index.
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