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Daring Missions of World War II als Buch

Daring Missions of World War II

Sprache: Englisch.
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Critical acclaim for William B. Breuer ' A first-class historian.' -Wall Street Journal For Top Tales of World War II ' As evidenced time and again by the prolific Breuer, WWII continues to be a source of absorbing espionage tales. . . . This is a bo... weiterlesen


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Daring Missions of World War II als Buch
Titel: Daring Missions of World War II
Autor/en: William B. Breuer

ISBN: 0471404195
EAN: 9780471404194
Sprache: Englisch.

April 2001 - gebunden - 252 Seiten


Critical acclaim for William B. Breuer ' A first-class historian.' -Wall Street Journal For Top Tales of World War II ' As evidenced time and again by the prolific Breuer, WWII continues to be a source of absorbing espionage tales. . . . This is a book for rainy days and long solitary nights by the fire. If there were a genre for cozy nonfiction, this would be the template.' -Publishers Weekly ' A perfect book for the curious and adventure readers and those w love exotic tales and especially history buffs who will be surprised at what they didnt know. Recommended for nearly everyone.' -Kirkus Reviews For Secret Weapons of World War II ' Rip-roaring tales . . . a delightful addition to the niche that Breuer has so successfully carved out.' -Publishers Weekly


Introduction. DARKNESS FALLS OVER EUROPE. Post Office Shoot-Out Launches a War. Wiping Out Hitler's Spy Network. The Gestapo Cracks an Espionage Ring. Masquerading Germans Pace the Invasion. A Streetcar Spearheads an Attack. Hitler Order: Kidnap Queen Wilhelmina. A Legal Diamond Thief. Rommel Personally Captures a Unit. A General's "Impossible" Escape. "The Cat" Was a Triple Agent. Prowling behind German-Held Coast. Cat-and-Mouse Game. A Personal Telegram for the Fuhrer. Who Was the Mysterious Max? Underwater War at Gibraltar. Polish Spies Invade Germany. A Leg is Parachuted to a British Ace. Sudden Death for the "Blond Beast". Parachuting in a Boat. FREEDOM'S TIME OF CRISIS. A Ruse to Spy on Cherbourg. "Hunting" Germans in Canoes. Jewish Raiders in Disguise. A Conspiracy to Capture Cairo. Intruders at a Secret Airport. A Special Medal for Burma Tribesmen. American Medics Save Ho Chi Minh. A Hoax at Soviet Oil Fields. A Woman Heads an Escape Apparatus. The Ranger Wore Bedroom Slippers. The Countess and the Commandos. "Blow Up Rommel's Railroad!" Reconnoitering Hostile Beaches. A Master of Disguises. Deceiving an Italian General. The Canal Saboteurs. Strange Places for Secret Radios. Saved from a Firing Squad. HITLER'S EMPIRE UNDER SIEGE. Old Popski Invades a German Headquarters. The GI with the Too-Short Pants. The New York Subway Connection. Nose-Thumbing at the Germans. The Chef Had Bombs on His Menu. Spying from a Church Steeple. The Black-Hearted Devils. A Scheme to Go under German Lines. A New Baby Stymies Normandy Planning. Sabotage Campaign by Railway Men. A Close Encounter with Two Jungle Beasts. "Baby Sergeant York". A Milllionairess Resistance Leader. A Woman OSS Agent and "Cuthbert". Panzer Watchers and Phony Laundries. The Supersecret X Troop. Miracle at a Normandy Convent. A Luftwaffe Pilot Declines to Take Bait. Jealousy Thwarts a German Scheme. A British POW Saves His Captor's Life. BEGINNING OF THE END. "Hell, We're Halfway to Berlin!" Alone in a German-Held Town. Two Admirals Go Souvenir Hunting. An American General's Strange Odyssey. Mission: Kidnap Field Marshal Rommel. A Soviet Spying Mission Fizzles. A "Dead" GI Returns. Operation Sauerkraut. A POW Haul in a Saloon. "The Madman of St. Malo". The "Terrorist" Was a Lady. Jeds behind the French Riviera. The Mysterious Lady in Red. An Escape by Eight "Policemen". An Endangered Pilot Is Saved. Shooting Up an "Iron Kraut". Hiding a "Pregnant" Glider Pilot. The "Lone Raider" on the Prowl. A Secret Mission in the Alps. PEACE AT LAST. "League of Lonely War Women". Curious Doings in a POW Camp. POWs Parachute into the Reich. The Good Samaritan of Leyte Gulf. "Scarface Otto" Creates Mass Hysteria. A POW Colonel Takes Command. An Allied Spy's Dilemma. Marooned amid the Foe. Trapped in an Attic for Eight Days. Love and War at a German Post Office. MacArthur "Visits" a Japanese CP. A Patrol's "Pigeon Air Force". A German Boy-Soldier Saves Two GIs. A Scheme to Trigger an Uprising. Uninvited "Guests" on Corregidor. Eavesdropping behind Japanese Positions. Eisenhower's Spy in Berlin. Father Sam and His Hidden Radio. Intelligence Coup on a Train. Nazi Frogmen on the Rhine. VIP Hostages Saved by Fate. A Stroll through 145,000 Germans. Mobilizing Twenty-Eight Million Civilian Killers. Notes and Sources. Index.


WILLIAM B. BREUER is the critically acclaimed author of twenty-six military history books, including Unexplained Mysteries of World War II, Top Secret Tales of World War II, Undercover Tales of World war II, Vendetta!: Castro and the Kennedy Brothers, and Shadow Warriors: The Covert War in Korea. Ten of his books have been Main selections of the Military Book Club, including The Great Raid on Cabanatuan and MacArthur's Undercover War.
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