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Ecotourism Development in Costa Rica

The Search for Oro Verde

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This book by Andrew P. Miller, examines the role of ecotourism in Costa Rica and the way in which it intersects with policies to attract foreign direct investment. This authoritative exploration is essential for students and scholars interested in Latin American politics and history, development studies, and environmental sustainability.


Introduction. What is Ecotourism?
Chapter 1. Ecotourism as a Development Strategy
Chapter 2. Politics, Economics, and Exceptionalism in Costa Rica
Chapter 3. Ecotourism in Costa Rica
Chapter 4. Ecotourism, Foreign Direct Investment, and the Costa Rican Model
Chapter 5. Conclusion: Lessons from Costa Rica


30. Mai 2013
Andrew P. Miller
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Andrew P. Miller

ANDREW MILLER is an operations expert whose clients include the Bank of Nova Scotia, McKesson Canada, 3M Canada, Mount Sinai Hospital, and other world-class institutions. Before starting his firm in 2006, he held senior consulting positions with IBM Business Consulting Services and PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting.


Ecotourism Development in Costa Rica is a concise, clearly-written, and balanced portrait of ecotourism as a development strategy in Costa Rica. The discussions about the management of ecotourism as a resource, including the development of national parks, control over foreign investment, provision of business incentives, and regulation of certification programs are particularly useful. This book raises fascinating questions about the transferability of the Costa Rican model to the rest of the region. -- Mary A. Clark, Tulane University Andrew Miller has written a fine book on Costa Rican ecotourism. He reviews the country's political and economic development, then explains ecotourism and how it fits into Costa Rica's development strategy. Miller's readable and balanced work avoids mystification of both Costa Rica and ecotourism by also highlighting risks and some of the flaws in ecotourism and the country's environmental performance. I highly recommend this book. -- John Booth, University of North Texas Miller (Wilkes Univ.) shows how Costa Rica's cultivation of a societal environmental ethic has led to its leadership in ecotourism and economic development. Miller establishes the value of ecotourism: it decreases risks from agricultural export-led growth by creating jobs and entrepreneurship, creating investments in human capital, providing a bulwark against outsourcing, and empowering environmental preservation through placing value on natural assets. The next sections demonstrate the unique political and economic development trajectory of Costa Rica, one that has enabled it to enact policies conducive to the growth of both foreign direct investment and ecotourism. The final sections explain the factors necessary for other countries to replicate Costa Rica's success. The volume is well organized and clearly written, with detailed yet well-summarized definitions of key terms and relevant historical developments. Summing Up: Recommended. All readership levels. CHOICE


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