Origins of Igneous Layering als Buch (gebunden)

Origins of Igneous Layering

Auflage 1987. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
Buch (gebunden)
Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop, Narsarsuaq, South Greenland, August 4-15, 1986
Buch (gebunden)

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Origins of Igneous Layering als Buch (gebunden)


Titel: Origins of Igneous Layering

ISBN: 9027724555
EAN: 9789027724557
Auflage 1987.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Ian Parsons
Springer Netherlands

30. April 1987 - gebunden - 694 Seiten


Acknowledgements xix pioneering workers on igneous layering in Greenland xx Wbrkshop participants xxii Henning Sfl!rensen, University of Copenhagen, Dermark. Latte Melchior Larsen, Geological SUrvey of Greenland, Copenhagen, Dermark. Abstract 1 1 . Introduction 1 1. 1 The agpaitic rocks of the Ilimaussaq intrusion 3 2. Igneous layering in the Ilimaussaq intrusion 4 3. Mineralogy of the layered kakortokite series 15 4. Chemistry of the layered kakortokite series 19 5. Origin of the kakortokite layering 20 5. 1 Discussion 22 6. Conclusion 25 References 26 2. I. AYERn«;r CCMPl\CTIOO NID PCBJ. "--MN}tATIC ~ IN '!HE KLOKKEN INTRUSIOO 29 Ian Parsons and SUsanne M. Becker, University of Aberdeen, U. K. Abstract 29 1. Introduction 30 2. Age of the intrusion 31 3. General structure and mineral variation 31 vi TABLE OF CONTENTS 3. 1 Nomenclature of rock types 31 3. 2 Bulk chemical and modal variation 36 4. The contacts and wall-rocks 37 4. 1 Guter contact 37 4. 2 The gabbro sheath 37 4. 3 The unlaminated syenite sheath 39 4. 4 The gabbro-syenite transition 41 5. The layered series 43 5. 1 General relationships 43 5. 2 Granular syenites 43 5. 2. 1 Structure and cryptic variation 43 5. 2. 2 Origin of granular layers 46 5. 2. 3 Trace elements and chamber dlinensions 47 5. 3 Laminated syenites 48 5. 3. 1 General features 48 5. 3. 2 Mineral layering 51 5. 3.


1. Layering in the Ilimaussaq Alkaline Intrusion, South Greenland.- 2. Layering, Compaction and Post-Magmatic Processes in the Klokken Intrusion.- 3. Gabbroic, Syenogabbroic and Syenitic Cumulates of the Tugtutôq Younger Giant Dyke Complex, South Greenland.- 4. A Large Soft-Sediment Fold in the Lilloise Intrusion, East Greenland.- 5. The Southern Part of the Fongen-Hyllingen Layered Mafic Complex, Norway: Emplacement and Crystallization of Compositionally Stratified Magma.- 6. Layering and Related Structures in the Duke Island and Skaergapard Intrusions: Similarities , Differences, and Origins.- 7. Rhythmic Layering of the Skaergaard Intrusion.- 8. The Rhum Layered Complex, Inner Hebrides, Scotland.- 9. The Organization and Internal Structure of Cyclic Units in the Honningsvåg Intrusive Suite, North Norway: Implications for Intrusive Mechanisms, Dole-Diffusive Convection and Pore-Magma Infiltration.- 10. The Formation of Stratiform Pge Deposits in Layered Intrusions.- 11. The Development of Compositional and Textural Layering in Archaean Komatiites and in Prcterozoic Kcmatiitic Basalts from Cape Smith, Québec, Canada.- 12. Some Illustrations of Igneous Layering.- 13. Constitutional Zone Refining of Layered Intrusions.- 14. Pattern Formation During Crystallization and the Formation of Fine-Scale Layering.- 15. Textural Equilibrium in Layered Igneous Rocks.- 16. Solidification Contraction: Another Approach to Cumulus Processes and the Origin of Igneous Layering.- 17. Laboratory Experiments with Aqueous Solutions Modelling Magma Chamber Processes. I. Discussion of Their Validity and Geological Application.- 18. Laboratory Experiments with Aqueous Solutions Modelling Magma Chamber Processes II. Cooling and Crystallization Along Inclined Planes.- 19. Experimental Modelling of Interstitial Melt Convection in Cumulus Piles.- 20. The Modelling of Formation of Apatite Deposits of the Khibina Massif (Kola Peninsula).- 21. Characteristic Dimensions and Tats for Dynamic Crystallization.- 22. Appendices.


` of the most important books about layered intrusions since Layered Igneous Rocks by Wagner and Brown.'
Economic Geology, 83:2 (1988)
`This book uniquely covers this range with an abundance of first-hand field observations and a good dose of process conceptualization, magma physics, and crystal growth kinetics. Three things set this book apart from most others in this vein: each paper is to the point, worth reading, and even worth studying; the abundant photographs are excellent, not only in choice but in reproduction, continually drawing one into the text; and a strong interawareness of field, experiment, and theory appears in nearly every paper. This book is a landmark publication, literally reeking of wonderful field observations and a host of well thought out and well presented ideas. Every serious igneous petrologist will want this book. It is simply excellent. Parsons has done a splendid job.'
EOS, September 1988

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