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Algorithms and Computation als Buch (kartoniert)

Algorithms and Computation

5th International Symposium, ISAAC '94, Beijing, P. R. China, August 25 - 27, 1994. Proceedings. Auflage 1994.…
Buch (kartoniert)
This volume is the proceedings of the fifth International Symposium on Algorithms and Computation, ISAAC '94, held in Beijing, China in August 1994.The 79 papers accepted for inclusion in the volume after a careful reviewing process were selected fro … weiterlesen
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Algorithms and Computation als Buch (kartoniert)


Titel: Algorithms and Computation
Autor/en: Ding-Zhu Du, Xiang-Su Zhang

ISBN: 3540583254
EAN: 9783540583257
5th International Symposium, ISAAC '94, Beijing, P. R. China, August 25 - 27, 1994. Proceedings.
Auflage 1994.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Ding-Zhu Du, Xiang-Sun Zhang
Springer Berlin Heidelberg

27. Juli 1994 - kartoniert - 708 Seiten


This volume is the proceedings of the fifth International Symposium on Algorithms and Computation, ISAAC '94, held in Beijing, China in August 1994.The 79 papers accepted for inclusion in the volume after a careful reviewing process were selected from a total of almost 200 submissions. Besides many internationally renowned experts, a number of excellent Chinese researchers present their results to the international scientific community for the first time here. The volume covers all relevant theoretical and many applicational aspects of algorithms and computation.


Polynomial equations-solving and its applications.- Quasi-random combinatorial structures.- Hamiltonian abstract Voronoi diagrams in linear time.- Every set of disjoint line segments admits a binary tree.- The traveling cameraman problem, with applications to automatic optical inspection.- On determining the congruity of point sets in higher dimensions.- On random hard sets for NP.- Computing solutions uniquely collapses the polynomial hierarchy.- Verifying the determinant in parallel.- Hardness of approximating graph transformation problem.- Randomized wait-free naming.- Unifying themes for network selection.- Robust asynchronous algorithms in networks with a fault detection ring.- Distributed algorithms for finding small cycle covers in arbitrary networks.- A neural network model for quadratic programming with simple upper and lower bounds and its application to linear programming.- Analysis of the convergency of topology preserving neural networks on learning.- On helping and interactive proof systems.- Average time complexity of the SAT 1.2 algorithm.- Average cost to produce partial orders.- Two notes on low-density subset sum algorithm.- Rotation distance, triangulations of planar surfaces and hyperbolic geometry.- Finitely representable spatial objects and efficient computation.- Computing all small cuts in undirected networks.- Edge-coloring and f-coloring for various classes of graphs.- Edge-disjoint paths in permutation graphs.- Minimum augmentation to k-edge-connect specified vertices of a graph.- Algorithmic Chernoff-Hoeffding inequalities in integer programming.- Approximate pattern matching with samples.- An efficient optimal algorithm for minimizing the overall communication cost in replicated data management.- Multispace search: A new optimization approach.- Realizing degree sequences in parallel.- Efficient sequential and parallel algorithms for the negative cycle problem.- Fast and efficient operations on Parallel Priority Queues.- Heaps with bits.- Components and projections of curves over finite fields.- On the approximation of finding various minimal, maximal, and consistent sequences.- A linear-time algorithm for computing characteristic strings.- The maximum latency and identification of positive Boolean functions.- Fast deterministic Hot-Potato routing on processor arrays.- k-pairwise cluster fault tolerant routing in hypercubes.- On Steiner minimal trees in grid graphs and its application to VLSI routing.- Optimal routing of permutations on rings.- Resource bounded randomness and weakly complete problems.- Deterministic ? automata vis-a-vis deterministic Buchi automata.- Quantum computation and NP-complete problems.- Separability and one-way functions.- On the approximation of largest common subtrees and largest common point sets.- An approximation scheme for some Steiner tree problems in the plane.- A chain decomposition algorithm for the proof of a property on minimum weight triangulations.- Generating algorithm for quasi-full Steiner tree.- Analysing deletions in competitive self-adjusting linear list algorithms.- Are Fibonacci heaps optimal?.- Simple and efficient graph compression schemes for dense and complement graphs.- Improved algorithms for coloring random graphs.- On the parallel complexity of solving recurrence equations.- Extended graph connectivity and its gradually increasing parallel complexity.- Parallel h-v drawings of binary trees.- An efficient parallel strategy for recognizing series-parallel graphs.- Orthogonal queries in segments and triangles.- Further computational geometry in secondary memory.- Shortest safari routes in simple polygons.- On greedy tetrahedralization of points in 3D.- The totally-perfect bipartite graph and its construction.- k Best Cuts for Circular-Arc graphs.- Revisiting circular arc graphs.- Weighted irredundance of interval graphs.- A reordering operation for an ordered binary decision diagram and an extended framework for combinatorics of graphs.- On the size of ordered binary decision diagrams representing threshold functions.- Nonuniform lowness and strong nonuniform lowness.- Definition and existence of super complexity cores.- Efficient algorithms for assigning chain-like tasks on a chain-like network computer.- Manpower scheduling with shift change constraints.- Fast algorithms for transversal matroid intersection problems.- A convex hull algorithm on coarse-grained multiprocessor.- A multiway merging network.- Reporting and counting intersections of lines within a polygon.- A new problem in string searching.- Achieving the shortest clock period by inserting the minimum amount of delay.- A randomized algorithm to Finite Automata Public Key Cryptosystem.

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