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Future Generation Information Technology

Second International Conference, FGIT 2010, Jeju Island, Korea, December 13-15, 2010. Proceedings. Auflage 2010.…
Buch (kartoniert)
As information technology (IT) becomes specialized and fragmented, it is easy to lose sight that many topics have common threads and because of this, advances in one s- discipline may transmit to another. The presentation of results between different … weiterlesen
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Future Generation Information Technology als Buch (kartoniert)


Titel: Future Generation Information Technology

ISBN: 3642175686
EAN: 9783642175688
Second International Conference, FGIT 2010, Jeju Island, Korea, December 13-15, 2010. Proceedings.
Auflage 2010.
414 SW-Abbildungen.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Dominik 'l'zak, Byeong-Ho Kang, Jung-Hyun Lee
Springer, Berlin

22. November 2010 - kartoniert - 756 Seiten


As information technology (IT) becomes specialized and fragmented, it is easy to lose sight that many topics have common threads and because of this, advances in one s- discipline may transmit to another. The presentation of results between different s- disciplines encourages this interchange for the advancement of IT as a whole. This volume comprises the selection of papers presented at the Second International Mega-Conference on Future Generation Information Technology (FGIT 2010), composed of the following 11 international conferences: Advanced Software Engineering and Its Applications (ASEA 2010), Bio-Science and Bio- Technology (BSBT 2010), Control and Automation (CA 2010), Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (DRBC 2010), Database Theory and Application (DTA 2010), Future Generation Communication and Networking (FGCN 2010), Grid and Distributed Computing (GDC 2010), Multimedia, Computer Graphics and Broadcasting (MulGraB 2010), Security Technology (SecTech 2010), Signal Processing, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition (SIP 2010), as well as u- and e-Service, Science and Technology (UNESST 2010). In total, 1,630 papers were submitted to FGIT 2010 from 30 countries. The submitted papers went through a rigorous reviewing process and 395 papers were accepted. Of these 395 papers, 60 were assigned to this volume. In addition, this volume contains 7 invited papers and abstracts. Of the remaining accepted papers, 269 were distributed among 8 volumes of proceedings published by Springer in the CCIS series. 66 papers were withdrawn due to technical reasons.


Keynote and Plenary Papers.- Wavelet-Chaos-Neural Network Models for EEG-Based Diagnosis of Neurological Disorders.- An Introduction to Perception Based Computing.- Social Networks: Research and Applications.- The Roadmap for Sharing Electronic Health Records: The Emerging Ubiquity and Cloud Computing Trends.- Compound Analytics of Compound Data within RDBMS Framework Infobright s Perspective.- From Grid Computing to Cloud Computing: Experiences on Virtualization Technology.- Data Analysis, Data Processing, Advanced Computation Models.- Recursive Queries Using Object Relational Mapping.- Agent Based Ontology Driven Virtual Meeting Assistant.- Topic Number Estimation by Consensus Soft Clustering with NMF.- Infrastructure Aided Privacy Preserving-Authentication in VANETs.- Computational Analysis of a Power Distribution System with Petri Nets.- Analysis of Effect of Different Factors on Burst Dropping Probability in Optical Burst Switching Network.- An Optimization of Fundamental Frequency and Length of Syllables for Rule-Based Speech Synthesis.- Grid Smoothing for Image Enhancement.- Suppressing False Nagatives in Skin Segmentation.- Steady State Analysis of an Energy Efficient Mobility Management Scheme in IP-Based Wireless Networks.- Performance Comparison of Handoff Modes in Terms of Energy.- Energy Efficient Coexistence of WiFi and WiMAX Systems Sharing Frequency Band.- IP Mobility Performance Enhancement Using Link-Layer Prediction.- Header Compression for Resource and Energy Efficient IP over Tactical Data Link.- A Frequency-Based Algorithm for Workflow Outlier Mining.- A Framework to Describe and Search for Virtual Resource Objects.- Developer Toolkit for Embedded Fuzzy System Based on E-Fuzz.- A Quadsection Algorithm for Grammar-Based Image Compression.- Effective Storage Structure for Multi-version XML Documents.- An Ontology-Based Platform for Scientific Writing and Publishing.- Multi-facade and Ubiquitous Web Navigation and Access through Embedded Semantics.- New Format and Framework for Managing Scientific Knowledge.- A General Bayesian Network-Assisted Ensemble System for Context Prediction: An Emphasis on Location Prediction.- Bayesian Network Approach to Predict Mobile Churn Motivations: Emphasis on General Bayesian Network, Markov Blanket, and What-If Simulation.- Logical Mechanism for Allocating Resources to Exploitation and Exploration to Achieve Ambidexterity: Team Level Analysis.- Analyzing Economic Impact of Disruptive Technology Using Multi-Agent Simulation: Smart Payment Case.- Research on Mobile Payment Technology and Business Models in China under e-Commerce Environment.- Fusion of Gaussian Mixture Densities for Face and Ear Biometrics Using Support Vector Machines.- Benchmarking Query Complexity between RDB and OWL.- FEDTIC: A Security Design for Embedded Systems with Insecure External Memory.- Security, Software Engineering, Communication and Networking.- Enhanced Technique for Secure Wireless Sensor Routing with Respect to Energy Conservation.- End-to-End Security Methods for UDT Data Transmissions.- Evading Virus Detection Using Code Obfuscation.- High Flexible Sanitizing Signature Scheme Based on Bilinear Maps.- An Access Control Framework of Federated IPTV Providers for Mobile IPTV Services.- A Novel Scheme for PMIPv6 Based Wireless Sensor Network.- Mobile Partial Identity Management: The Non-repudiable Minimal Mobile Identity Model.- A Privacy Preserving Service Broker Architecture for Data Sharing.- Checking the Paths to Identify Mutant Application on Embedded Systems.- Enhanced Sinkhole System by Improving Post-processing Mechanism.- A Practical Methodology and Framework for Comprehensive Incident Handling Focused on Bot Response.- Real Time Watermarking and Encryption Method for DMB Contents Protection.- A Study on Data Transmission Performance of Sensor Networks for Livestock Feedlot.- Development of an MPEG-4 Scene Converter for Rich Media Services in Mobile Environments.- Dynamic Profiling for Efficiency Searching System in Distributed Computing.- Evaluating the Intention to Use the Use Case Precedence Diagram in Software Development Projects.- A Simple Method Using Multi-Core and Multiple GbE Ports for Improving Parallel Performance in Commodity PC Cluster.- Proposal for Sophisticated Periodic Execution Control in Embedded Systems.- Videogames and Virtual Reality as Effective Edutainment Tools.- An SMS Spam Filtering System Using Support Vector Machine.- Telecommunications User Behaviors Analysis Based on Fuzzy C-Means Clustering.- Performance Evaluation of a Hybrid TOA/AOA Based IR-UWB Positioning System.- All-Optical RZ-to-NRZ Converted Data Transmission at 10 Gb/s.- Improved Location Aided Cluster Based Routing Protocol for GPS Enabled Manets.- State of the Art in Wireless Sensor Networks Operating Systems: A Survey.- A Study on the Implementation of Pigpen Management System Using Wireless Sensor Networks.- A Study on Energy Efficient MAC Protocol of Wireless Sensor Network for Ubiquitous Agriculture.- Design and Implementation of Wireless Sensor Networks Based Paprika Green House System.- A Smart Service Model Using Smart Devices.- An Implementation of the Salt-Farm Monitoring System Using Wireless Sensor Network.- Mobile Business Agents Model and Architecture.- Implementation of Greenhouse Monitoring System Using Ubiquitous Sensor Networks Based on WMN.- A Study of the Energy Efficient MAC Protocol Apply to Ubiquitous Livestock Farming.- Design and Implementation of Middleware for GreenHouse Based on Ubiquitous Sensor Network.- A Context-Aware Streaming Agent Method for Optimal Seamless Service in a Vertical Handover Environment.- A Message Priority Routing Protocol for Delay Tolerant Networks (DTN) in Disaster Areas.- A Queue Management Algorithm for QoS Provisioning in WMSN.- Keynote and Plenary Papers (Continued).- OLAP Data Cube Compression Techniques: A Ten-Year-Long History.
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