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Griffin's First Day of School

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Life Lessons From the Legendary Creatures in Griffin's First Day of School

Griffin's First Day of School is about a young griffin who is learning how to be a creature of legend. The story centers around Griffin as he attends a school where myth and magical creatures are part of daily life.

Mythology from different countries, cultures, and religions intersects in the world within Griffin's First Day of School. Colorful illustrations and an interesting story were thoughtfully designed to appeal to young readers, and this book should interest most parents as well.

Some of the creatures in this book are depicted as they were traditionally shown throughout history. Meanwhile, the artist took a fun creative approach for some of the other mythological creatures. These characters are so unique that a person can only find them in this story.

Even though the world of this story is filled with legend and lore, the main character faces some very relatable events. Some of the events that Griffin faces are simple, like sitting through a boring class. But the story builds into lessons that are rather complex:learning from your mistakes,

getting over the humiliation of being laughed at by your peers,

conquering your fears,

and sticking up for someone who was mean to you.

This story is unique because it has lessons to be learned, lesson which every parent should go over with their children.

Additionally, Griffin's First Day of School has a bestiary in the back of the book. This section is an alphabetical listing of mythological creatures, including an illustration of each creature. Each entry mentions the culture(s) and/or religion(s) that are connected to them. Readers (and listeners) can learn about each and every creature that is depicted in the book.


01. April 2021
Jason Ruby
170 g
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Jason Ruby

Jason Ruby is from Baltimore, Maryland. Jason is excited to break into children's literature with this first book that was inspired by his son. Jason graduated from Villa Julie College (Stevenson University) with a degree in Visual Communication Design.

Jason is a stay at home dad, and he coaches high school track and field. Jason's son, Griffin, and his love of mythical and magical creatures were the inspirations for Griffin's First Day of School.

While Jason Ruby developed the story behind this book through research and creativity, he did not work alone. Jason sought out the talent of his college roommate, Tony, to illustrate this story.


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