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Networking -- ICN 2005. Proceedings 2 als Buch (kartoniert)

Networking -- ICN 2005. Proceedings 2

4th International Conference on Networking, Reunion Island, France, April 17-21, 2005. Auflage 2005.…
Buch (kartoniert)
The International Conference on Networking (ICN 2005) was the fourth conf- ence in its series aimed at stimulating technical exchange in the emerging and important ?eld of networking. On behalf of the International Advisory C- mittee, it is our great … weiterlesen
Buch (kartoniert)

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Networking -- ICN 2005. Proceedings 2 als Buch (kartoniert)


Titel: Networking -- ICN 2005. Proceedings 2

ISBN: 3540253386
EAN: 9783540253389
4th International Conference on Networking, Reunion Island, France, April 17-21, 2005.
Auflage 2005.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Pascal Lorenz, Petre Dini
Springer-Verlag GmbH

1. April 2005 - kartoniert - XXXV


The International Conference on Networking (ICN 2005) was the fourth conf- ence in its series aimed at stimulating technical exchange in the emerging and important ?eld of networking. On behalf of the International Advisory C- mittee, it is our great pleasure to welcome you to the proceedings of the 2005 event. Networking faces dramatic changes due to the customer-centric view, the venue of the next generation networks paradigm, the push from ubiquitous n- working,andthenewservicemodels.Despitelegacyproblems,whichresearchers and industry are still discovering and improving the state of the art, the ho- zon has revealed new challenges that some of the authors tackled through their submissions. InfactICN2005wasverywellperceivedbytheinternationalnetworkingc- munity. A total of 651 papers from more than 60 countries were submitted, from which 238 were accepted. Each paper was reviewed by several members of the Technical Program Committee. This year, the Advisory Committee revalidated various accepted papers after the reviews had been incorporated. We perceived a signi?cant improvement in the number of submissions and the quality of the submissions. TheICN2005programcoveredavarietyofresearchtopicsthatareofcurrent interest,startingwithGridnetworks,multicasting,TCPoptimizations,QoSand security, emergency services, and network resiliency. The Program Committee selected also three tutorials and invited speakers that addressed the latest - search results from the international industries and academia, and reports on ?ndings from mobile, satellite, and personal communications related to 3rd- and 4th-generation research projects and standardization.


MIMO.- Decoding Consideration for Space Time Coded MIMO Channel with Constant Amplitude Multi-code System.- MIMO Frequency Hopping OFDM-CDMA: A Novel Uplink System for B3G Cellular Networks.- Transient Capacity Evaluation of UWB Ad Hoc Network with MIMO.- Chip-by-Chip Iterative Multiuser Detection for VBLAST Coded Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Systems.- MPLS.- The Performance Analysis of Two-Class Priority Queueing in MPLS-Enabled IP Network.- Constraint Based LSP Handover (CBLH) in MPLS Networks.- Optimizing Inter-domain Multicast Through DINloop with GMPLS.- A Fast Path Recovery Mechanism for MPLS Networks.- A Study of Billing Schemes in an Experimental Next Generation Network.- Overlay Logging: An IP Traceback Scheme in MPLS Network.- Ad Hoc Networks (I).- Monitoring End-to-End Connectivity in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks.- Multi-path Routing Using Local Virtual Infrastructure for Large-Scale Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks: Stochastic Optimization Approach.- Candidate Discovery for Connected Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- A Fault-Tolerant Permutation Routing Algorithm in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks.- Policy-Based Dynamic Reconfiguration of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- TCP (I).- V-TCP: A Novel TCP Enhancement Technique.- Optimizing TCP Retransmission Timeout.- Stable Accurate Rapid Bandwidth Estimate for Improving TCP over Wireless Networks.- Performance Analysis of TCP Variants over Time-Space-Labeled Optical Burst Switched Networks.- Routing (I).- IPv4 Auto-Configuration of Multi-router Zeroconf Networks with Unique Subnets.- K-Shortest Paths Q-Routing: A New QoS Routing Algorithm in Telecommunication Networks.- Applicability of Resilient Routing Layers for k-Fault Network Recovery.- Network-Tree Routing Model for Large Scale Networks: Theories and Algorithms.- Failover for Mobile Routers: A Vision of Resilient Ambience.- Quality of Service Routing Network and Performance Evaluation.- Ad Hoc Networks (II).- A Partition Prediction Algorithm for Group Mobility in Ad-Hoc Networks.- Routing Cost Versus Network Stability in MANET.- Multipath Energy Efficient Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Network.- Performance of Service Location Protocols in MANET Based on Reactive Routing Protocols.- A New Scheme for Key Management in Ad Hoc Networks.- TCP (II).- Robust TCP (TCP-R) with Explicit Packet Drop Notification (EPDN) for Satellite Networks.- Adapting TCP Segment Size in Cellular Networks.- AcTMs (Active ATM Switches) with TAP (Trusted and Active PDU Transfers) in a Multiagent Architecture to Better the Chaotic Nature of TCP Congestion Control.- AIMD Penalty Shaper to Enforce Assured Service for TCP Flows.- Routing (II).- Name-Level Approach for Egress Network Access Control.- Efficient Prioritized Service Recovery Using Content-Aware Routing Mechanism in Web Server Cluster.- Queue Management Scheme Stabilizing Buffer Utilization in the IP Router.- Two Mathematically Equivalent Models of the Unique-Path OSPF Weight Setting Problem.- Fault Free Shortest Path Routing on the de Bruijn Networks.- Traffic Control in IP Networks with Multiple Topology Routing.- Ad Hoc Networks (III).- Dynamic Path Control Scheme in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using On-Demand Routing Protocol.- On the Capacity of Wireless Ad-Hoc Network Basing on Graph Theory.- Mobile Gateways for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks with Network Mobility Support.- Energy Consumption in Multicast Protocols for Static Ad Hoc Networks.- Weighted Flow Contention Graph and Its Applications in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks.- Signal Processing.- Automatic Adjustment of Time-Variant Thresholds When Filtering Signals in MR Tomography.- Analytical Design of Maximally Flat Notch FIR Filters for Communication Purposes.- Iterative Decoding and Carrier Frequency Offset Estimation for a Space-Time Block Code System.- Signal Processing for High-Speed Data Communication Using Pure Current Mode Filters.- Current-Mode VHF High-Quality Analog Filters Suitable for Spectral Network Analysis.- Control of Digital Audio Signal Processing over Communi

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