PARLE '94 Parallel Architectures and Languages Europe als Buch (kartoniert)

PARLE '94 Parallel Architectures and Languages Europe

6th International PARLE Conference, Athens, Greece, July 4 - 8, 1994. Proceedings. Auflage 1994. Paperback.…
Buch (kartoniert)
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This volume presents the proceedings of the 5th International Conference Parallel Architectures and Languages Europe (PARLE '94), held in Athens, Greece in July 1994. PARLE is the main Europe-based event on parallel processing. Parallel processing is … weiterlesen
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PARLE '94 Parallel Architectures and Languages Europe als Buch (kartoniert)


Titel: PARLE '94 Parallel Architectures and Languages Europe

ISBN: 3540581847
EAN: 9783540581840
6th International PARLE Conference, Athens, Greece, July 4 - 8, 1994. Proceedings.
Auflage 1994.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Costas Halatsis, Dimitrios Maritsas, George Philokyprou
Springer Berlin Heidelberg

8. Juni 1994 - kartoniert - 860 Seiten


This volume presents the proceedings of the 5th International Conference Parallel Architectures and Languages Europe (PARLE '94), held in Athens, Greece in July 1994. PARLE is the main Europe-based event on parallel processing. Parallel processing is now well established within the high-performance computing technology and of stategic importance not only to the computer industry, but also for a wide range of applications affecting the whole economy. The 60 full papers and 24 poster presentations accepted for this proceedings were selected from some 200 submissions by the international program committee; they cover the whole field and give a timely state-of-the-art report on research and advanced applications in parallel computing.


Improved probabilistic routing on generalized hypercubes.- Efficient data communication in Incomplete Hypercube.- Efficient communication in the folded Petersen interconnection networks.- Compiling rewriting onto SIMD and MIMD/SIMD machines.- A compilation technique for varying communication cost NUMA architectures.- A data partitioning algorithm for distributed memory compilation.- Towards a high precision massively parallel computer.- On the testability of purely recursive digital filters.- Voting on synchronous communications.- Protocol validation: A parallel technique to reduce the reachability tree.- Optimal parallel execution of complete binary trees and grids into most popular interconnection networks.- Time-optimal nearest-neighbor computations on enhanced meshes.- Simulation of PRAM models on meshes.- On the multisearching problem for hypercubes.- Code Liberation - A tool for refitting code to a parallel environment.- High-level visualisation of parallel logic program execution.- Next-generation parallel performance visualization: A prototyping environment for visualization development.- A formal approach to modeling expected behavior in parallel program visualizations.- An improvement in the size-depth tradeoff for strictly non-blocking generalized-concentration networks.- Bypass strategy in hypercube multiprocessors by adding bus connections.- Optimul: A hybrid multiprocessor for distributed and shared memory multiprocessing with WDM optical fiber interconnections.- ILIAS, a sequential language for parallel matrix computations.- Static communications in parallel scientific programs.- Load balancing for extrapolation methods on distributed memory multiprocessors.- On the definition of speedup.- Petri net performance models of parallel systems - Methodology and case study.- Run-time optimization of sparse matrix-vector multiplication on SIMD machines.- A new approach to array redistribution: Strip mining redistribution.- Analytic model of a Cache Only Memory Architecture.- Memory assignment for multiprocessor caches through grey coloring.- An adaptive update-based cache coherence protocol for reduction of miss rate and traffic.- Eliminating invalidation in coherent-cache parallel graph reduction.- Enhancing parallelism by removing cyclic data dependencies.- An interaction-based language and its typing system.- On the parallelism of data.- Predicative polymorphism in ?-calculus.- Improving the execution of the dependent and-parallel Prolog DDAS.- OR-parallel Prolog on distributed memory systems.- Efficient distributed memory implementation of a data parallel functional language.- Modelling photochemical pollution using parallel and distributed computing platforms.- Parallel algorithms and interval selection strategies for globally adaptive quadrature.- Systolic designs for evaluating linear combinations of Chebyshev polynomials.- The impact of the KSR1 allcache architecture on the behaviour of the DBS3 parallel DBMS.- Sparse Generalized HyperGrids for performance scalability.- A distributed garbage collector for active objects.- Bus based parallel computers: A viable way for massive parallelism.- Implementation of GTS.- A hierarchical activation management technique for fine-grain multithreaded execution.- Scheduling task graphs onto distributed memory multiprocessors under realistic constraints.- A dynamic algorithm for online scheduling of parallel processes.- CoReA: A synchronous calculus of parallel communicating reactive automata.- Deriving histories of nets with priority relation.- What do you get from a ?-calculus semantics?.- Rewriting: An effective model of concurrency.- Mercury: Object-affinity scheduling and continuation passing on multiprocessors.- Dynamic allocation of communication bandwidth in multicomputers.- Load balanced priority queues on distributed memory machines.- Parallel computations with algebraic numbers a case study: Jordan normal form of matrices.- Batch dynamic algorithms for two graph problems.- A general method for maximizing the error-detecting ability of distributed algorithms.- MAGE: A Massively Agent Execution System for logic programming.- Checking the serial correctness of control-parallel programs.- NXLib - A parallel programming environment for workstation clusters.- Applying human factors techniques to the design of a tool for parallel program performance analysis and tuning.- An Actor based programming system for heterogeneous processing.- Introducing fairness in CSP systems specified with state variables.- A dataflow-based massively parallel programming language and its implementation.- Using subpages for coherency control in parallel database systems.- A new multi-dimensional interconnection network for SIMD architectures.- A scalable bit-sequential SIMD architecture for pattern recognition.- An iterative array processor architecture for matrix computation.- Datarol-II: A fine-grain massively parallel architecture.- From BSP to a virtual von Neumann machine.- Data parallel relational database processing on the connection machine CM-2 with DataVault.- Staggered scheme: A loop allocation policy.- Using parallel simulated annealing in the mapping problem.- A new parallel MIMD Connected Component Labeling algorithm.- Using reference counters in update based coherent memory.- Compositional reasoning about real-time distributed systems with limited resources.- Dynamic load balancing on a virtually-shared memory parallel computer system.- Analysing the load balancing scheme of a parallel system on multiprocessors - A modeling approach -.- Performance of interconnection network in multithreaded architectures.- Scheduling algorithms performance with the pSystem parallel programming environment.- A new routing scheme for concatenating two omega networks.

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