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Athini and Wisteria's Milan Catwalk Mystery Adventure

Athini and Wisteria's Cat Adventures #2

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eBook epub
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Do you like books with unusual characters? Fashion, cats, and dogs?

"Athini and Wisteria are two young, beautiful, and glamorous "Sloane" EuroCat Fashionistas, living in prestigious Chelsea. Travelling abroad to the "in" places and parties, living the high life, enjoying the social scene, and social calender. At these events, they very often end up involved in escapades. Their owners are wealthy, titled philanthropists and adore them, indulging them with the best of everything. The kittys are very smart, playful, and adventurous. They combine their love of fashion, high end of course, with their love of going to all the posh events and dos wherever they may be and end up solving mysteries there."

"Enjoy meeting them on their second adventure... at Milan Fashion week. The fashionista kittys are beyond excited to be at Milan Fashion Week's Spring/Summer Collection. Their favourite fashion designer, Simona Valbruzzo, is opening with her show - headlining the event for the glitterati and fashion elite. Backstage chaos ensues with models, dresses, and the fashion team. The kittys are in a race against the clock. Simona's reputation is now on the line. Their friends quickly rally round to help solve this mystery involving a supermodel and to save the show from disaster."


17. Oktober 2022
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Athini and Wisteria's Cat Adventures, 2
A. B. Milamalfi
ohne Kopierschutz
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A. B. Milamalfi


I have always loved reading mysteries and adventures and I combined it with my love of cats, dogs and fashion. It is a fun and lighthearted story and is the first of the cat's adventures.

Most animal lovers would love it if their pets could really talk, although they seem to understand us pretty well anyway. I wanted the Kiitys to have an unusual life in a different setting. To really be living a luxurious lifestyle and enjoying and indulging themselves the way that some people do.

Even though it's not always easy, I try to be as positive as possible and make the most of the day. Whatever free time I have is spent with family, and doing some of the many things that I love like taking walks, trying out new recipes etc. Although some of my recipes don't always turn out the way they should, it"s still fun trying them out.. I also love writing, cats, travel, fashion, nature, culture, art, books, reading, photography, and all things sparkly. Combining all of them makes me happy. The list is actually even longer ... ????

Happy reading,



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