Why Mike's Not A Christian

von Ben Young
Honest Questions About Evolution, Relativism, Hypocrisy, and More. Sprache: Englisch.
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Why Mike's Not A Christian offers reasoned responses to the most common challenges to the Christian faith:

..because it's true for you, but not for me."

..because all paths lead to God."

..because all Christians are hypocrites."

..because evolution i

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Why Mike's Not A Christian als eBook epub


Titel: Why Mike's Not A Christian
Autor/en: Ben Young

EAN: 9781608221295
Format:  EPUB
Honest Questions About Evolution, Relativism, Hypocrisy, and More.
Sprache: Englisch.
Creality Publishing

12. Februar 2014 - epub eBook


Why Mike's Not A Christian offers reasoned responses to the most common challenges to the Christian faith:

..because it's true for you, but not for me."

..because all paths lead to God."

..because all Christians are hypocrites."

..because evolution is true."

..because the Bible is full of myths."

..because of evil and suffering."

..because Jesus was just a good man."

If you would like to be able to answer these objections in a compelling way, you've found the right book. Whether you're a skeptic or a Christian, this book will take your spiritual journey to the next level.


Mike Grills Josh

One Sunday afternoon Josh went to his favorite barbecue restaurant to eat what he considered one of the best brisket sandwiches on earththe most tender meat covered in sumptuous sauce on a toasted bun with pickles, white onion, and loads of jalapeños. Even more appealing was the priceat $4.50 a pop, a great sandwich turns divine. So in he walked, Tums in tow.

Just as he made it to the counter he heard a familiar voice over his shoulder, Hey, its Josh, right? the voice asked.

Josh turned around and tried his best to conceal his disappointment. Yes, how are you, Mike? Hed been looking forward to an afternoon of anonymity, a time just to relax and not talk much, especially not to people from work.

Oh, fine. Hows that report coming along? Mike asked.

Almost done. What about yours? Josh said, stifling a sigh.

Mike thought a second and then said with a chuckle, Its the weekendwhat am I doing talking about work?

In relief, Josh let out that sigh he had stifled. Maybe this wont be so bad, he thought.

Lets take a look at their conversation and see why heartburn ended up being the least of Joshs worries that day:

Mike: So why are you all dressed up on the weekend?
Josh: I went to church this morning.
Mike: Church? I didnt know you were religious.
Josh: Yeah, Ive been a Christian for a long, long time.
Mike: Interesting. So I had no idea you were a Bible-thumper. [He chuckles.]
Josh: Well, Im not I mean Im not into pushing my beliefs on others.
Mike: Good for you, man! I get so tired of those folks who feel the need to convert everybo
dy. I think it just shows weakness on their part. People need to keep their religious views to themselves, dont you think?
Josh: Well, Im not sure about that.
Mike: It just seems like theyre afraid to stand alonealmost like they need affirmation for what they believe. We all have our own individual beliefs. Whats true and right for one person isnt necessarily true for the next.
Josh: Hmm. So what do you believe?
Mike: I personally believe that if you are a good person, youre going to be all right, whatever your idea of all right is. Were all here just trying to do our best, you know? To me, it shouldnt matter what path you take. None of us really knows what the truth is anyway. And if there really is a God I cant imagine he would condemn people for not believing one particular way. That just wouldnt be fair. It makes me so mad when these self-righteous Christians claim theyre the only ones going to heaven. You say youre a Christiando you really believe Jesus Christ is the only way to God?
Josh: Yes, I do.
Mike: So you would condemn all the Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and the rest of the moral population just because they dont see Jesus as the Son of God?
Josh: Well, yes. All those other religions are false.
Mike: So, bottom line, if I dont believe in all this Jesus stuff, then God, if he even exists, is going to send me to hell?
Josh: If thats the way you want to put it, yes.
Mike: Actually, thats the way you put it with your narrow-mind
ed view. I suppose now youre trying to convert me to rescue me from going to hell?
Josh: Well, maybe.
Mike: Ha! I thought you said you werent into that sort of thing?
Josh: What sort of thing?
Mike: At the beginning of this discussion you said you werent into pushing your beliefs on others, and now look what youre doing. It shouldnt surprise meIve yet to meet a Christian who wasnt a hypocrite.
Josh: Now wait a minute. Thats not fair, Mike
Mike: What do you mean, not fair? I dont think its fair when you Christians say the rest of us are wrong just because we dont believe what you believe. How can you be so arrogant as to claim that your way is the only way?
Josh: I just feel that what I believe is the truth, and Ive put my faith in what the Bible says.
Mike: The Bible? I cant give credibility to a work thats been passed around and undoubtedly embellished through the years.
Josh: Well, thats your decision.
Mike: Look, Josh, any educated person knows that the Bible isnt really true. Evolution proved that a long time ago. Ive read my fair share of the Bible, and, sure, we can glean a modicum of wisdom from its tales and proverbsjust like any other ancient writingbut do you honestly think that all that stuff really happened? The Bible is basically a bunch of myths. Take Jesus walking on the water. Youve got to be kidding me!
Josh: First of all, I dont care what scientists say about evolution. Scienc
e has been an enemy of Christianity from the get-go.
Mike: Ha!
Josh: And second, Jesus really did walk on water. Havent you ever heard of a miracle?
Mike: Miracles like that dont happen these days, and if they dont happen now, why would they have happened then?
Josh: People are miraculously healed of all sorts of diseases all the time.
Mike: They just got lucky in my opinion. What about all the people who dont get healedpeople whove got entire churches praying for them? Why wouldnt God heal them? That seems so arbitrary.
Josh: God is in control, and we have to be happy with whatever he chooses to do.
Mike: God is in control, huh? Let me ask you, where was God on September 11th? If he was really in control, why would he have allowed something like that to happen?
Josh: I dont know, but I do feel there was a reason for it.
Mike: There you go with your feelings, again. How can you rest your whole belief system on your subjective feelings, Josh? I feel that the world is flat. How do you feel about that?
Josh: Everyone knows the world is not flat. Thats been proven wrong.
Mike: Proven by whom, those enemy scientists?
Josh: Come on, Mike, you know what I mean.
Mike: No, I dont know, and thats what really irks me. Josh, you are a bright guy and a hard worker. I just cant figure out w
hy you would believe all this mess when you know rationally that its not true. Why do so many Christians feel the need to park their brains every time they go to church or open the Bible? I just dont get it.
Josh: You see, Mike, thats your problem. It takes faith. Sure all those questions about evolution, miracles, the Bible, and other peoples religions bother me at times. So what? All those skeptics and doubters are wrong.
Mike: Prove it!
Josh: I cant prove it. I just know what I believe, and thats good enough for me.
Mike: I just cant believe in something that doesnt make sense rationally. Take Jesus, for instance. How could a mana man like you and meactually be God?
Josh: Well, dont you think Jesus was wise and moral, like God would be?
Mike: Yeah, Jesus was a good man, a great moral teacherbut God in the flesh? I just cant buy that.
Josh: Again, Mike, it just takes faith.
Mike: We live in a modern age with iPhones, satellite TV, and military dronesand how smart people like you can take this archaic blind leap of faith is beyond me. Speaking of...


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