Forensics in Telecommunications, Information and Multimedia

Second International Conference, e-Forensics 2009, Adelaide, Australia, January 19-21, 2009, Revised Selected…
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This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the Second International Conference on Forensics in Telecommunications, Information and Multimendia, e-Forensics 2009, held in Adelaide, Australia, in January 2009.

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Forensics in Telecommunications, Information and Multimedia als eBook pdf


Titel: Forensics in Telecommunications, Information and Multimedia

ISBN: 9783642023125
EAN: 9783642023125
Format:  PDF
Second International Conference, e-Forensics 2009, Adelaide, Australia, January 19-21, 2009, Revised Selected Papers.
Sprache: Englisch.
Dateigröße in MByte: 14.
Herausgegeben von Matthew Sorell
Springer-Verlag GmbH

26. Mai 2009 - pdf eBook


This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the Second International Conference on Forensics in Telecommunications, Information and Multimendia, e-Forensics 2009, held in Adelaide, Australia, in January 2009.

The focus of this year's conference has shifted to the legal rather than the deeply technical especially by incorporating the International Workshop on e-Forensics. The 21 papers deal with legal issues covering voice and telephony, image source identification and authentication, investigative practice, and applications including surveillance.


1;Title Page;2 2;Preface;5 3;Organization;7 4;Table of Contents;9 5;A Novel Handwritten Letter Recognizer Using Enhanced Evolutionary Neural Network;11 5.1;Introduction;11 5.2;Preparing Input Data for Neural Network;12 5.3;Architecture of Neural Network Core;14 5.4;Genetic Algorithm Core;15 5.4.1;Mutation;15 5.4.2;Recombination;16 5.4.3;Fitness Evaluation Function;16 5.5;Simulation and Computational Results;16 5.6;Conclusion;18 5.7;References;19 6;Forensics for Detecting P2P Network Originated MP3 Files on the User Device;20 6.1;Introduction;20 6.2;Materials and Methods;21 6.2.1;File Indicators;22 6.2.2;Directory Indicators;22 6.2.3;Album Indicators;22 6.2.4;Examinees;22 6.2.5;Metrics for Indicator Characterization;23 6.3;Results;24 6.4;Discussion;26 6.5;References;27 7;Image Encryption Using Chaotic Signal and MaxHeap Tree;29 7.1;Introduction;29 7.2;Max-Heap Tree;30 7.3;Chaotic Signal;30 7.4;The Proposed Method;31 7.5;Experimental Result;33 7.5.1;Histogram Analysis;33 7.5.2;Correlation Coefficient Analysis;34 7.5.3;Information Entropy Analysis;35 7.5.4;Key Space Analysis;36 7.5.5;Key Sensitivity Analysis;36 7.6;Decoding an Encrypted Image;37 7.7;Conclusion;38 7.8;References;38 8;Investigating Encrypted Material;39 8.1;Introduction;39 8.2;Problem Description;39 8.2.1;Methodology;40 8.2.2;Case Study;43 8.3;Conclusion;44 8.4;Research Contribution;44 8.5;References;45 9;Legal and Technical Implications of Collecting Wireless Data as an Evidence Source;46 9.1;Introduction;46 9.2;Existing Wireless Network Scanning Software;47 9.3;Legality of Wireless Network Interception;49 9.4;Conclusion and Outcomes;50 9.5;References;51 10;Medical Image Authentication Using DPT Watermarking: A Preliminary Attempt;52 10.1;Introduction;52 10.2;Biomedical Image Watermarking;53 10.2.1;Security of Medical Data;53 10.2.2;Providing Security through Watermarking;54 10.2.3;Watermarking Requirements for Biomedical Image Authentication;54 10.3;Discrete Pascal Transform;55 10.4;Proposed Method;57
10.4.1;Description of the Method;57 10.4.2;Algorithm;57 10.5;Experimental Results;59 10.6;Conclusion and Future Works;61 10.7;References;62 11;Robust Correctness Testing for Digital Forensic Tools;64 11.1;Introduction;64 11.2;Our Approach;65 11.2.1;Reducing the Impact of Errors;66 11.2.2;Determining the Number of Tests to Run;67 11.2.3;Our Adaptive Procedure;68 11.3;Correctness Testing of Data Carving Tools;69 11.4;Conclusions and Future Work;73 11.5;References;73 12;Surveillance Applications of Biologically-Inspired Smart Cameras;75 12.1;Introduction;75 12.2;Biologically-Inspired Vision Model;76 12.2.1;Spatial and Temporal Image Processing;76 12.2.2;Photoreceptor Model;78 12.3;Implementation;80 12.3.1;High Dynamic Range Camera;81 12.3.2;General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit;81 12.3.3;Processing Bottlenecks;82 12.4;Applications and Performance Evaluation;82 12.4.1;Object and Detail Recognition;82 12.4.2;Motion Detection;84 12.5;Future Work and Conclusions;85 12.6;References;85 13;The Development of a Generic Framework for the Forensic Analysis of SCADA and Process Control Systems;87 13.1;Introduction;87 13.2;What Is Forensic Computing in a Control System Context?;88 13.3;SCADA and Control Systems;89 13.4;Evidence from SCADA and Control Systems;90 13.5;Forensic Challenges;90 13.6;Conclusion;91 13.7;References;91 14;FIA: An Open Forensic Integration Architecture for Composing Digital Evidence;93 14.1;Introduction;93 14.2;State of the Art in Digital Investigations;95 14.3;FIA for Composing Digital Evidence;97 14.3.1;Evidence Storage and Access Layer;97 14.3.2;Representation and Interpretation Layer;98 14.3.3;Meta-information Layer;98 14.3.4;Evidence Composition and Visualization Layer;99 14.4;Case Study Car Theft Investigation;100 14.4.1;About the Case;101 14.4.2;Extracting the Data;101 14.4.3;Evidence Composition;101 14.5;Conclusions and Future Work;102 14.6;References;103 15;Distinguishing between Camera and Scanned Images by Means of Frequency Analysis;105 15.1;I
ntroduction;105 15.2;Sensor Pattern Noise Characterization;106 15.3;The Proposed Methodology;107 15.4;Experimental Results;108 15.5;Conclusions;110 15.6;References;111 16;Developing Speaker Recognition System: From Prototype to Practical Application;112 16.1;Introduction;112 16.2;Speaker Recognition;113 16.2.1;Short-Term Spectral Features;113 16.2.2;Long Term Features;114 16.2.3;Speaker Modeling and Matching;115 16.2.4;Voice Activity Detection;116 16.3;Methods Implemented and Tested;118 16.3.1;Windows Application: WinSProfiler;118 16.3.2;Symbian Implementation: EpocSProfiler;119 16.3.3;Prototype Solutions for NIST Competition;120 16.4;Summary of the Main Results;121 16.4.1;Recognition Results;121 16.4.2;Comparisons with Commercial Products;122 16.5;Conclusions;123 16.6;References;124 17;A Preliminary Approach to the Forensic Analysis of an Ultraportable ASUS Eee PC;126 17.1;Introduction and Background;126 17.2;Technical Overview;126 17.3;Forensic Considerations and Research Plan;127 17.3.1;Research Design and Scope;127 17.3.2;Image Acquisition;128 17.3.3;Forensic Analysis;128 17.4;Conclusion and Future Research;130 17.5;References;131 18;A Provable Security Scheme of ID-Based Threshold Decryption;132 18.1;Introduction;132 18.2;Model of ID-Based Threshold Decryption Scheme;133 18.3;IND-CCA Security;133 18.4;Building ID-Based Threshold Decryption Scheme;134 18.5;Security Proof of ID-Based Threshold Decryption Scheme without Random Oracles;135 18.5.1;Decisional q BDHI Problem;135 18.5.2;Construct Algorithm S;136 18.5.3;Security Verification;137 18.6;Conclusions;139 18.7;References;139 19;Analysis of Sensor Photo Response Non-Uniformity in RAW Images;140 19.1;Introduction;140 19.2;Background;141 19.2.1;Technique Overview;141 19.2.2;Noise Model;141 19.2.3;Camera Identification;141 19.2.4;Identification After Resampling;142 19.3;Extension Using RAW Sensor Data;143 19.3.1;Original Image Format (JPEG);143 19.3.2;Bayer Matrix and Conversion of Raw Sensor Data;143 19.3.3;Modi
fied Denoising Filter for RAW Images;144 19.4;Camera Lenses;145 19.4.1;Overview of Optical Effects;145 19.4.2;Approach;146 19.4.3;Data Sets;146 19.5;Results;147 19.5.1;Indoor Controlled Laboratory;147 19.5.2;Outdoors;148 19.6;Conclusion;150 19.7;References;150 20;Audit Log for Forensic Photography;152 20.1;Introduction;152 20.2;The Need for a Digital Negative;153 20.2.1;File Transaction Component;154 20.2.2;Metadata Record and Thumbnail;155 20.2.3;Cryptographic Hash;155 20.3;Audit Log System;155 20.3.1;Passive Capture;156 20.3.2;Analysis and Extraction;157 20.3.3;Secure Storage and Secure Retrieval;158 20.3.4;Power;158 20.4;Proof-of-Concept Demonstration;159 20.4.1;Equipment;159 20.4.2;Results;159 20.5;Future-Proofing and Extensions;161 20.6;Conclusions;161 20.7;References;162 21;Authenticating Medical Images through Repetitive Index Modulation Based Watermarking;163 21.1;Introduction;163 21.2;Proposed Method;164 21.2.1;Segmentation;164 21.2.2;Watermarking;166 21.2.3;Authentication;167 21.3;Experiments;168 21.4;Conclusions;168 21.5;References;169 22;Cyber Forensics Ontology for Cyber Criminal Investigation;170 22.1;Introduction;170 22.2;Related Studies;171 22.3;Cyber Forensics Ontology for Cyber Criminal Investigation;173 22.4;Conclusions;175 22.5;References;175 23;Decomposed Photo Response Non-Uniformity for Digital Forensic Analysis;176 23.1;Introduction;176 23.2;Proposed Decomposed PRNU (DPRNU);179 23.3;Experiments;179 23.4;Conclusion;181 23.5;References;181 24;Detection of Block Artifacts for Digital Forensic Analysis;183 24.1;Introduction;183 24.2;Proposed Method;184 24.3;Experiments;186 24.4;Conclusions;188 24.5;References;188 25;Vocal Forgery in Forensic Sciences;189 25.1;Vocal Forgery and Automatic Speaker Recognition in Forensic Sciences;189 25.1.1;Voice Transformation as Forgery;190 25.1.2;Voice Conversion as Forgery;190 25.2;Experiments and Results;192 25.2.1;Identification of Disguised Voices Based on a SVM Classifier;192 25.2.2;Comparison of Voice Conve
rsion Technique as Forgery;193 25.3;Conclusion;194 25.4;References;194 26;International Workshop on e-Forensics Law;10 26.1;Complying cross Continents: At the Intersection of Litigation Rights and Privacy RightsA;196 26.1.1;Litigation Discovery Rights in the United States;197 26.1.2;Litigation Discovery Rights Outside the United States;198 26.1.3;Litigation Discovery Rights Versus Privacy Rights;199 26.1.4;The Hague Convention;200 26.1.5;Recommendations;202 26.1.6;Conclusions;203 26.1.7;References;204 26.2;Digital Identity The Legal Person?;205 26.2.1;Introduction;205 26.2.2;Registered Digital Identity;208 26.2.3;The Role and Nature of Token Identity;209 26.2.4;Token Identity The Legal Person?;214 26.2.5;Token Identity Is the Legal Person;216 26.2.6;Conclusion;219 26.2.7;References;220 26.3;Surveillance and Datenschutz in Virtual Environments;222 26.3.1;Introduction;222 26.3.2;Surveillance;223;Surveillance by ISPs;223;Surveillance by Administrators;223;Surveillance in Programmable Worlds;224;Surveillance in Gameworlds;225 26.3.3;Datenschutz;226;Origin and Application of Privacy Laws;226;Application to Virtual Environments;227 26.3.4;Conclusion;228 26.3.5;References;229 27;Author Index;230


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