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The 50 Greatest Yankee Games

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Each year, the Yankees draw more than 3 million fans to Yankee Stadium, and millions more see them on the road and on TV. This unique book brings to life the 50 greatest Yankee games from 1904 to 2004. Fans can relive Babe Ruths ' called shot, ' the … weiterlesen
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Titel: The 50 Greatest Yankee Games
Autor/en: Cecilia Tan

ISBN: 0471763136
EAN: 9780471763130
Sprache: Englisch.

April 2006 - kartoniert - 278 Seiten


Each year, the Yankees draw more than 3 million fans to Yankee Stadium, and millions more see them on the road and on TV. This unique book brings to life the 50 greatest Yankee games from 1904 to 2004. Fans can relive Babe Ruths ' called shot, ' the 1949 pennant race that pitted Joe DiMaggio against Ted Williams, the 1978 Bucky Dent home run game, and other celebrated contests. Featuring recollections of Yankee greats newly interviewed by the author-from Yogi Berra and Whitey Ford Reggie Jackson and Dwight Gooden-plus nearly two dozen vintage photographs, its the perfect gift for every Yankee fan. Cecilia Tan (Cambridge, MA) was born in New York City and is a lifelong Yankee fan, despite her current residence. She is the Yankees beat writer for Gotham Baseball Magazine and has written for Yankees magazine, Yankees Xtreme, and other baseball publications.


Introduction. 1 October 10, 1904: Boston at New York Throwing It All Away In which Happy Jack Chesbro pitches his team to the brink of a pennant. 2 July 25, 1912: Chicago at New York A Yankee First In which Bert Daniels and the Highlanders enter the record books. 3 April 24, 1917: New York at Boston Like Barn Doors In which George Mogridge hurls the first Yankee no--hitter. 4 July 6, 1920: New York at Washington Bombers Away In which the Yankees set a new record by tallying 14 runs in a single inning. 5 October 5, 1921: New York at New York In the Company of Giants In which the Yankees play their first World Series game. 6 September 4, 1923: New York at Philadelphia Philadelphia Un--Athletic In which "Sad Sam" Jones shines. 7 October 10, 1926: St. Louis at New York Crime Doesn't Pay In which Babe Ruth puts an odd finale on the Series. 8 July 26, 1928, Game One: New York at Detroit Thrice He Routed All His Foes In which Bob Meusel sets a new American League record. 9 June 3, 1932: New York at Philadelphia The Hits Keep on Coming In which the Iron Horse and Poosh 'Em Up Tony have memorable days. 10 October 1,1932: New York at Chicago Two Balls in the Corner Pocket In which Babe Ruth performs the most debated gesture in sports history. 11 August 1, 1937: St. Louis at New York Pride of the Yankees In which Columbia Lou makes another mark in the record books. 12 August 27, 1938: Cleveland at New York Nine Little Indians In which Monte Pearson notches a tenth consecutive win in style. 13 July 19, 1940: Cleveland at New York The Neatest Trick In which everything goes right for Buddy Rosar. 14 September 8, 1940: New York at Boston Bombed in Boston In which Joe Gordon has a perfect day at the plate. 15 June 29, 1941: New York at Washington Clipping the Sizzler In which Joe DiMaggio reaches one milestone on his way to another. 16 October 5, 1941: New York at Brooklyn Making Out Just Fine In which Old Reliable figures out how to win a game after the final out. 17 October 3, 1947: New York at Brooklyn Almost Immortal In which Floyd "Bill" Bevens needs one more out. 18 May 20, 1948: New York at Chicago Jolt from the Blue In which, 11 years later, Joe D. repeats a feat. 19 October 2, 1949: Boston at New York To the Wire In which Boston needs to win only one of two for a pennant 20 July 12, 1951: New York at Cleveland Hail to the Chief In which Allie Reynolds twirls a gem. 21 September 28, 1951, Game One: Boston at New York Reynolds Wrap In which the Superchief does it again. 22 October 7, 1952: New York at Brooklyn Top of the Pops In which Billy the Kid snatches victory out of the air. 23 October 4, 1955: Brooklyn at New York Dem Bums In which the Wild Man tames the Dodgers, but the Yankees fail to score. 24 October 8, 1956: Brooklyn at New York Imperfect Man In which Don Larsen finds a ball in his shoe. 25 July 23, 1957: Chicago at New York With Fireworks, Too In which Mickey Mantle thrills all. 26 October 13, 1960: New York at Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Stealers In which a team that was thoroughly dominated nevertheless emerges on top. 27 September 20, 1961: New York at Baltimore Racing Ruth (and Frick) In which Roger Maris finds himself having the worst best season ever. 28 October 8, 1961: New York at Cincinnati Rough Year for Ruth In which Whitey Ford breaks the Babe's favorite record. 29 October 16, 1962: New York at San Francisco Redemption In which Ralph Terry finds himself on the mound for the final pitch of the season, again. 30 October 10, 1964: St. Louis at New York The Bulldog In which a young "pheenom" and an old hero triumph. 31 August 29, 1972: Texas at New York Taking on the Mantle In which another kid from Oklahoma shines. 32 October 14, 1976: Kansas City at New York Chaos Unleashed In which the Yankees unlock the Bronx Zoo. 33 October 9, 1977: New York at Kansas City Royal Treatment In which George Brett and Kansas City experience deja vu all over again. 34 October 18, 1977: Los Angeles at New York Mr. October In which Reginald Martinez Jackson joins the ranks of the exalted. 35 October 2, 1978: New York at Boston Dented In which Carl Yastrzemski has reason to kick the Green Monster. 36 August 6, 1979: Baltimore at New York Captain, My Captain In which Bobby Murcer memorializes a close friend with the game of a lifetime. 37 July 4, 1983: Boston at New York Prince Righetti In which we enjoy heat in the mid--nineties. 38 July 24 and August 18, 1983: Kansas City at New York Sticky Situation In which a game is lost, won, and lost again. 39 September 30, 1984: Detroit at New York Photo Finish In which David and Goliath do battle under the glare of the media. 40 July 1, 1990: New York at Chicago No No No In which a tough--luck pitcher's luck gets even tougher. 41 September 4, 1993: Cleveland at New York One for the Books In which a courageous pitcher defeats his opponents singlehandedly. 42 September 3, 1995: Oakland at New York Races Wild In which the wild--card race is enlivened by one player's special day. 43 October 8, 1995: New York at Seattle Seattle Slew In which the captain excels but a pitch goes Strange 44 May 14, 1996: Seattle at New York Dr. No In which a New York icon makes an improbable comeback. 45 October 23, 1996: New York at Atlanta King of the Comeback In which the first of a long line of elite closers is broken by Yankee magic. 46 May 17, 1998: Minnesota at New York Imperfect Man II In which history repeats itself in grand fashion. 47 July 18, 1999: Montreal at New York Just Deserts In which a medical miracle and a dose of old Yankee magic reward a pitcher's patience. 48 October 14, 2000: New York at Seattle Rocket's Red Glare In which Roger Clemens proves he is a Yankee and a champion. 49 October 13, 2001: New York at Oakland The Play In which hope flares again in a grieving city. 50 October 16, 2003: Boston at New York The Curse Lives In which fate brings together old rivals and makes new heroes. The 50 Greatest Games Ranked 1 to 50. The "Other" 50 Greatest Games. Acknowledgments. Notes on Research Techniques. References. Index.


CECILIA TAN was born in New York City and raised a Yankee fan by her dad. She is a staff writer and columnist for Gotham Baseball magazine and has written features for Yankees Magazine, Mudville, Baseball Ink, Baseball Today, and Picto. Tan was formerly a columnist for Yankees Xtreme and a staff writer for Yankeebaseball.net. She produces her own online baseball magazine, Why I Like Baseball, and is a member of the Society for American Baseball Research.


Tan, a baseball writer and die-hard New York Yankees fan, presents brief examinations of the 50 purportedly greatest games ever played by her team. The volume opens with the last-season game in October 1904, when 41-game winner Jack Chesbro flung a wild pitch, dashing New York's hopes of winning the American League pennant, and closes with Aaron Boone's walk-off homer against knuckleballer Tim Wakefield to defeat the Boston Red Sox in the 2003 American League Championship Series (ALCS). In between, Tan places Don Larsen's perfect game against the Brooklyn Dodgers in the 1956 World Series at the top of the Yankees's memorable contests, followed by game three of the 1932 fall classic when the Bambino supposedly belted the "called shot," and the single-game playoff for the 1978 pennant when Bucky Dent's roundtripper broke the hearts of the Red Sox nation. Given the astonishing collapse of the Yankees in the final four games of last year's ALCS, this work already seems in need of an update. Nonetheless, it provides light enjoyment, with the appearance of all the usual suspects: Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Jackson, Jeter, and the rest. Recommended for general libraries.-- R.C. Cottrell, California State Univ., Chico ("Library Journal, May 1, 2005) "Tan does a fine job choosing the most important contests from 100 seasons of Yankee baseball and recounting them in a gripping style . . . . developing entertaining, dramatic story lines." ("Publisher's Weekly)
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