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End of the American Era, the

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Refuting the conventional wisdom that the end of the Cold War cleared the way for an era of peace and prosperity led solely by the United States, Charles A. Kupchan contends that the next challenge to America's might is fast emerging. It comes not fr... weiterlesen


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Titel: End of the American Era, the
Autor/en: Charles Kupchan

ISBN: 0375726594
EAN: 9780375726590
Sprache: Englisch.
Random House USA Inc

11. November 2003 - kartoniert - 395 Seiten


Refuting the conventional wisdom that the end of the Cold War cleared the way for an era of peace and prosperity led solely by the United States, Charles A. Kupchan contends that the next challenge to America's might is fast emerging. It comes not from the Islamic world or an ascendant China, but from an integrating Europe that is rising as a counterweight to the United States. Decades of strategic partnership across the Atlantic are giving way to renewed geopolitical competition. The waning of U.S. primacy will be expedited by America's own ambivalence about remaining the globe's guardian and by the impact of the digital age on the country's politics and its role in the world.
By deftly mining the lessons of history to cast light on the present and future, Kupchan explains how America and the world should prepare for the more complex, more unstable road ahead.


Preface to 2003 Vintage Edition
Preface to 2002 Knopf Edition

Grand Strategy and the Paradox of American Power

America's New Map of the World

The False Promise of Globalization and Democracy

The Rise of Europe

The Limits of American Internationalism-Looking Back

The Limits of American Internationalism-Looking Forward

After Pax Americana

The Rebirth of History

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"One of the outstanding figures of the new generation of U.S. foreign policy thinkers and practitioners. His powerful and erudite book . . . sparkles with insights." - The Washington Post Book World "An absorbing and thought-provoking book on what Charles Kupchan considers the central challenges to future U.S. preeminence and global stability." -Henry Kissinger "A bold and elegant new statement about the coming breakdown of Pax Americana and a return to great-power rivalry." - Foreign Affairs "Indispensable reading for anyone who recognizes the importance of challenging the conventional wisdom about America's evolving world role." - The Dallas Morning News "In this dazzling work, steeped in history and politics, Charles A. Kupchan maps out an original and persuasive vision of where America and the world are headed. The time to read this book is now." -James Chace, author of Acheson: The Secretary of State Who Created the American World "With his expansive knowledge of history, Kupchan places contemporary trends in perspective. . . . Offers revealing insights into contemporary policy matters with a spectacular eye for detail." - The Christian Science Monitor "Elegantly explores the benefits and dangers of U.S. primacy and the system of globalization that has come with it. His call for a rethinking of America's role in the world could not be more timely. . . . Well worth reading." -George Soros "An important and provocative reassessment of American power and foreign policy."-Lee H. Hamilton, Director, Woodrow Wilson International Center "This original and informative work challenges our conventional wisdom and offers useful strategic guidance. Agree with it or not, Kupchan will make you think and reexamine your assumptions as you enjoy the clarity of his writing and thought."-Anthony Lake, National Security Advisor in the first Clinton administration "Provocatively embedding his argument in examinations of historical power shifts . . . Kupchan argues that American preeminence is dangerous to sustain, because it is in fact unsustainable." - Booklist "Compelling analysis, rich in the lessons of history, that will shatter the illusions of a perpetual Pax Americana. . . . As controversial as it is insightful." -Ronald Steel, author of Walter Lippmann and the American Century "An ambitious enterprise . . . Kupchan should be congratulated for bravely tackling broad issues in an age of specialization."- Times Literary Supplement (UK)
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