Book of Jewish Sacred Practices

Sprache: Englisch.
Drawing from decades of experience in connecting spirituality with daily life, offers traditional and contemporary ways to mark all sorts of important events in people's lives. For each of more than 100 everyday events and holidays, it offers a medit … weiterlesen
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Book of Jewish Sacred Practices als Taschenbuch


Titel: Book of Jewish Sacred Practices
Autor/en: Clal--The National Jewish Center for Lea

ISBN: 1580231527
EAN: 9781580231527
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Vanessa L. Ochs, Irwin Kula

1. Oktober 2001 - kartoniert - 354 Seiten


Drawing from decades of experience in connecting spirituality with daily life, offers traditional and contemporary ways to mark all sorts of important events in people's lives. For each of more than 100 everyday events and holidays, it offers a meditation, a blessing, a profound Jewish teaching, and a ritual.


Acknowledgments viii
About the Contributors ix
Preface xi
Introduction: Renew the Old, Sanctify the New 1
Waking Up 8
Praying for What We Need 10
Washing Our Hands 14
Eating 16
Making a List of Things to Do 18
Preparing a Family Recipe 22
Going to Work 24
Organizing Your Room, Your House, Your
Office, Your Affairs, Your Life 28
Traveling 30
Keeping a Sense of Home When You Are on the Road 32
Spending Time with Family 34
Having Guests of Different Faiths at Our Table 38
Bringing Home a New Pet 40
Gardening 42
Hoping to Have a Child 46
Celebrating Pregnancy 50
Welcoming a New Child 54
Nursing 58
Guiding Our Growing Children toward Independence 60
Preparing for Your Bar or Bat Mitzvah 62
Sending a Child to College 66
Blessing One's Parents 68
Falling in Love 72
Celebrating the Difference You've Made in Each Other's Lives 74
Ending a Relationship 78
Healing Relationships 82
Receiving Guests 86
Blessing One's Hosts 90
Celebrating a Private Miracle 94
Celebrating Birthdays 96
Hearing Good News 98
Being a Guest at a Wedding 100
Seeing Natural Wonders 102
Standing at a Crossroads 106
Running a Marathon 110
Noticing a Change in the Seasons 114
Moving into a New House 118
Joining a Synagogue 122
Taking on a Jewish Name 126
Wearing a Tallit for the First Time 130
Retiring 132
Praying for Healing 136
Visiting the Sick 138
Finding Hope in a Time of Illness 142
Treating a Patient 144
Starting to Work Out 148
Quitting Smoking 152
Creating Opportunities, Opening Doors 154
Hearing of a Death 158
Making a Shiva Call 160
Remembering the Loss of Someone You Love 164
Moving Out of Mourning and Back into Life 168
Writing an Ethical Will 170
Saying Good-Bye to a Beloved Pet 172
Starting School 176
Beginning to Study Torah for the First Time 178
Studying Sacred Texts Each Day 182
Finishing an Important Book 186
Honoring a Teacher at the End of the Year 188
Building a Pluralist Jewish Community 192
Examining Ourselves as Leaders 196
Taking on New Responsibilities 200
Taking on a Volunteer Role 204
Holding a Meeting 208
Installing a New Communal Leader 210
Celebrating a New Community Building 214
Naming a Community 218
Going to Israel 222
Visiting Jerusalem 226
Sending Your Child to Israel 230
Returning from Israel 232
Preparing Ourselves to Do Sacred Work 236
Donating Food and Clothing 240
Soliciting Support 242
Receiving Requests for Contributions 246
Making a Contribution 248
Dedicating a Wall or Plaque that Honors Donors 250
Wearing Your Commitments 254
Shabbat 257
Lighting Shabbat Candles 258
Blessing Children on Shabbat 260
Rosh Hashanah 263
Changing Your Fate for the Coming Year 264
Preparing Your Prayers for the High Holidays 268
Casting Away Our Sins (Tashlikh) 272
Hearing the Shofar 276
Yom Kippur 279
Fasting 280
Sukkot 283
Building a Sukkah 284
Receiving Sukkah Guests 286
Waving the Lulav and Etrog 290
Taking Down a Sukkah 294
Simchat Torah 297
Dancing with the Torah 298
Chanukah 301
Lighting the Menorah 302
Rededicating Your Home on Chanukah 306
Purim 309
Preparing Mishloach Manot 310
Passover 313
Removing Chametz from One's Home 314
Searching for the Afikoman (for Grown-Ups) 318
Counting the Omer 322
Yom Ha'atzma'ut 325
Celebrating Yom Ha'atzma'ut, Israel's Independence Day 326
Shavuot 329
Studying Together on Shavuot 330
Rosh Chodesh 333
Celebrating Rosh Chodesh 334
About the Translations 337
About CLAL-The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership 338

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