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Collective Action: A Bad Subjects Anthology als Taschenbuch

Collective Action: A Bad Subjects Anthology

Sprache: Englisch.
Selected essays on politics, culture and society by the groundbreaking Californian activist group.


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Collective Action: A Bad Subjects Anthology als Taschenbuch


Titel: Collective Action: A Bad Subjects Anthology

ISBN: 0745321798
EAN: 9780745321790
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Megan Shaw Prelinger, Joel Schalit

Juli 2004 - kartoniert - 221 Seiten


Selected essays on politics, culture and society by the groundbreaking Californian activist group.


Acknowledgments / Introduction PART I: POLITICS OLD AND NEW 1: Prison Activists Notes by Karl MacRae 2. Iraq War Culture by Joe Lockard 3. Beyond Copyright Consciousness by Rick Prelinger 4. I Was a Teenage Reactionary by Doug Henwood 5. Voodoo Politics by David Hawkes 6. A Context for Genoa by Edmund Zimmerman 7. Blacks and Reds in Polish Technicolor by Ewa Pagacz 8. Marxism, Class Analysis, and the USSR: A Y2K Perspective by Richard D. Wolff PART II: REMEMBERING HISTORY 9. New Year's Eve in Berlin: Firecrackers, Fascist Light Shows, and Witnessing History in the Haupstadt by John Brady 10. The Tenth Anniversary of the Siege at Waco and April 2003 by Megan Shaw Prelinger 11. The FSM Cafe: History, Memory, and the Political Legacy of Coffee by Tomas Sandoval, Jr. and Jason Ferreira 12. Are Diplomatic Ties with Tyrants More Important than Civil Rights? Life During APEC '97 by Elisabeth Hurst 13. Marx vs. Weber, Uno Mas! by JC Myers PART III: IN AND OUT OF THE ACADEMY 14. San Francisco: Dangerous for Whores/I'd Rather Be a Whore Than an Academic by Lisa Archer 15. Left Conservatism by Matt Wray 16. Caretaking the Echo Pond: The Practice of Art in the Fin-de-Siecle Academy by Mark Van Proyen 17. In-Between Days: Intellectual Work and Intelligent Life at the Crossroads by Scott Schaffer 18. Make It a Double: My Dual Lives as Barkeep and Grad Student by Wayde Grinstead 19. Inside the Idea Factory by Katie Simon PART IV: CROSSING BORDERS 20. Girls (Forced to) Dance Naked! The Politics and Presumptions of Anti-Trafficking Laws by Gretchen Soderlund and Emma Grant 21. Driving Through the Minefields of Love by Joel Schalit 22. Cross-Dressing in Bulgaria: Gay Identity, Post-Communist Fear, and Magical Love by Robin Brooks 23. Marxing Across the Border by Frederick Luis Aldama 24 Securing Profits by Carrie Rentschler 25. Dangerous Bodies: Globalisation, the Militarisation of Borders and New (Old) Forms of Slavery by Arturo Aldama 26. The Race to Be Mobile by Kevin Carollo PART V: THE PERSONAL IS THE POLITICAL 27. On the Merits of Racial Identity by Tomas Sandoval 28. Outside In: The Failings of Alternative Communities by Kim Nicolini 29. Marxism After Ho Chi Minh by Viet Than Nguyen 30. Reporting Rape vs. a Woman's Right to Speak: I Won't Get Fooled Again by Cynthia Hoffman 31. My Dad Kicked Ass for a Living by Zack Furness PART VI: MEDIA AND RESPONSE 32. Hotel California: Learning How to Read by Charlie Bertsch 33. Bodies: Sex Pistols and Abortion Art by Mike Mosher 34. Marx's Media Corps by Jonathan Sterne 35. The AT&T 'Vietnam' Commercial by Robert Shaw and Megan Shaw Prelinger 36. Heterosexual Love by Annalee Newitz Notes on Contributors / Index


Joel Schalit is a writer and editor based in San Francisco. An Israeli-American pundit noted for his unique views on Middle Eastern politics and US culture, over the past fourteen years, Schalit has produced four books and contributed to numerous periodicals including Alternet, France 24's The Observers, the San Francisco Bay Guardian and XLR8R.


For left-wing graduate students and intellectuals who want to reach a larger audience than other academics, and who would like to develop a more seductive and appealing language than neo-Marxist or post-structuralist jargon -- Elaine Showalter, Times Literary Supplement Some of the most straightforward, readable, and most importantly, relevant prose you're likely to find. -- San Francisco Bay Guardian
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