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1001 Ideas to Create Retail Excitement: (revised & Updated)

Empfohlen ab 18 Jahre. Revised. Sprache: Englisch.
In a new, completely revised and updated edition of his 1999 classic 1001 Ideas to Create Retail Excitement, public relations and marketing guru Edgar Falk shows small, medium, and large business owners how to make the most of retail opportunities in … weiterlesen

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1001 Ideas to Create Retail Excitement: (revised & Updated) als Taschenbuch


Titel: 1001 Ideas to Create Retail Excitement: (revised & Updated)
Autor/en: Edgar A. Falk

ISBN: 0735203431
EAN: 9780735203433
Empfohlen ab 18 Jahre.
Sprache: Englisch.

September 2003 - kartoniert - 320 Seiten


In a new, completely revised and updated edition of his 1999 classic 1001 Ideas to Create Retail Excitement, public relations and marketing guru Edgar Falk shows small, medium, and large business owners how to make the most of retail opportunities in any economic environment, and teaches all business owners how to think big in the face of growing competition and consumer insecurity.

In our ever-changing economy, Falk's strategies are an absolute necessity for survival and success. Here, he offers a veritable encyclopedia of practical suggestions that show small- to medium-sized retailers how to attract new customers, then goes on to offer solid, time-tested advice on how to keep them coming back, over and over again. From proven-successful ideas for eye-catching window displays, in-store promotions, and special events to tested strategies for market research and publicity, this guide provides everything the small business owner needs to become more aggressive and effective in pulling in customers and fending off competition.


1001 Ideas to Create Retail Excitement: Revised EditionAcknowledgments
Preface: Meeting the Marketing Challenges of the Twenty-first Century
Chapter 1
The Changing Face of Retail . . . and You Are in the Driver's Seat
Chapter 2
You Can't Go It Alone
Improving the Retail Neighborhood
A National Trade Association
Chapter 3
Tracking the Trends to Stay Ahead of the Pack
Chapter 4
Gathering the Data to Help You Make Your Marketing Decisions
Obtaining Your Data
Locally Generated Research
What Information Your Local Research Should Develop
Understanding Research Formats
Get to Know Your Competitors
Sample Mini-Questionnaires
Sample Questionnaire to Send to a Former Customer
Sample Telephone Scripts
Single Day Business Analysis
Chapter 5
Developing a Marketing Strategy and a New Age Sales Force
Selecting the Right Product Line
Setting a Sound Pricing Policy
Making It More Convenient to Shop the Store
Making the Most of Your Sales Force
Chapter 6
Establishing a Winning Customer Service Program
Chapter 7
Looking Good from Your Front Windows to the Back of the Store
Start with Your Sidewalk
. . . Then the Signs, Awning, and Canopy
. . . Look at the Windows
Enter the Front Door
Inside . . . a Customer Friendly Store
In-Store Signs That Sell Merchandise
Other Parts of the Big Picture
Look to Your Suppliers as Your Partners
Chapter 8
Making the Big Decision: Which Programs to Conduct
Matching the Promotion to the Customers
Answering the Five Big Questions
Making the Final Decision
Chapter 9
Creating Exciting Holiday and Seasonal Promotions
Getting Maximum Exposure and Optimum Results
The First Quarter of the Year
The Second Quarter of the Year
The Third Quarter of the Year
The Fourth Quarter of the Year
Be Sensitive to Religious and Ethnic Holidays
Chapter 10
In- Store Special Events That Draw Customers
An Annual Event: Your Anniversary
Live Entertainment
Celebrity Personal Appearances
Designers' or Supplier Presidents' Appearances
Events That Emphasize Product Sales
Other Crowd-Pleasing Events
Health Screenings
Promoting Your Special Events
Chapter 11
The Right Sale for the Right Place
The Easiest Sale to Structure
Thirty Sales That Will Build Traffic
Promoting the Value of Your Sales Program
Customer Promotion Calender
Chapter 12
Everyone Loves a Contest
Everything You Need to Know About Running a Sweepstakes
Make Your Games of Chance Pay Off with Increased Sales
Using Skills Contests to Draw Customers
Chapter 13
Sports as a Promotional Vehicle
Sports Personalities' In-Store Appearances
Ticket Giveaways
Exhibits at the Store
Major Sporting Event Atmosphere
At the Arena or Stadium
A Potpourri of Other Opportunities
Use Your Suppliers' Connections
Chapter 14
Building Repeat Business and Incremental Sales
Rewarding Your Customers
Rewards/Savings Card Program
Frequent Buyer's Program
Structuring Your Frequent Buyer's Program
Guidelines for Setting Up the Program
Keeping the Frequent Buyer Happy
Develop New Avenues for Repeat Business
Sample Letters to Send to Frequent Customers
Chapter 15
Cross Promoting and Other Ways to Extend Your Visibility
Cross Promote with Other Stores
Cross-Promoting Techniques
Short-term Cross Promotions
Extending Your Presence to Other Locations
Product Shows Open to the Public
Chapter 16
Good Community Citizenship Is Good Business
Charitable and Nonprofit Organizations
Make a Personal Commitment
Sponsoring High Visibility Community Events
Supporting Local Contests and Competitions
Other Civic Projects to Support
If a Disaster Should Strike
Chapter 17
Marketing Your Restaurant
Creating Exciting Promotions and Events
Go After Tourists and Business Visitors
Chapter 18
Making the Internet Work for You
Start an E-mail Program
Your Web Site
Chapter 19
It's David Versus Goliath: Small Retailers Take On the Chains
Chapter 20
Innovative Steps Retailers Are Taking to Attract Customers
Chapter 21
Getting Publicity Exposure in the Local Media
Organizing Your Publicity Program
Do-It-Yourself Publicity Program
Working with Radio Stations
Working with Televison Channels
Working with Daily Newspapers
Working with Other Media in the Community
Chapter 22
Samples of Materials to Send to Media to Get Publicity
Pitch Letter/E-mail to Local Media to Cover In-Store Event
Media Advisory to Send to Encourage Coverage of an Event
Sample Fact Sheet
Sample Press Release
Pitch Letter/E-mail to Send to Media to Arrange Interview with Store Owner
Pitch Letter/E-mail to Send to Television Producers to Demonstrate New Products on Show
Pitch Letter/E-mail to Attempt to Arrange a Live Remote
Letter to Media to Make Them Aware of Your Availability as a Source of Information
Letter to Radio and Television Promotion Directors Offering to Provide Prizes for Contests
Letter to Radio and Television Programs That Give Gifts to Guests
And Don't Forget Your Supplier Press Releases
Chapter 23
Using Advertising and Other Paid Services to Promote Your Store
Organizing Your Advertising Program
Delivering Your Message
There Are So Many Other Ways
The Most Effective Advertising
Chapter 24
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