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Emily Dickinson als Taschenbuch

Emily Dickinson

Selected Letters. none. Sprache: Englisch.
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This one-volume selection is at last available in paperback. It provides crucial texts for the appreciation of American literature, women's experience in the nineteenth century, and literature in general.

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Emily Dickinson als Taschenbuch


Titel: Emily Dickinson
Autor/en: Emily Dickinson

ISBN: 0674250702
EAN: 9780674250703
Selected Letters.
Sprache: Englisch.
Harvard University Press

1. Juli 1990 - kartoniert - 384 Seiten


This one-volume selection is at last available in paperback. It provides crucial texts for the appreciation of American literature, women's experience in the nineteenth century, and literature in general.


Publisher's Note Introduction PART I: 1842-1846 "...the Hens lay finely..." PART II: 1847-1848 "I am really at Mt Holyoke..." PART III: 1849-1850 "Amherst is alive with fun this winter..." PART IV: 1851-1854 "...we do not have much poetry, father having made up his mind that its pretty much all real life." PART V: 1855-1857 "To live, and die, and mount again in triumphant body... is no schoolboy's theme!" PART VI: 1858-1861 "Much has occurred...so much that I stagger as I write, in its sharp remembrance." PART VII: 1862-1865 "Perhaps you smile at me. I could not stop for that- My Business is Circumference." PART VIII: 1866-1869 "A Letter always feels to me like immortality because it is the mind alone without corporeal friend." PART IX: 1870-1874 "I find ecstasy in living the mere sense of living is joy enough." PART X: 1875-1879 "Nature is a Haunted House but Art - a House that tries to be haunted." PART XI: 1880-1883 "I hesitate which word to take, as I can take but few and each must be the chiefest..." PART XII: 1884-1886 "...a Letter is a joy of Earth it is denied the Gods." Appendix: Biographical Sketches of Recipients of Letters and of Persons Mentioned in Them Index


[These letters] present us with as inward a view of one of God's rarer creatures as we are likely to be given...The letters themselves are as no others. The briefest line can be a mystery (and, when fathomed, a communion), the formal note a sign...If [these letters] are put alongside those of...Coleridge and Keats, they will present the most striking contrast in a poet's reactions and sensibilities. But they will stand there unashamed. The Times She was no solemn bookworm destined to grow into a crabbed recluse, but a lively original creature, fully participating in the joys and despairs of a busy circle of friends and relatives...Here was a woman capable of the most intense emotion who was forced, or forced herself, to crystallize her feelings into words and phrases. The letters and poems are all of a piece. The letters, in fact, read sometimes like the raw materials of the poems. Listener Emily Dickinson's letters are among the major treasures of American literature...[In] this one-volume selection...virtually everything of interest to the general reader or nonspecialist has been retained. Library Journal
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