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Coral Reef Fishes als Taschenbuch

Coral Reef Fishes

Sprache: Englisch.

Expanded and updated to include an additional 44 species, this is a handy guide to those fishes that are likely to be observed by anybody visiting or diving on the coral reefs of the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean, and the Pacific to a depth of sixty me … weiterlesen

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Coral Reef Fishes als Taschenbuch


Titel: Coral Reef Fishes
Autor/en: Ewald Lieske

ISBN: 0691089957
EAN: 9780691089959
Sprache: Englisch.

Dezember 2001 - kartoniert


Expanded and updated to include an additional 44 species, this is a handy guide to those fishes that are likely to be observed by anybody visiting or diving on the coral reefs of the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean, and the Pacific to a depth of sixty meters. Accessible to amateur marine life enthusiasts, this book is the first comprehensive guide of its kind. It enables the reader to quickly identify 2,118 species of fish and includes over 2,500 color illustrations depicting the major forms of each species--male, female, immature, or geographical varieties. The text proceeds according to region, depicting each species and its varieties, and offering information on its geographic range and where on the coral reef itself the fish may be found. Important identification characteristics are highlighted on every color plate.


Scope of the book
Evolution and Zoogeography
The Coral Reef Environment
Types of Reefs
Habitats and Zonation
Social Interactions
Reproduction and Development
Protective Resemblance and Mimicry
Reef Fishes as a Resource and its Conservation
Dangerous Marine Fishes
The System of Classification
Physiology and Senses
The Colour Plates
1-2 Sharks
3 Sharks, Electric Rays and Guitarfishes
4 Rays
5-7 Moray Eels
8 Moray, Conger & Snake Eels
9 Catfishes, Pearifishes, Clingfishes, Lizardfishes and Toadfishes
10 Primitive Silvery Fishes
11 Frogfishes
12 Soldierfishes
13 Soldierfishes and Squirrelfishes
14 Squirrelfishes
15 Flashlightfishes, Trumpetfishes and Related Families
16 Pipefishes and Seahorses
17 Flatheads, Helmet Gurnards, Waspfishes Etc.
18-20 Scorpionfishes
21-22 Anthiases
23 Anthiases and Basslets
24-29 Groupers
30 Soapfishes and Prettyfins
31-32 Dottybacks
33 Dottybacks and Morwongs
34 Hawkfishes
35-38 Cardinalfishes
39 Barramundi, Grunters, Flagtails, Bigeyes, and Mojarras
40 Sand Tilefishes and Remoras
41-42 Jacks and Trevallys
43-45 Snappers
46 Snappers and Fusiliers
47 Fusiliers
48 Sweetlips
49 Sweetlips
50 Monocle Breams and Spinecheeks
51 Whiptails
52-53 Emperors
54-55 Goatfishes
56 Batfishes, Spadefishes, Monos, Stripeys, and Archerfishes
57-66 Butterflyfishes
67-72 Angelfishes
73 Angelfishes, Boarfishes, and Knifejaws
74-89 Damselfishes
90-104 Wrasses
105-106 Parrotfishes (widespread)
107 Parrotfishes (Indian Ocean)
108-109 Parrotfishes (Pacific Ocean)
110 Parrotfishes (restricted distrib.)
111 Barracudas and Mullets
112 Sandperches
113 Jawfishes, Stargazers, Sand-divers, and Triplefins
114 Fangblennies
115 Combtooth Blennies
116 Combtooth Blennies
117 Combtooth Blennies
118 Combtooth Blennies and Dragonets
119 Dartfishes
120-123 Gobies
124-128 Surgeonfishes
129-130 Rabbitfishes
131 Tunas, Flounders, and Soles
132-133 Triggerfishes
134-135 Filefishes
136 Trunkfishes
137 Puffers
138 Puffers and Porcupinefishes
139 Rarities
Caribbean Species
140 Sharks
141 Rays
142 Eels
143 Tarpon, Ladyfish, Bonefish, Needlefishes and Halfbeaks
144 Herrings, Anchovies etc.
145 Toadfishes, Frogfishes and Batfishes
146 Squirrelfishes, Flashlightfishes, Trumpetfishes and Cornetfishes
147 Pipefishes, Scorpionfishes, Searobins and Flying Gurnards
148 Groupers
149 Groupers, Soapfishes
150 Hamlets
151 Basses
152 Basslets and Cardinalfishes
153 Hawkfishes, Bigeyes, Sand Tilefishes, Snooks, Mojarras, and Tripletails
154 Cobia, Remoras, and Jacks
155 Jacks
156 Snappers
157 Grunts
158 Grunts and Bonnetmouths
159 Porgies and Drums
160 Drums, Goatfishes, Sweepers, and Rudderfishes
161 Spadefishes and Butterflyfishes
162 Angelfishes
163 Damselfishes
164 Damselfishes and Wrasses
165 Wrasses
166 Parrotfishes
167 Parrotfishes, Jawfishes and Stargazers
168 Mullets, Barracudas, Threadfins, and Tunas
169 Triplefins and Labrisomids
170 Blennies, Tubeblennies, Dragonets, Dartfishes, and Gobies
171 Gobies
172 Gobies, Surgeonfishes and Flounders
173 Triggerfishes and Filefishes
174 Filefishes and Trunkfishes
175 Puffers and Porcupinefishes
Suggested Further Reading
Index Of Scientific Names
Index Of Common Names


An excellent and handy reference source and would be an asset to any diver's library.
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