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After All

von Hugh Hood
New. Sprache: Englisch.
After All! contains the last of Hugh Hood's short stories, seventeen in all, written between September 1991 and December 1994. They are presented in the order in which they were written, which was the order in which he wanted them to appear.Like his … weiterlesen

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After All als Taschenbuch


Titel: After All
Autor/en: Hugh Hood

ISBN: 0889842582
EAN: 9780889842588
Sprache: Englisch.

März 2003 - kartoniert - 155 Seiten


After All! contains the last of Hugh Hood's short stories, seventeen in all, written between September 1991 and December 1994. They are presented in the order in which they were written, which was the order in which he wanted them to appear.Like his earlier collections (from Flying a Red Kite, 1987, onwards), these stories encompass a remarkable variety of tones. They include humorous stories of everyday life, fantasies, problem stories, satires on the excesses of modern civilization, documentary sketches, stories that amuse, stories that entertain, stories that set one thinking, stories that disturb. All are written with the stylistic elegance, and filled with the inquiring intelligence, that we have come to expect from Hood. Though written in the last decade of his life, they show him at the top of his form. Here we experience the flowering of one of the most skillful and probing Canadian practitioners of the short story as a subtle and concentrated literary form.


Hugh Hood was born in Toronto in 1928 and studied at the University of Toronto, where he completed his Ph.D. in 1955. He worked as a university teacher for over forty years -- over thirty of those years spent at the Universite de Montreal. He was married to painter and printmaker Noreen Mallory and had four children. He died in Montreal in August of 2000.Hood wrote 32 books, amongst them novels, collections of stories and essays, an art book, and a book of sports journalism. His most extended project, begun in 1975 and occupying him right up until the time of his death, was a twelve volume roman fleuve entitled The New Age / Le nouveau siecle. The last book in this series, Near Water, was published by Anansi in 2000.


'In this, his last book, Hood plays with words, revelling in the freedom of fantasy and mocking the norms of narrative. Readers will thoroughly enjoy this final collection.' -- Patricia Morley Canadian Book Review Annual 'After All! is a marvellous collection, busting out of its margins with authorial confidence and zany exuberance, showcasing an elegant stylist at the height of his storytelling prowess. It has been said that Hood populates his works with characters caught in situations that tantalize the senses, who insinuate themselves into their readers' hearts and minds. It is, however, the indelible sheen of life, the sweet commingling that a good Hood invariably leaves in your soul, that ensure his body of brilliant work -- from the unforgettable story collections to the absorbing sports writing to the masterful dozen-volume series of interconnected novels, The New Age/Le nouveau siecle -- will live on. I loved the guy shamelessly. I am made peaceful by the knowledge of our friendship, by all he taught me, some of it to do with writing, all of it to do with living better gracefully, utterly human, divinely blessed.' -- Judith Fitzgerald Globe & Mail '[L]iterary critics -- both those in academic institutions and those in the public press -- must wake up to the fact that in Hugh Hood Canadian literature now possesses a major figure who needs to be read and appreciated both at home and abroad.' -- W. J. Keith The Antigonish Review 'Hugh Hood died in 2000. This volume collects the last of his stories, in sequence. On first read they seem almost simple, thanks to Hood's elegant style. But the intelligence so obvious behind the stories won't let them be absorbed or forgotten quickly. ... In all his stories, whether fanciful or straightforward, there is a master's touch.' Montreal Review of Books
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