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Words, Words, Words! als Taschenbuch

Words, Words, Words!

Ready-To-Use Games and Activities for Vocabulary Building, Grades 7-12. 12:B&W 8. 5 x 11 in or 280 x 216 mm…
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"Words, Words, Words offers teachers a handy and much-needed resource filled with creative and engaging games and activities that will help students in grades 7-12 improve their vocabulary. The book features proven, practical, and accessible methods … weiterlesen


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Words, Words, Words! als Taschenbuch


Titel: Words, Words, Words!
Autor/en: Jack Umstatter

ISBN: 0787971162
EAN: 9780787971168
Ready-To-Use Games and Activities for Vocabulary Building, Grades 7-12.
12:B&W 8. 5 x 11 in or 280 x 216 mm Perfect Bound on White w/Gloss Lam.
Sprache: Englisch.
John Wiley & Sons

14. Juni 2004 - kartoniert - 338 Seiten


"Words, Words, Words offers teachers a handy and much-needed resource filled with creative and engaging games and activities that will help students in grades 7-12 improve their vocabulary. The book features proven, practical, and accessible methods to encourage your students to increase their vocabularies and have fun while they are doing it. "Words, Words, Words is divided into thirty thematic units each containing fifteen interrelated words. Each unit contains four different ready-to-use activities for each group of words. The book is designed to help students understand each words meaning, associations, similarities, and differences and includes dynamic classroom-tested activities such as Crossword puzzles Matching columns Magic squares Jumbles Word finds Close reading Multiple choice questions Concealed quotations Riddles


About the Author.About This Resource.Unit 1: Places.Word List.1-1. A Large City, a Dock, and More.1-2. The Letters C and R Stand for Themselves.1-3. Find the Three Words.1-4. A Colorful Matching Column.Unit 2: Beg, Borrow, and Steal.Word List.2-1. Start with a Capital.2-2. Patriotism Is In!2-3. Sliding Along.2-4. No Need to Beg, Borrow, or Steal.Unit 3: What's That You Say?Word List.3-1. Relating Them.3-2. Ego Man.3-3. Who Is Theodore Geisel?3-4. Three-Letter Adjectives.3-5. Units 1-3 Crossword Puzzle Review.Review Test Units 1-3.Unit 4: Clean Your Room!Word List.4-1. Find the Proverb.4-2. There Once Was a Man ...4-3. Look for Those Second Letters.4-4. Two Words and Two Girls.Unit 5: How We Act.Word List.5-1. Clumps of Letters.5-2. Why Start with Something Crude?5-3. What Is an Amazon?5-4. Music to Your Ears.Unit 6: Words from Mythology.Word List.6-1. A Monstrous Affair to Say the Least.6-2. Headlines!6-3. Five Will Get You Forty.6-4. Start with Zeus.Review Test Units 4-6.Unit 7: The Big and Small of It All.Word List.7-1. Fifteen and Five.7-2. Floating Like a Butterfly.7-3. Spinning Around.7-4. Change a Letter (or Two).Unit 8: Tell It Like It Is.Word List.8-1. It's What They Said.8-2. You Only Hear Its First Letter.8-3. O! Those Prefixes Ending with O!8-4. Under the Sea.Unit 9: The Sciences (Naturally!).Word List.9-1. Searching for Those Science Words.9-2. Let's Start with "No" for Some of These.9-3. Finding the Three-Letter Words.9-4. Figuring Out the Science Words.Review Test Units 7-9.Unit 10: Mathematically Inclined.Word List.10-1. Just Do the Math.10-2. Overheard in Math Class.10-3. What Is It Called?10-4. Famous Names in Mathematics.Unit 11: How We Move.Word List.11-1. Just Move It!11-2. How Would You Move If ...?11-3. Newspaper Captions.11-4. Don't Be Staggering Through This Puzzle!Unit 12: Write On!Word List.12-1. I'd Like to Read.12-2. Legends Amongst Us.12-3. Literary Crossword.12-4. Really Researching.Review Test Units 10-12.Unit 13: Popular SAT Words.Word List.13-1. Let's Go Fishing.13-2. The Fourth-of-July Special.13-3. To the Nth Degree.13-4. By a Nose.Unit 14: What We'd Like Said About Us.Word List.14-1. End with James Bond.14-2. Don't Tell This to Babe Ruth or Michael Jordan!14-3. Illustrative Examples.14-4. And Now for the One Noun Form.Unit 15: To a Degree.Word List.15-1. Placing Them In.15-2. Where Did the Word Number Go?15-3. Triple the Number.15-4. Hey! Some Letters Are Missing!Review Test Units 13-15.Unit 16: All Types of People.Word List.16-1. Who Said It?16-2. All Sorts of People.16-3. Politically Speaking.16-4. Have You Seen the ...?Unit 17: An Interesting Combination of Words.Word List.17-1. Coming or Going There Late.17-2. People Will Not Be Mad at Us This Time.17-3. Who Said What?17-4. All Fifteen.Unit 18 All in the Family.Word List.18-1. It's a Family Affair.18-2. Double-Letter Words.18-3. No Feuding Within the Family Here.18-4. Headlines.Review Test Units 16-18.Unit 19: Skilled-Or Not So Skilled.Word List.19-1. Be an Exemplary Student.19-2. Positive and Negative Words.19-3. Which Does Not Belong-And Why?19-4. Inventors and Inventions.Unit 20: Here, There, and Everywhere.Word List.20-1. Your Mother Is What Kind of an Engineer?20-2. Adverbs Galore!20-3. Making Your Way Around Analogies.20-4. How Simple!Unit 21: Smart-Or Not So Smart.Word List.21-1. Do You Have the Smarts?21-2. Do You Have the Skill?21-3. Expanding Your Vocabulary.21-4. World Capitals.Review Test Units 19-21.Unit 22: A Bit Different.Word List.22-1. A Traitor, a Criminal, and the Rest.22-2. Finding the Countries.22-3. People and What They Said.22-4. Where Did the Word Maestro Come From?Unit 23: How (or Not How) to Say It.Word List.23-1. It's Not That Greek to You!23-2. U-R That Clever!23-3. This Is So Easy!23-4. A Very Silly Poem.Unit 24: Gone!Word List.24-1. Two at a Time.24-2. Water, Water Everywhere.24-3. "-Ury" Is In.24-4. Count on It to Be One of the First.Review Test Units 22-24.Unit 25: Age.Word List.25-1. The Last Letters.25-2. Starting Fresh.25-3. One Hundred Years and Counting.25-4. Ponce de Leon's Search.Unit 26: Who Wants to Be Called That?Word List.26-1. All Types of Behaviors and Moods.26-2. Identifying the Person.26-3. Obstinate Is the Way to Go Here.26-4. Care to Do This Over Breakfast?Unit 27: How Much-Or How Little.Word List.27-1. We Want No Dearth of Correct Answers Here!27-2. What Have You Wrought?27-3. Large or Small or Just Enough?27-4. Sounds Like ...Review Test Units 25-27.Unit 28: Social Studies Class.Word List.28-1. Take One, Then Two, and Then #15 Does It Alone.28-2. Let's Call It a Tie-At Least in Points.28-3. Words Within Words.28-4. Do You Know Your U.S. Presidents?Unit 29: Science Class.Word List.29-1. Making Sense Out of Science.29-2. Science Words.29-3. The Dictionary to the Rescue?29-4. The Parade of Scientists.Unit 30: All About the Senses.Word List.30-1. A Crossword for the Senses.30-2. The Final Letters.30-3. Just Add Some Sweeteners.30-4. Sensing Your Capability.Review Test Units 28-30.List of Words by Unit.Words Included in This Book.Answer Key.


Jack Umstatter, a master English teacher with more than 30 years' experience, is a multiple winner of the Teacher of the Year award. He currently teaches English and co-chairs the English department in the Cold Spring Harbor District in Long Island, New York. He is the author of numerous books including Hooked on English!, English Brainstormers!, Brain Games, and Grammar Grabbers from Jossey-Bass.
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