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Hitler and His Secret Partners als Taschenbuch

Hitler and His Secret Partners

Sprache: Englisch.
A vivid, page-turning account, HITLER AND HIS SECRET PARTNERS may also be one of our era's most important works of history. Pool discloses the shocking and often bizarre financial strategies and relationships that enabled Hitler to consolidate his po … weiterlesen


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Hitler and His Secret Partners als Taschenbuch


Titel: Hitler and His Secret Partners
Autor/en: James Pool

ISBN: 0671760823
EAN: 9780671760823
Sprache: Englisch.

Dezember 1998 - kartoniert - 432 Seiten


James Pool's powerful expose, Who Financed Hitler: The Secret Funding of Hitler's Rise to Power, 1919-1933, was praised by The New Yorker as "one of the most useful and illuminating studies of Nazism" ever published. Now, James Pool discloses the shocking and often bizarre financial strategies and relationships that enabled Hitler to consolidate his power and perpetuate his reign of terror. Hitler and His Secret Partners at last tells the full, fascinating story of an amassed legacy that continues to make headlines with the recent emergence of Nazi accounts in Swiss banks. Included are these startling revelations: Top German industrialists and financiers funded Hitler's regime -- and were rewarded with multibillion-dollar returns on their investments. Hitler's foreign supporters included King Edward VIII; his companion, Wallis Simpson, who may have been a Nazi collaborator; and Joseph Kennedy, who gave tacit approval to Hitler's "Jewish policy." Many of Germany's largest companies profited from the Holocaust. There is evidence that the concentration camps themselves were designed as sources of slave labor for German industry. Adolf Hitler's private life was one of extravagance -- in which no expense was spared in the indulgence of his every whim, from the architectural to the sexual. A thoroughly documented account of a controversial subject, Hitler and His Secret Partners is the definitive study of the calculation, exploitation and greed at the heart of the Third Reich.


CHAPTER 1 Financing the 1933 ElectionsCHAPTER 2 Steps Toward DictatorshipCHAPTER 3 Hitler Was Given His OrdersCHAPTER 4 Did the King of England Help Hitler Rearm?CHAPTER 5 Who Got the Confiscated Jewish Property?CHAPTER 6 Hitler's Extravagance and CorruptionCHAPTER 7 Easy Prey -- Big Profits
CHAPTER 8 Victory and Looting in Poland and the WestCHAPTER 9 Foreign Friends: Kennedy, Lindbergh, and the WindsorsCHAPTER 10 Wealth to Be Won in RussiaCHAPTER 11 Motives for GenocideCHAPTER 12 "Generals Know Nothing About Economics"CHAPTER 13 Who Profited from the Holocaust?CHAPTER 14 The "Good Germans" and Hitler's Drug AbuseCHAPTER 15 Hitler's Partners Turn Against Him


Orlando Sentinel Pool re-examine[s] the entire operation of the Third Reich -- including the Holocaust -- in economic terms....A persuasive argument that money, and not necessarily fanaticism and anti-Semitism, was at the heart of German ideology....
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