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Ethics of Spying

A Reader for the Intelligence Professional. 23:B&W 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm Perfect Bound on White w/Gloss Lam.…
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This is the first book to offer the best essays, articles, and speeches on ethics and intelligence that demonstrate the complex moral dilemmas in intelligence collection, analysis, and operations. Some are recently declassified and never before publi … weiterlesen
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Titel: Ethics of Spying
Autor/en: Jan Goldman

ISBN: 0810856409
EAN: 9780810856400
A Reader for the Intelligence Professional.
23:B&W 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm Perfect Bound on White w/Gloss Lam.
Sprache: Englisch.
Scarecrow Press

28. Januar 2006 - kartoniert - 430 Seiten


This is the first book to offer the best essays, articles, and speeches on ethics and intelligence that demonstrate the complex moral dilemmas in intelligence collection, analysis, and operations. Some are recently declassified and never before published,


Part 1 Foreword Part 2 Preface Part 3 Acknowledgments Part 4 Part 1: Ethics and the Intelligence Community Chapter 5 1. Ethics and Intelligence Chapter 6 2. Intelligence Ethics Chapter 7 3. Ethics and Morality in U.S. Secret Intelligence Chapter 8 4. The Need for Improvement: Integrity, Ethics, and the CIA Chapter 9 5. Bungee Jumping off the Moral Highground: Ethics of Espionage in the Modern Age Part 10 Part 2: Ethics and Intelligence Collection and Analysis Chapter 11 6. Moral Damage and the Justification of Intelligence Collection from Human Sources Chapter 12 7. Intelligence Collection and Analysis: Dilemmas and Decisions Chapter 13 8. An Ethical Defense of Torture in Interrogation Chapter 14 9. Interrogation Ethics in the Context of Intelligence Collection Chapter 15 10. Guarding against Politicization: A Message to Analysts Chapter 16 11. Memorandum: One Person Can Make a Difference Chapter 17 12. The Ethics of War, Spying, and Compulsory Training Part 18 Part 3: Ethics and Covert Action Chapter 19 13. Legitimacy of Covert Action: Sorting out the Moral Responsibilities Chapter 20 14. Covert Intervention as a Moral Problem Chapter 21 15. "Repugnant Philosophy": Ethics, Espionage, and Covert Action Chapter 22 16. Managing Covert Political Action: Guideposts from Just War Theory Chapter 23 17. Ethics of Covert Operations Chapter 24 18. Military and Civilian Perspectives on the Ethics of Intelligence: Report on a Workshop at the Department of Philosophy Part 25 Part 4: Related Professions Chapter 26 19. Sociology: Ethics of Covert Methods Chapter 27 20. Comment on "The Ethics of Covert Methods" Chapter 28 21. Science: Anthropologists as Spies Chapter 29 22. Business: Ethical Issues in Competitive Intelligence Practice Chapter 30 23. Business: The Challenge of Completely Ethical Competitive Intelligence and the "CHIP" Model Part 31 Appendix A: Principles, Creeds, Codes, and Values Part 32 Appendix B: Case Studies Part 33 About the Contributors


Jan Goldman teaches ethics and intelligence at the Joint Military Intelligence College in Washington, D.C., and is a lecturer at other government agencies and schools. He is the author and editor of numerous publications, including the recently declassified Anticipating Surprise: Analysis for Strategic Warning, and a field manual on counter-insurgency operations.


...a definitive reference work on competitive intelligence ethics. Jan Goldman's selection and arrangement of content presented in this book is well thought out and certainly conveys the message that ethics in intelligence gathering is not an old joke or an oxymoron. Intelligence Insights ...deftly edited by Jan Goldman...an incredibly elaborate and intriguing read. Ethics of Spying is very strongly recommended to all policy makers, managers, supervisors, and employees involved in intelligence operations as well as the non-specialists general reader with an interest in espionage and spy history, ethics and tactics. Wisconsin Bookwatch Ethics of Intelligence is a compilation of 23 essays by numerous authors...Some are profound and provoke thought...The lead essay, 'Ethics and Intelligence,' by J.E. Drexel Godfrey is excellent. International Journal Of Intelligence and Counterintelligence, Vol. 20, No. 1 The complex moral dilemmas one faces in intelligence collection, analysis, and particularly in operations, are examined in recently declassified and never before published works by authors whose backgrounds are as varied as their insights... Intelligencer ...this book serves as a central reference for intelligence professionals looking for guidance...those who read this book cannot help but benefit from it by becoming more morally aware of the issues that confront our intelligence professionals daily. Defense Intelligence Journal, vol 15, no 1 (2006) The Ethics of Spying asks whether the intelligence profession can be ethical and effective at the same time. The potential conflicts between truth, cover, and deception are considered in the contributions from 25 authors, many with experience in the profession. Studies In Intelligence With the multiple scandals surrounding the torture of detainees at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere, the so-called "extraordinary rendition" program, and National Security Agency warrantless surveillance in the news, the ethics (or lack thereof) of intelligence is probably under more public scrutiny than at any time since the Church Committee hearings of the 1970s. The 23 papers presented in this collection are considered by editor Goldman (ethics and intelligence, Joint Military Intelligence College) to form the beginnings of an effort to develop a standardized code of ethics for intelligence professionals so that "ethics and intelligence" will be taken seriously rather than relegated to jokes about oxymorons. A number of opening essays consider the broad issues of ethics and espionage. Remaining essays include an "ethical defense of torture in interrogation;" consideration of the politicization of intelligence; discussions of the ethics of covert actions; and explorations of the role of sociologists, anthropologists, and businessmen in intelligence activities. Reference and Research Book News Overall, Ethics of Spying is a significant contribution to the literature of intelligence...For intelligence practitioners who have from time-to-time wrestled with their inability to reconcile what they learned in their academic training with the expectations place on them by their industry (and those that will...), this is the book that will inspire. It is a "must read" for every military, law enforcement and private sector intelligence professional. Australian Defence Force Journal
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