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A History of Heaven: The Singing Silence als Taschenbuch

A History of Heaven: The Singing Silence

Revised. Sprache: Englisch.
Bold in its historical sweep and assured in its scholarly depth, "A History of Heaven" is vintage Russell--a wonderfully imaginative evocation of the celestial theme and a fitting complement to his four fine volumes on the history of the Devil.


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A History of Heaven: The Singing Silence als Taschenbuch


Titel: A History of Heaven: The Singing Silence
Autor/en: Jeffrey Burton Russell

ISBN: 0691006849
EAN: 9780691006840
Sprache: Englisch.

Januar 1999 - kartoniert - 256 Seiten


Bold in its historical sweep and assured in its scholarly depth, "A History of Heaven" is vintage Russell--a wonderfully imaginative evocation of the celestial theme and a fitting complement to his four fine volumes on the history of the Devil.


List of Illustrations Preface Ch. 1. Understanding Heaven Ch. 2. Elysium, Jerusalem, and Paradise Ch. 3. The Heaven of the Early Christians Ch. 4. Returning to God Ch. 5. Heaven, East and West Ch. 6. Visions of Heaven Ch. 7. Journeys to Heaven Ch. 8. Wooing the Bridegroom Ch. 9. The Desire of the Intellect Ch. 10. The Fire of Love Ch. 11. Approaching Paradise Ch. 12. The Heavenly Paradise Ch. 13. Hearing the Silence Bibliography Index


Winner of the 1998 Book Award, Christianity Today One of Choice's Outstanding Academic Titles for 1997 "An honest, erudite and personal paean to heaven."--Publishers Weekly "At minimum, it is the most rigorous modern study of the various strains of Western tradition that culminate in [Dante's] Paradiso. But its introductory chapter goes beyond that to sketch out an apologia for passionate heavenly belief. In effect, Russell tries to re-establish the honor of the Christian mystical tradition... Like Dante's, Russell's paradise is deeply God-oriented..."--David Van Biema, Time "Russell offers ever deepening insights into the human notion of heaven... His work holds plenty of historical information on heaven drawn from early and medieval Christianity, yet its style is clear and readable."--Library Journal "[T]he book will be a contribution of lasting literary and spiritual significance as well as a contribution to historical scholarship."--Booklist "Thoughtful and elegant... A rare combination of scholarship, poetic sensitivity, and insight."--Kirkus Review "As a survey or overview of Christian (and some Jewish) religious thought about Heaven as the destiny of human life over these 1500 years this is an excellent if necessarily compact history... Clearly Russell knows his subject intimately and his personal devotion to it comes across warmly on every page."--Hugh Dickinson, The Financial Times "[Russell's goal] is to explore the history of 'concepts' of heaven, which he does with encyclopedic knowledge and a lovely gift for language."--Monica Furlong, The Times Literary Supplement "No brief review can begin to do justice to the rich complexity and subtlety of Russell's thought... [T]he book testifies to his exceptional learning and intellectual sophistication, [and] it is written with the utmost consideration for the readers who are not scholars... Russell offers us Christian scholarship at its best, for, without ever falling into condescension, he clearly explains even the most difficult and unfamiliar terms and concepts, and he invites even the uninitiated reader to share his evident delight in exploring the many facets of this pre-eminently important concept."--Christianity Today "A detailed, scholarly work which is alive with passion and poetry. This is a book about joy... Russell clearly believes in heaven and is unashamed if saying so."--Sara Maitland, Commonweal "This book exemplifies the new genre of devotional scholarship...[A]n approach [Russell] hopes will come as a relief to ordinary readers... What he gives us is a mostly chronological survey of ideas about heaven, beginning with Judaism and coming up to Dante, using that theme as the basis for reflections appealing to a contemporary devotional imagination."--Alfred Corn, New York Times Book Review "Russell... offers a fascinating historical analysis of the concept of heaven... [He] provides an insightful and creative study of the visionary, symbolic, poetic, and paradoxical modes of expression... The scope, suggestiveness, and research base of this work make it a significant, even a landmark, study of heaven."--Choice "Extraordinary... Christian scholarship at its best... The entire book pulsates with Russell's own commitment to heaven's ineffable beauty and splendor."--Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, Christianity Today "Russell's greatest contribution to the way we see heaven [is] his readiness to slough off the fiction of objectivity and dive straight into pure inspiration."--Greg Burk, L.A. Weekly Literary Supplement
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