Aviation Internet Directory: A Guide to 500 Best Aviation Web Sites als Taschenbuch

Aviation Internet Directory: A Guide to 500 Best Aviation Web Sites

Sprache: Englisch.
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Fly Straight to Aviation's Best Web Sites!
Pilot John Merry, aut … weiterlesen

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Aviation Internet Directory: A Guide to 500 Best Aviation Web Sites als Taschenbuch


Titel: Aviation Internet Directory: A Guide to 500 Best Aviation Web Sites
Autor/en: John Allen Merry

ISBN: 0071372164
EAN: 9780071372169
Sprache: Englisch.

1. August 2001 - kartoniert - 528 Seiten


Publisher's Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product

Fly Straight to Aviation's Best Web Sites!
Pilot John Merry, author of the highly acclaimed 200 Best Aviation Web Sites and 300 Best Aviation Web Sites is back with Aviation Internet Directory: A Guide to 500 Best Aviation Web Sites! And he's done his homework.
John's thousands of hours researching aviation Web sites-- so you don't have to--takes you straight to the best. This directory steers you through the jungle of online aviation information to the quality sites that everyone in aviation will find useful and fascinating.
You don't have to be a master Web-surfer to use this book: simple, clear instructions for online beginners are provided. You'll find exact addresses for the most useful and interesting aviation sites, helpful descriptions and quality ratings plus e-mail contacts. The listings are organized in nine helpful categories, including:

* Aviation Organizations
* Weather Sites
* Pilot Resources
* Sales and Employment
* Magazines and News
* Weather Sites
Find those "hidden" gems, not easily found in search listings. Skip ultra-slow sites or those with unexpected fees and membership requirements. Know before you log on whether a site is worth your time. Unlock the wealth of great online aviation information with the Aviation Internet Directory and fly direct to the most desirable destinations in cyberspace.


<H3> Introduction<H3> Review Rating Criteria<H3> Online Updates<H3> The Basics of Browsing<H2> Airlines<H3> Airliners.de<H3> AirlineQuality<H3> Cruisinaltitude.com<H3> FrequentFlier.com<H3> World-Airliners.com<H3> AirportHub.com<H3> Airliners.Net<H3> Swissair<H3> Frontier Airlines<H3> Hawaiian Airlines<H3> Midwest Express Airlines<H3> Air France<H3> Continental Airlines On-Line<H3> SkyWest<H3> Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air<H3> Northwest Airlines Worldweb (NWA)<H3> Trans World Airlines (TWA)<H3> Air Canada<H3> America West Airlines<H3> Virgin Atlantic<H3> American Airlines<H3> Southwest Airlines<H3> United Airlines<H3> British Airways (BA)<H3> Delta Air Lines SkyLinks<H3> US Airways<H3> Airlines of the Web (AOW)<H3> Cathay Pacific<H3> Bookmarkable Listings:<H4> Airways Magazine<H4> Airline Information On-Line<H4> Quantas Airways<H4> KLM Royal Dutch Airlines<H4> Midway Airlines<H4> Japan Airlines<H4> Singapore Airlines<H4> AirTran Airlines<H4> American Trans Air<H4> Pan Am World Airways<H4> Airjet Airline World News<H4> AirlineRumor.com<H4> ATI- Air Transport Intelligence<H4> Aloha Airlines<H2> Aviation Directories<H3> Pilot Shack<H3> Flightcraft<H3> PilotPointer.com<H3> Aviation Directory<H3> I Love to Fly<H3> Highabove.com<H3> Ultimate Aviation Links<H3> JetLinks.net<H3> AviationPage.net<H3> Aeroseek<H3> FlightSearch<H3> FlyByWeb<H3> Rising Up Aviation Resources<H3> 4Aircraft.com<H3> Aerospace Mall<H3> Smilin' Jack<H3> Captain Bob's Pro Pilot Page<H3> DeltaWeb Airshow Guide<H3> International Aviation Directory<H3> AirNemo<H3> Space.com<H3> Russian Aviation Page<H3> AERO.COM - Future of Aviation<H3> The Air Affair<H3> Landings<H3> AirNav<H3> Cyberflight<H3> AeroLink<H3> AeroWeb: Aviation Enthusiast Corner<H3> Women in Aviation Resource Center<H3> GlobalAir.com<H3> Bookmarkable Listings:<H4> Alex's Helicopter Home Page<H4> Air Cargo Online<H4> Calin's Aviation Index<H4> Airshow.com<H4> Airship and Blimp Resources<H4> Wings of History<H4> Aviation Business Center<H4> NOTAM<H4> The Aviation Home Page<H4> HeliCentral<H4> Globemaster US Military Aviation<H4> Airportclassified.com<H2> Aviation Organizations and Associations<H3> Airline History Museum at Kansas City<H3> U.S. Navy Blue Angels Alumni Association<H3> Wings of Freedom - The Royal Canadian Airforce<H3> Aviation Link Exchange<H3> Canada's Air Force<H3> International Air Transport Association (IATA)<H3> International Council of Air Shows (ICAS)<H3> National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI)<H3> WASP-WWI<H3> National Warplane Museum<H3> Aviation History On-Line Museum<H3> Helicopter History Site<H3> TheHistoryNet Archives - Aviation and Technology<H3> US Air Force Museum<H3> National Air & Space Museum (NASM)<H3> San Diego Aerospace Museum<H3> Amelia Earhart<H3> TIGHAR<H3> Dryden Research Aircraft Photo Gallery<H3> The Ninety-Nines - International Organization of Women Pilots<H3> Women in Aviation International (WAI)<H3> National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)<H3> National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)<H3> Air Force Link<H3> Cessna Pilots Association (CPA)<H3> Helicopter Association International (HAI)<H3> AirLifeLine<H3> EAA AirVenture<H3> American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)<H3> Blue Angels<H3> USAF Thunderbirds<H3> National Business Aviation Association (NBAA)<H3> National Aeronautic Association (NAA)<H3> Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA)<H3> Soaring Society of America (SSA)<H3> Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)<H3> Office of Airline Information<H3> Air Transport Association (ATA)<H3> Angel Flight<H3> The Mechanic Home Page<H3> Seaplane Pilots Association<H3> MicroWINGS<H3> Bookmarkable Listings:<H4> World League of Air Traffic Controllers<H4> Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew Network<H4> Lindbergh Foundation<H4> United States Parachute Association (USPA)<H4> American Bonanza Society<H4> Air Force Association (AFA)<H4> Civil Air Patrol<H4> 390th Memorial Museum Online<H4> Rhineback Aerodrome Museum<H4> The Spruce Goose<H4> American Airpower Heritage Museum<H4> Aviation Institute<H4> Center for Advanced Aviation System Development<H4> National Air Traffic Controllers Association<H4> Aviation Safety Connection<H4> The Flying Doctors<H4> North West Aerospace Alliance<H4> Lima Lilma Flight Team<H4> Vietnam Helicopter Crew Member Association<H4> National Air Disaster Alliance/Foundation<H4> League of World War I Aviation Historians<H4> General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA)<H4> Regional Airline Association (RAA)<H4> Air Transport Action Group (ATAG)<H4> American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE)<H4> Professional Aviation Maintenance Association (PAMA)<H4> Mercy Medical Airlift<H4> Angel Flight America<H2> Weather<H3> Weather to Fly<H3> PilotWeather.com<H3> Live Weather Images<H3> Excite Weather<H3> Weather.org<H3> FlightBrief<H3> Aviation Weather<H3> Pilot Weather Briefing<H3> WeatherTAP<H3> EarthWatch-Weather on Demand<H3> World Meteorology Organization (WMO)<H3> The Weather Underground<H3> USA Today - Aviation Weather<H3> National Weather Service<H3> Aviation Weather Center<H3> The Online Meteorology Guide<H3> CNN Weathernet<H3> Weather Concepts<H3> AccuWeather<H3> Aviation Model Forecasts<H3> The Weather Channel<H3> WeatherNet<H3> Intellicast<H3> Bookmarkable Listings<H4> Real-Time Weather Data<H4> Charles Boley's Weather<H4> Atmosphere Calculator<H4> National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)<H4> Sunrise/Sunset<H2> Pilot Resources<H3> Crew Email<H3> Aerospace Online<H3> Aircrewlayover.com<H3> Aircraftfuel.com<H3> Air Partner<H3> FltPlan.com<H3> Fboweb.com<H3> Pilot's Web<H3> AirCharterSolutions<H3> Floridapilot.com<H3> HangarConditions.com<H3> CharterHub.com<H3> CrewStart<H3> Flightneeds.com<H3> Pilot Medical Solutions<H3> FlightTime.com<H3> Virtual Flight Surgeons (VFS)<H3> Crewmembers International<H3> Aviation Law Corporation<H3> RentalPlanes.com<H3> Crashpads.com<H3> Air Routing International<H3> Air-News<H3> QuickAID<H3> Travelocity<H3> The Professional Pilot's Wait Time Web Site<H3> Fillup Flyer Fuel Finder<H3> Aviation Information Resource Database<H3> Equipped to Survive<H3> TheTrip.com<H3> Air Safety Home Page<H3> Air Safety Investigation Resource (ASI)<H3> EarthCam<H3> High Mountain Flying in Ski Country U.S.A.<H3> The Hundred Dollar Hamburger<H3> Duat.com<H3> Flight Data<H3> TheAviationHub<H3> Bookmarkable Listings:<H4> Airwise Hubpage<H4> The Homebuilt Homepage<H4> FlightTime.com<H4> Flight Watch<H4> The Air Charter Guide<H4> Introduction to GPS Applications<H4> F.E. Potts' Guide to Bush Flying<H4> See How It Flies<H4> Learning to Soar<H4> LegFind.com<H4> AeroPlanner.com<H4> LiveAirportInfo.com<H2> Flight Training and Flight Schools<H3> Advanced Topics in Aerodynamics<H3> Nupilot.com<H3> Start Flying Cessna<H3> Free FAA Test Prep<H3> MyWrittenExam.com<H3> FlightSafetyBoeing<H3> Pam Am International Flight Academy (PAIFA)<H3> Student Pilot Network<H3> StudentPilot.com<H3> Spartan School of Aeronautics<H3> Sierra Academy of Aeronautics<H3> College of Aeronautics<H3> Mountain Flying<H3> UND Aerospace - University of North Dakota<H3> American Flyers<H3> The Academy<H3> FlightSafety International<H3> Aviation Communication<H3> Be A Pilot<H3> Applied Aerodynamics: A Digital Textbook<H3> SimuFlite Training International<H3> Neil Krey's Flight Deck<H3> FirstFlight<H3> Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University<H3> Bookmarkable Listings:<H4> GG-Pilot<H4> Aerofiles<H4> Aeroflight<H4> Aviation Aspirations<H4> AOPA Flight Training Magazine<H4> Flying-Explained.co.uk<H4> Wright Flyers Aviation<H4> Joint Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training<H4> American Academy of Aeronautics<H4> Western Michigan University College of Aviation<H4> Gleim Aviation Exam Preparation Materials<H4> King Schools<H2> Aviation Online Magazines and News<H3> Flight International Magazine<H3> PoweredParaglider.com<H3> AviationZone.net<H3> Wings Over Kansas<H3> AvStop Magazine Online<H3> ATC Help<H3> Helispot<H3> PilotWeb<H3> Aerosphere<H3> The Aero-News Network<H3> Just Planes<H3> Mooney Owners of America (IMOA/DOA)<H3> Fly-Guide<H3> AviatorSelect.com<H3> Airlinepilots.com<H3> PlaneBusiness<H3> AeroSpaceNews' Leading Edge<H3> Aviation International News<H3> AviationNow<H3> The Southern Aviator<H3> AirDisaster.com<H3> Plane & Pilot Magazine<H3> Air Safety Online<H3> AirConnex<H3> CyberAir Airpark<H3> AeroWorldNet<H3> Planet Aviation<H3> FlightWeb<H3> Aviation Safety Network<H3> FlightLine OnLine<H3> AVWeb<H3> Aerospace Power Chronicles<H3> In Flight USA Online<H3> European Business Air News<H3> Journal of Air Transportation World Wide (JATWW)<H3> The Avion Online Newspaper<H3> Air & Space Smithsonian Magazine<H3> WebAviation<H3> Jane's Information Group<H3> Bookmarkable Listings:<H4> The Controller<H4> UK Airshows<H4> AeroCrafter<H4> United Space Alliance<H4> National Championship Air Races<H4> Ultralight News<H4> GPS World Online<H4> General Aviation News & Flyer<H4> Rotorcraft Page<H4> US Aviator<H4> SW Aviator Magazine<H4> PlaneCrashInfo.com<H4> The Aviator Web Site<H4> Armed Forces Journal International<H4> Business Air Today<H4> Flight Journal Magazine<H4> SPEEDNEWS<H2> Aviation Parts, Supplies, and Aircraft<H3> The Pilot Shop<H3> The Eastern Avionics Guide to Avionics<H3> All Aviation Gear<H3> Oshkosh Pilot Shop<H3> AviaBid.com<H3> HistoricAviation<H3> AvBook.com<H3> MyPilotStore.com<H3> Pilot Mall<H3> Pilotbookstore.com<H3> AvMart.com<H3> U.S. Air Salvage<H3> Ooigui.com Airplanes for Sale<H3> WingsPilotShop.com<H3> MyPlane.com<H3> Wencor West<H3> AvionicsZone.com<H3> FlightGear.com<H3> The DC-3 Hangar<H3> Aircraftrader.com<H3> AAR<H3> Trade-A-Plane<H3> Airbus Industrie<H3> The Airport Shoppe<H3> Pilotportal.com<H3> JETplane<H3> South Valley Aviation<H3> Helicopters Only<H3> Cessna<H3> The Mooney Mart<H3> List A Plane<H3> Aircraft Dealer Network<H3> Pilot Toys.com<H3> Aircraft.CustomAds.com<H3> AeroMall<H3> Aviationgifts.com<H3> AvShop.Net<H3> Spinner Pilot Shop<H3> Plane-World<H3> Aeroprice<H3> Bombardier Aerospace Group
<H3> Microsoft Flight Simulator<H3> Aircraft Shopper Online (ASO)<H3> Air Source One<H3> Jeppesen<H3> Wings Online<H3> Optima Publications<H3> AirShow - Aviation Trading Network<H3> Raytheon Aircraft<H3> Boeing<H3> The New Piper Company<H3> Lockheed Martin Corporation<H3> AircraftBuyer.com<H3> PlaneQuest<H3> The Flight Depot<H3> Bookmarkable Listings:<H4> Advanced Procurement & Logistics System<H4> Rockwell<H4> Avsupport Online<H4> U.S. Wings<H4> WSDN Parts Locator<H4> Internet Parts Locator Systems<H4> Beech Aviation, Inc.<H4> Nolly Productions, Inc.<H4> PartsBase<H4> Aerosearch<H4> The Aviation Online Network.<H4> Aviation Central<H4> Stick and Rudder Pilot Shop<H4> CloudTop Pilot Shop<H4> Planes4salesonline.com<H4> TheHangarFloor.com<H4> Avolo<H4> Vector Quest<H4> SellAircraft.com<H4> Aerotrading<H4> PilotSupplies Company<H4> Blue Sky Flying Club<H4> Avid Aviator Pilot Supplies<H4> Dassault Falcon Jet<H4> Gulfstream.com<H4> Embraer<H4> Internet's Best Aircraft Listing<H4> GARMIN International<H2> Aviation Entertainment<H3> Airplanecards.com<H3> 13th Bomb Squadron Association<H3> AviationEvents.com<H3> Stormbirds<H3> Friends of Army Aviation<H3> Cool Wings<H3> Flight Deck Simulations<H3> FlyingToys.com<H3> The Aviation Humour Collection<H3> PlaneTalk7.com<H3> FlightProgress.com<H3> Skytamer Images<H3> Avitop.com<H3> Air Warriors<H3> Fighter Planes<H3> The Flying Clippers<H3> Chuckyeager.com<H3> Skychick<H3> SR-71 Online<H3> Fly-ins.com<H3> AIRTOONS<H3> The Plane Spotting Network<H3> Flyforums.com<H3> The Able Dogs<H3> Plane Writing<H3> Patty Wagstaff Airshows<H3> Navy Flight Test<H3> B-17 Flying Fortress - A Virtual Tour<H3> Airshow Action Photo Gallery<H3> Airshowpics<H3> Paris Air Show<H3> Europa #272 ZK-TSK, a Builder's Log<H3> Dean Garner<H3> Aviation Animation<H3> Artie the Airplane<H3> SkyFlash<H3> Historic Wings<H3> FlightDeck<H3> The Flight<H3> Dave English's Great Aviation Quotes<H3> The Mile High Club<H3> Dave, Carey & Ed's Super Lancair ES Kitplane Progress Page<H3> Virtual Horizons<H3> Solo Stories<H3> Paper Airplanes<H3> "Dad" Rarey's Sketchbook- Journals of the 379th Fighter<H3> Bookmarkable Listings<H4> Aviation Adventure Stories<H4> World Airshow News<H4> Luc's Photo Hangar<H4> Air Pix Aviation Photos<H4> Miss America Air Racing<H4> Lost Birds<H4> Avi8.com<H4> Delta Flight<H4> FlightAttendants.org<H4> Airlinerphotos.com<H4> Rotors Helicopters - Hangar Page<H4> Millennium Flight<H4> Airshowreport.com<H2> Aviation Employment<H3> JSfirm<H3> AirlineCareer.com<H3> Climbto350.com<H3> PlaneJobs.com<H3> PilotsWanted.com<H3> The CoPilot.com<H3> JetCareers<H3> AvEmp.com<H3> Aviationjobsearch.com<H3> AviationCareer.net<H3> Direct Personnel<H3> Universal Pilot Application Service (UPAS)<H3> AvCrew.com<H3> Aviation Employment.com<H3> Air Base<H3> Fltops.com<H3> Aviation Employee Placement Service (AEPS)<H3> Air, Inc. - The Airline Pilot Career Specialists<H3> Aviation Jobs Online<H3> Find A Pilot<H3> Airline Employment Assistance Corps (AEAC)<H3> Aviation/Aerospace Jobs Page (NationJob Network)<H3> Bookmarkable Listings<H4> FAA Aviaiton Education - Resource Library<H4> Av Canada<H4> Corporate Pilot<H4> FlyJetsNow.como<H4> Airport Job Hub<H4> Airline People<H4> AviationJob.com<H4> JobsInAviation.com<H4> Job Air


McGraw-Hill authors represent the leading experts in their fields and are dedicated to improving the lives, careers, and interests of readers worldwide


By H. N. Boyer, Delaware County Community College The fourth edition of this directory adds 200 additional Web sites handpicked by pilots for pilots. Merry (private pilot and owner of a Web-design online marketing company) has compiled award-winning sites ranging from airlines and aviation organizations to weather information. Each site is reviewed according to five criteria; content, layout and design functionality, overall audience, and quality. One hundred fifty sites are bookmarkable for easy access. Included is an online update site that can be used to access the latest changes in each Web site. For aviation professionals and students alike, this directory provides a clear, concise guide to the most important and interesting Web sites available in English today. Highly recommended for community college and four-year college libraries supporting aviation studies.
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