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Bring Me Home! Saltwater Aquariums Make a Great Hobby

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This book gives families a great way to test the waters before taking the plunge and getting a saltwater aquarium. It covers everything from set-up and equipment (including a filtration system and lighting) to monitoring the water and temperature, fr … weiterlesen
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Titel: Bring Me Home! Saltwater Aquariums Make a Great Hobby
Autor/en: John H. Tullock

ISBN: 0764596594
EAN: 9780764596599
Sprache: Englisch.

Januar 2006 - kartoniert - 256 Seiten


THE BOOK TO BRING HOME BEFORE YOU BRING HOME A SALTWATER AQUARIUM! This book is a great way to test the waters before you take the plunge. Saltwater aquariums are intriguing, mesmerizing, and relaxing. However, they do require a commitment of time and money. Are you up for the challenge? With this practical, hands-on guide, you ll know what to expect. You ll have information on choosing the aquarium, equipment, and fish; proper setup and maintenance; and more. Information and interactive features include: WORKSHEETS that help you make informed decisions QUESTIONS to help you determine if your family is ready for a saltwater aquarium CHARTS showing the time and money required for setting up and maintaining a 30-gallon tank or larger unit CHECKLISTS covering how to properly locate the aquarium, supplies needed, and more AIDS for creating a timetable and a stocking plan MAINTENANCE CHARTS to keep you organized RESOURCES to keep in a notebook with your maintenance logs, fish purchasing records, and more Bring Me Home! Saltwater Aquariums Make a Great Hobby covers feeding fish and invertebrates, common mistakes and how to avoid them, creating a reef habitat, and more. It s a reference you ll rely on again and again if you decide to dive into this rewarding hobby.


Introduction. Chapter 1: Are You Ready to Get a Saltwater Aquarium? Lifestyle Impacts. Time Commitment. Financial Commitment. Learning Commitment. Is a Saltwater Aquarium Right for Your Family? Chapter 2: Designing Your Saltwater Aquarium. Planning Basics. Philosophy of the Natural Aquarium. Minireef or Fish-Only? What You'll Need. What You May Want. Where to Find Equipment and Supplies. How to Recognize Quality Saltwater Fish. Getting Ready. Chapter 3: Understanding How a Saltwater Aquarium Works. Physical and Chemical Cycles. Overview of the Coral Reef Environment. Let Nature Take Its Course. Chapter 4 Stocking Your Tank I: Fish. The Best Home Aquarium Fish. Getting to Know Fish. Who Lives with Whom? Saltwater Fish Families. Popular Species for Fish-Only Tanks. Reef-Compatible Fish Species. Some Fish to Avoid. Chapter 5: Stocking Your Tank II: Invertebrates. Invertebrate Groups. Invertebrate Roles in the Aquarium Community. Live Rock. Live Sand. Utilitarian Invertebrates. Photosynthetic Invertebrates. Clownfish Host Anemones. Nonphotosynthetic Invertebrates. Seaweeds. Some Invertebrates to Avoid. Chapter 6: Stocking Your Tank III: Putting It All Together. Developing a Stocking Plan. Some Examples to Get You Started. Create Your Own Stocking Plan. Chapter 7: Setting Up Your Tank. Setting Up a Quarantine Tank. Basic Setup for a Small Tank. Accommodating an Anemone. Setting Up a Larger System. Acclimating New Arrivals. Creating a Fish-Only Tank. Creating a Reef Habitat. Chapter 8: Keeping Your Aquarium Healthy. Avoiding Maintenance Headaches. Feeding Fish. Feeding Invertebrates. Water Changes. Mixing Synthetic Seawater. Water Tests. Equipment Maintenance. The "Hurricane Effect". Record Keeping. Family Aquarium Maintenance Routine. Chapter 9: Keeping Your Fish and Invertebrates Healthy. Why Problems Happen. When Should I Medicate the Fish? Invertebrate Parasites and Diseases. Special Considerations for Reef Tanks. Frequently Asked Questions. Chapter 10: Your Aquarium as Part of the Family. Daily Care. On Vacation. Relocating. Appendix A: Useful Resources. How to Use this Appendix. Equipment and Maintenance Record. Specimen Acquisition Record. Tank Sitter Journal. Fish Hospital Record. Saltwater Aquarium Log. Appendix B: Saltwater Fish and Invertebrates Sold for Home Aquariums. Appendix C: Glossary. Appendix D: Additional Saltwater Aquarium Resources. Periodicals. Organizations. Books. Coloring Page. Index.


John H. Tullock holds a master's degree in zoology. From 1987 to 1995, he operated a retail and mail-order aquarium business featuring saltwater fish, invertebrates and everything necessary to maintain them in the home. He is the founder of the American Marinelife Dealer Association and served on the steering committee that created the Marine Aquarium Council. He is the author of eight previous aquarium books, including Natural Reef Aquariums (TFH) and Your First Marine Aquarium (Barron's).

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