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The Romance of Libraries

New. Sprache: Englisch.
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In the halls of knowledge, amidst the towering stacks of books, more than just facts and fiction await. The Romance of Libraries is a collection of true accounts of emotional attachments formed in and with libraries and the library field. Madeleine J … weiterlesen
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Titel: The Romance of Libraries
Autor/en: Madeleine Lefebvre

ISBN: 0810853523
EAN: 9780810853522
Sprache: Englisch.

November 2005 - kartoniert - 224 Seiten


In the halls of knowledge, amidst the towering stacks of books, more than just facts and fiction await. The Romance of Libraries is a collection of true accounts of emotional attachments formed in and with libraries and the library field. Madeleine J. Lefebvre has gathered personal narratives from around the world from people who work in or use libraries. From the very young to those in their nineties, these people share their tales of love.


Part 1 Foreword Part 2 Acknowledgments Chapter 3 1. Dear Library... Chapter 4 2. The Library as Place-of Romance Chapter 5 3. Reading Room Romance Chapter 6 4. The Romance of Reference Chapter 7 5. Student Assistants and Romance Chapter 8 6. The Romance of Academic Libraries Chapter 9 7. The Romance of Public Libraries Chapter 10 8. Bookmobile Romance Chapter 11 9. The Romance of Special Libraries Chapter 12 10. Intralibrary Romance Chapter 13 11. The Romance of Library School Chapter 14 12. The Romance of Library Conferences Chapter 15 13. Romance with an International Twist Chapter 16 14. Multiple Copies Chapter 17 15. Library Cupids Chapter 18 16. If Food Be the Music of Romance Chapter 19 17. Miscellanea Chapter 20 18. P.S.: We Love You Part 21 Appendix


Madeleine Lefebvre is the University Librarian of Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She also currently serves as Chief Administrator of Freedom of Information/Protection of Privacy and is the recipient of the 2006 Atlantic Provinces Library Association Merit Award.


Shares stories collected from librarians and library users on how they found love at the library...The stories are a combination of happy, sad, and bittersweet, but together they clearly prove that the physical library plays an important role in the emotional lives of its staff and users. American Libraries This Valentine to our beloved institution is a compilation of stories about love in all its permutations, where either libraries or librarians are involved...Heartfelt throughout. Library Journal The Romance Of Libraries is a delightful anthology of true-life tales about emotional attachments and loving relationships formed within libraries and the library field...Offering a vital message that physical libraries are a crucial, community building block in a manner that virtual libraries cannot duplicate, The Romance Of Libraries is both lighthearted and an intensely satisfying collection of love stories. Wisconsin Bookwatch An entertaining and often inspiring look at couples who've met in libraries, stolen a kiss in libraries, married in libraries, broken up in libraries, and those who've passed along the love of libraries to their friends and their children. It's proof that in this day and age of virtual libraries and e-braries, there's nothing like the wonderful look, smell, feel, and touch of the library and its papery contents. Lisnews The stories are short and to the point, but after reading them one has the sense of the continued importance of libraries as place, as well as their many other purposes. This is a "feel good" book, with underlying lessons that should be well-learned by librarians across the board. I would recommend this title to all readers of true love stories and to all librarians, to remind us of the importance of our buildings, as well as the people, collections and services within them. Australian Library Journal Lefebvre (university librarian, Saint Mary's University, Halifax) offers here her collection of stories from a variety of people who understand the transformative and emotive power of libraries, from the study date in the mysterious and multilayered settings of the stacks and the catalogues, the attractions of academic libraries and reading rooms wherein people deeply committed to their subject find others of like minds, the work and love that become combined amongst student library assistants, the special tingle of the bookmobile, the curious dating service also known as intralibrary loan, and the opportunities for ecstasy found in conferences and library schools. Reference and Research Book News Fun and recommended. The Unabashed Librarian A labour of love...Very well-written...Recommended. Ex Libris Association Newsletter This book would make a nice gift for library lovers. Public Libraries
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