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Policy, Practice, and Politics in Teacher Education: Editorials from the Journal of Teacher Education als Taschenbuch

Policy, Practice, and Politics in Teacher Education: Editorials from the Journal of Teacher Education

Sprache: Englisch.
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`Marilyn Cochran-Smith's keen insights about the politics and substance of teacher education reform focus like a laser on the central issues of educational equity and quality in our time. Anyone who wants to understand what's happening to teaching in … weiterlesen
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Policy, Practice, and Politics in Teacher Education: Editorials from the Journal of Teacher Education als Taschenbuch


Titel: Policy, Practice, and Politics in Teacher Education: Editorials from the Journal of Teacher Education
Autor/en: Marilyn Cochran-Smith

ISBN: 1412928125
EAN: 9781412928120
Sprache: Englisch.

Januar 2006 - kartoniert - 250 Seiten


`Marilyn Cochran-Smith's keen insights about the politics and substance of teacher education reform focus like a laser on the central issues of educational equity and quality in our time. Anyone who wants to understand what's happening to teaching in this country, and what's at stake, should read this book.'
-Linda Darling-Hammond, Charles E. Ducommun Professor of Education
Stanford University
`Marilyn Cochran-Smith is one of the strongest voices in teacher education today. By weighing the evidence, challenging orthodoxy, and analyzing the policies, she has given teacher education a firm footing in the scholarly canon. Her leadership is vital to the field's viability.'
-Gloria Ladson-Billings, Kellner Family Chair in Urban Education
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Access the insight and wisdom of one of today's leading educational scholars in one concise volume!
When it comes to determining the best approach to teacher preparation, today's teachers, teacher educators, and school leaders face an overwhelmingly contentious environment. Through her influential essays in the Journal of Teacher Education, however, Marilyn Cochran-Smith has consistently provided educators with a distinguished voice of reason, advocacy, inspiration, and social justice. This powerful text organizes all of her editorials for the first time into one concise volume, making this an essential guide to teacher preparation at its best.


Foreword by John I. Goodlad
Preface and Acknowledgments
Prologue: Policy, Practice, and Politics: Taking Stock of the Field
1 Teacher Education at the Turn of the Century
2 Gambling on the Future
3 The Questions That Drive Reform
4 Learning to Teach Against the (New) Grain
5 Multicultural Education: Solution or Problem for American Schools?
6 Higher Standards for Prospective Teachers: What's Missing From the Discourse?
7 Reforming Teacher Education: Competing Agendas
8 Desperately Seeking Solutions
9 Teacher Education, Ideology, and Napoleon
10 What's Preparation Got to Do With It?
11 What a Difference a Definition Makes: Highly Qualified Teachers, Scientific Research, and Teacher Education
12 The Research Base for Teacher Education: Metaphors We Live (And Die?) By
13 Reporting on Teacher Quality: The Politics of Politics
14 The Unforgiving Complexity of Teaching: Avoiding Simplicity in the Age of Accountability
15 Teaching Quality Matters
16 Assessing Assessment in Teacher Education
17 Teacher Education's Bermuda Triangle: Dichotomy, Mythology, and Amnesia
18 Sometimes It's Not About The Money: Teaching and Heart
19 Taking Stock in 2004: Teacher Education in Dangerous Times
20 Ask a Different Question, Get a Different Answer: The Research Base for Teacher Education
21 The Report of the Teaching Commission: What's Really at Risk?
22 The Problem of Teacher Education
23 Stayers, Leavers, Lovers, and Dreamers: Insights About Teacher Retention
24 Taking Stock in 2005: Getting Beyond the Horse Race
25 No Child Left Behind: 3 Years and Counting
26 The Politics of Teacher Education and the Curse of Complexity
27 Studying Teacher Education: What We Know and Need to Know
28 Teacher Education and the Outcomes Trap
29 Taking Stock in 2006: Evidence, Evidence Everywhere
Epilogue: The Future of Teacher Education: Promises and Pitfalls
About the Author


Marilyn Cochran-Smith holds the John E. Cawthorne Endowed Chair in Teacher Education for Urban Schools at Boston College's Lynch School of Education, where she directs the Doctoral Program in Curriculum and Instruction. Dr. Cochran-Smith earned her Ph.D. in Language and Education from the University of Pennsylvania in 1982 where she was a tenured faculty member at the Graduate School of Education until going to Boston College in 1996. An active participant in the national and international teacher education communities, Dr. Cochran-Smith has long been a member of AACTE committees and groups. From 2000-2006, she was the editor of AACTE's journal, The Journal of Teacher Education, along with a team of nine Lynch School of Education associate editors. The journal, which is published five times a year, addresses issues of research, practice and policy in teacher education. From 1998-2006, Dr. Cochran-Smith was also a member of AACTE's Publications Committee. In 2004, Dr. Cochran-Smith won AACTE's highest honor, the "Pomeroy Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Teacher Education." In 1999, she was awarded AACTE's "Margaret Lindsay Award for Distinguished Research in Teaching and Teacher Education," and in 1995 her book, Inside/Outside: Teacher Research and Knowledge (co-authored with Susan Lytle), won AACTE's "Annual Award for Excellence in Professional Writing in Teaching and Teacher Education." Dr. Cochran-Smith was President of the American Educational Research Association for 2004-05, serving on the Executive Board and Council in 1998-2000 and again in 2003-2006. She is the Co-Chair of AERA's National Panel on Research and Teacher Education and Co-editor (with Ken Zeichner) of Studying Teacher Education: The Report of the AERA Panel on Research and Teacher Education (Erlbaum, 2005). Dr. Cochran-Smith was also a member of the National Academy of Education's Committee on Teacher Education. She is Co-Editor of the Teachers College Press series on Practitioner Inquiry as well as Co-Editor of the Third Handbook of Research on Teacher Education, which is currently in preparation. In addition Dr. Cochran-Smith is on the advisory board for many national projects and committees, including the New York City Pathways Project, the Ohio Teacher Quality Project, and the UCLA/Center X Urban Teacher Educators Network. Dr. Cochran-Smith is a member of the Executive Committee and the Leadership Team for Boston College's Teachers for a New Era project, funded primarily by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, and Chair of the Evidence Team for this project. She is also a member of the Research Coordinating Council for the TNE national cross-site group. Dr. Cochran-Smith has written many award-winning articles and books on diversity in teaching and teacher education and on teacher education policy and practice, teacher research, teacher learning, and the growth and development of knowledge for teaching. Walking the Road: Race, Diversity and Social Justice in Teacher Education was published by Teachers College Press (2004). Many of her recent articles, book chapters, and books focus on teacher preparation research and policy, teaching quality, and competing agendas for education reform. Dr. Cochran-Smith's AERA Presidential Address, "The New Teacher Education: For Better or For Worse?" appeared in the October 2005 issue of Educational Researcher. Dr. Cochran-Smith is a frequent keynote speaker nationally and internationally, recently at the U.S. Office of Special Education Programs Project Director's Conference (Washington), the OISE/UT Conference on Teacher Education for the Schools We Need (Toronto), the North-South Conference on Teacher Education (Dublin), and the International Conference on the Education of Teachers (Hong Kong). In 2004, Dr. Cochran-Smith won the "Carl Grant Research Award for Outstanding Research on Multicultural Education," and in 2005, she was the recipient of the first National Impact Award from the New York State Association of Teacher Educators and the New York Association of Colleges for Teacher Education.


"Relevant to teachers, policymakers, school board members, and anyone who cares about our schools and their public purpose. . . A book of Marilyn Cochran-Smith's thirty thoughtful editorials deserves attention both within and beyond the professional teacher education community."

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