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How to Stop a Stalker als Taschenbuch

How to Stop a Stalker

illus. Sprache: Englisch.
One out of every 12 women and one out of every 45 men in the United States are stalked in their lifetimes. If you are a victim of a stalker or suspect that you might be, this book will give you the means, not only to assist in your protection, but ho … weiterlesen

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How to Stop a Stalker als Taschenbuch


Titel: How to Stop a Stalker
Autor/en: Mike Proctor

ISBN: 1591020913
EAN: 9781591020912
Sprache: Englisch.
Prometheus Books

1. August 2003 - kartoniert - 250 Seiten


One out of every 12 women and one out of every 45 men in the United States are stalked in their lifetimes. If you are a victim of a stalker or suspect that you might be, this book will give you the means, not only to assist in your protection, but hopefully to assist law enforcement in putting the stalker behind bars. Veteran detective Mike Proctor, who has investigated and consulted on over 100 stalking cases (all of which have been successfully prosecuted), has written this essential survival guide for anyone who becomes the target of one of these predators. He teaches you: how to identify a stalker, how and why they stalk, what to do if you are being stalked, how to collect evidence, and how to get the criminal justice system on your side.

A pioneer in the investigation of stalking, Proctor continues his quest in educating both the law enforcement community and the public to the seriousness of the crimes generated by these urban predators. He discusses how all victims are subjected to some type of mental abuse either in the form of direct or indirect threats. In some cases these threats can lead to both physical trauma and even death.

Proctor lays out many of the behavioral patterns the stalker uses to ply his trade: persistent contact through various means of harassment (phones, pagers, letters); breaking and entering, either to steal some personal items or just to let the victim know that his or her personal space has been violated; as well as a host of other harassment tactics, including contacting family members, filing legal actions, disrupting utility services, threats of violence, and the latest trend: cyberstalking.

With his wealth of experience, Proctor offers keen insights into the twisted mindset of the stalker. For example, a great deal of stalking arises out of a domestic violence situation. Other stalkers are fantasy driven, some believing (falsely) that their victim is in love with them. Stalkers rarely take responsibility for their actions, blaming others for making them do what they do; most have stalked more than one person. Some are disgruntled employees seeking revenge against business associates or employers, an increasing phenomenon in the workplace.

Complete with many examples form actual case files, this comprehensive and informative handbook takes a hard look at a serious and growing international social problem. This guide should greatly assist those who are current or potential victims of stalking, victim advocates, law enforcement, as well as employers and their personnel staffs.


Detective Mike Proctor (Westminster, CA), a thirty-year veteran of the Westminster Police Department, is a recognized expert on stalking who has worked and consulted on over 100 stalking cases. He has appeared on 20/20, America's Most Wanted, CNN, The Maury Povich Show, Unsolved Mysteries, and Case Closed, and is frequently quoted in the press. He also consulted on the 1996 Police Officers Standards and Training video training course on stalking and teaches at both the professional and university level.


""Det. Proctor has written, hands down, the best practical guide on how to stop a stalker...."
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