The Hungarians als Taschenbuch

The Hungarians

A Thousand Years of Victory in Defeat. 55 black-and-white plates. 9 maps. Sprache: Englisch.
"This brief narrative of Hungarian history, elegantly translated into English, is written with verve, humor, profound insights, and just the right degree of cynicism. It well explains the dilemma of a respectable old state squeezed between more power … weiterlesen

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The Hungarians als Taschenbuch


Titel: The Hungarians
Autor/en: Paul Lendvai

ISBN: 0691119694
EAN: 9780691119694
A Thousand Years of Victory in Defeat.
55 black-and-white plates. 9 maps.
Sprache: Englisch.
Übersetzt von Jefferson Decker
Princeton University Press

22. Februar 2020 - kartoniert - 584 Seiten


"This brief narrative of Hungarian history, elegantly translated into English, is written with verve, humor, profound insights, and just the right degree of cynicism. It well explains the dilemma of a respectable old state squeezed between more powerful neighbors, the contradictions between individual genius and repeated national failure, and the recurring tragic conflicts between the defense of nationhood and messianic nationalism. It is supplemented with fascinating essays on, for instance, the complexities of Jewish and German assimilation into the Hungarian nation."--Istvan Deak, Columbia University"When Paul Lendvai, the indefatigable observer of Eastern Europe, writes a book, he has in general something exciting to relate. . . . Lendvai's book is a well-constructed mixture of historical facts, political judgments, and cultural anecdotes."--Der Spiegel"Lendvai has written a standard-setting work, always at the highest level of historical research yet so eminently readable, so entertaining--only a journalist out of passion with profound knowledge of history is able to write in this way. . . . Lendvai's presentation of the thousand years of Hungarian history in Europe is not only comprehensive, it is also just."--Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


Foreword to the English Edition page xi Introduction 1 1. "Heathen Barbarians" overrun Europe: Evidence from St Gallen 7 2. Land Acquisition or Conquest? The Question of Hungarian Identity 12 3. From Magyar Mayhem to the Christian Kingdom of the Arpads 27 4. The Struggle for Continuity and Freedom 38 5. The Mongol Invasion of 1241 and its Consequences 49 6. Hungary's Rise to Great Power Status under Foreign Kings 62 7. The Heroic Age of the Hunyadis and the Turkish Danger 75 8. The Long Road to the Catastrophe of Mohacs 86 9. The Disaster of Ottoman Rule 94 10. Transylvania-the Stronghold of Hungarian Sovereignty 106 11. Gabor Bethlen-Vassal, Patriot and European 114 12. Zrinyi or Zrinski? One Hero for Two Nations 126 13. The Kuruc Leader Thokoly: Adventurer or Traitor? 137 14. Ferenc Rakoczi's Fight for Freedom from the Habsburgs 145 15. Myth and Historiography: an Idol through the Ages 155 16. Hungary in the Habsburg Shadow 160 17. The Fight Against the "Hatted King" 177 18. Abbot Martinovics and the Jacobin Plot 183 19. Count Istvan Szechenyi and the "Reform Era": the "Greatest Hungarian" 191 20. Lajos Kossuth and Sandor Petofi: Symbols of 1848 206 21. Victories, Defeat and Collapse: the Lost War of Independence, 1849 222 22. Kossuth the Hero versus "Judas" Gorgey: "Good" and "Bad" in Sacrificial Mythology 242 23. Who was Captain Gusev? Russian "Freedom Fighters" between Minsk and Budapest 260 24. Elisabeth, Andrassy and Bismarck: Austria and Hungary on the Road to Reconciliation 266 25. Victory in Defeat: the Compromise and the Consequences of Dualism 281 26. Total Blindness: The Hungarian Sense of Mission and the Nationalities 299 27. The "Golden Age" of the Millennium: Modernization with Drawbacks 310 28. "Magyar Jew or Jewish Magyar?" A Unique Symbiosis 329 29. "Will Hungary be German or Magyar?" The Germans' Peculiar Role 348 30. From the Great War to the "Dictatorship of Despair": the Red Count and Lenin's Agent 356 31. The Admiral on a White Horse: Trianon and the Death Knell of St Stephen's Realm 373 32. Adventurers, Counterfeiters, Claimants to the Throne: Hungary as Troublemaker in the Danube Basin 389 33. Marching in Step with Hitler: Triumph and Fall. From the Persecution of Jews to Mob Rule 406 34. Victory in Defeat: 1945-1990 427 35. "Everyone is a Hungarian": Geniuses and Artists 466 Summing-up 504 Notes 508 Chronology of Significant Events in Hungarian History 533 Index 557


Paul Lendvai is a leading European journalist and a senior television commentator with ORF, the Austrian public broadcasting corporation. Since 1973 he has been editor in chief and copublisher of the Vienna-based international quarterly "Europaische Rundschau". The recipient of numerous prizes for his writings and journalism, he is the author of ten books, including "Blacklisted: A Journalist's Life in Central Europe" (St. Martin's), "Eagles in Cobwebs: Nationalism and Communism in the Balkans", and "Anti-Semitism without the Jews: Communist Eastern Europe" (both Doubleday).


[A] glorious, immensely readable book. -- Economist A pleasure to read... Mr. Lendvai has done a remarkable job. His book is easily the best history of Hungary in English... What's remarkable is how many extraordinary individuals, admirable and otherwise, we come across in this small nation's history. -- Stephen Goode, Washington Times The writing of national histories is ... justified by the erudition and intellectual brilliance of the [author]. To this one must add, as a special attraction, the charm, wit and healthy cynicism of The Hungarians. -- Istvan Deak, Times Literary Supplement [R]ewarding, entertaining, and well written... [F]ar more substantial than the witty musings to be found, for example, in Luigi Barzini's The Italians... No one who is interested in Hungary should miss reading this book. -- Nicolas Parsons, Hungarian Quarterly An outstanding storyteller. [Lendvai] not only presents scientifically based facts and analysis but also tells the reader a story... A compact overview of Hungarian history, a wonderful collection of biographical sketches and a subtle description of the 'Hungarian temperament'. -- Neue Zurcher Zeitung Excellently researched and masterfully constructed, this should become a standard work... The book reads almost like a novel with historical background... Most warmly recommended. -- Die Presse An exhaustive history of the Hungarian people... The author has written a sympathetic account of Hungarian history. Yet the book also exposes the blemishes along with the heroism... For those interested in the history of a art of Europe that has been shrouded in mystery and clich, it's a helpful handbook. -- Anne Gyulai, The Montreal Gazette It is history's destiny to stare helplessly as the past's effects on facts have them act no differently on our minds and bodies than do fictions. In his loving rendering of Hungary's troubled saga, Lendvai has shown us how our knowledge and memory are a tangle of both threads. -- Norman Madarasz, The European Legacy
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