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So Beautiful

Sprache: Englisch.
In her first book Ramona Dearing has shown us her ability to almost effortlessly touch the core of what matters. She is a funny and serious writer, a writer who asks all the right questions while being smart enough to never pretend she owns the answe … weiterlesen

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So Beautiful als Taschenbuch


Titel: So Beautiful
Autor/en: Ramona Dearing

ISBN: 0889842353
EAN: 9780889842359
Sprache: Englisch.

März 2004 - kartoniert - 163 Seiten


In her first book Ramona Dearing has shown us her ability to almost effortlessly touch the core of what matters. She is a funny and serious writer, a writer who asks all the right questions while being smart enough to never pretend she owns the answers.'


Ramona Dearing lives in St. John's, Newfoundland. Her poems and short stories have appeared in The Malahat Review, Grain and Prairie Fire, as well as in Oberon's Best Canadian Stories (1997, 1998, and 2001) and Coming Attractions (2001). She is a member of the fiction collective, The Burning Rock, and her fiction is represented along with Lisa Moore's, Michael Winter's, and Claire Wilkshire's in the Burning Rock anthology Hearts Larry Broke. She works for CBC Radio.


'Ramona Dearing's So Beautiful is a terrific collection of stories about the people you get stuck with in life. Roommates, siblings, drinking buddies, all the ones you think you would never choose, but who become central to the way you function in the world and even to the way that you evaluate your own worth.' -- Natalee Caple Globe and Mail 'Dearing's greatest strength is her understated style. Entire lives lie under the surface of her sentences, and characters convey more in what they don't say than in what they do. Dearing also shows a startling versatility for a new writer, with her stories covering various territories, not only of Canadian geography, but also of social class, emotion, and, most of all, identity. Equally as impressive, Dearing refuses to provide easy answers for her characters' problems. There are no feel-good endings here, no morally correct resolutions to complicated situations. Instead, there are believable human tales. So Beautiful isn't a book that lays out what people should be -- it's a book that sums up what they are, and what they can never be.' -- Peter Darbyshire amazon.ca 'Ramona Dearing is a Newfoundland-based writer and member of the Burning Rock literary collective. Although she has published in several literary magazines, So Beautiful is her first short-story collection. By and large, Dearing's characters are ordinary people in bleak, but realistic, circumstances. In one story, Lucy is in love with Mitch, who, in turn, fosters the crush out of boredom and loneliness. In another, a graduate student learns to deal with an emotionally needy roommate who just might be dipping her toothbrush in the toilet for fun. Darlene, in a third tale, comes home from school to discover that her parents have put the family dogs to sleep. The characters are all regular folk, if a little hard, and their situations are commonplace, if disagreeable. Dearing's gift, then, lies not so much in the tales as in the telling. Her characters are heartbreakingly aware, and Dearing's curt prose is more evocative of their deep emotions than any florid writing style would be. Dearing, in fact, is a literary minimalist in a similar manner to Alice Munro; those who enjoy Munro will be delighted to read works by this new author. Perhaps influenced by the geography of her home province, Dearing has created a collection that is stunning in its fierce austerity. In other words, it lives up to its name.' -- Naomi Brun Canadian Book Review Annual 'So Beautiful, a first book from Newfoundland writer Ramona Dearing, is a perfect example of why short stories matter, and why more people should read them. This collection of thirteen is funny, edgy, completely absorbing, impressive in its variety of subjects and characters. Dearing has the knack of grabbing your attention from the first sentence and never letting go.' Prairie Fire 'Often what Dearing writes about here is the inability or unwillingness to trust -- a word synonymous, perhaps, with love. Many of her characters, struggling with habits of denial and self-delusion, are not particularly trustworthy or lovable. Yet she renders them in ways that are always charged and sometimes surprising. And occasionally, miraculously, trust and truth meet.' -- Maureen Garvie Quill & Quire 'The text as physical object doesn't usually make or break a book, but it helps when a little thought has been given to the form the work takes. So Beautiful has a weird, splashy, eye-catching blown tulip on the cover that will surely coax some people to pick it up. The cover is soft, but the binding is sewn and there are lovely, embossed green endpapers. ... I was recently taken to task for commenting on the writers who gave cover endorsements to a recent collection of stories. I'll compound the crime here by saying that the only bad writing in the book is Michael Winter's totally nonsensical blurb on the back cover. So Beautiful is a very lively, varied and interesting collection, but to call it "busted talent travelling crossed paths that might lead us to God" is just downright silly. ... Ignore the endorsements -- buy the book because it's a good read.' -- Robin McGrath Northeast Avalon Times 'Love: the title of Ramona Dearing's "Love Bites & Little Spanks" aptly captures the punchy quality of a narrative in which ambivalence carries off a marriage. The narrator's husband, Lenny, is having an affair with her cousin Gracie. The narrator pictures the adulterous couple stormbound in Billy's Cove, "The bar in the middle of the bed making them arch like dolphins, the TV on, the smell of burning teeth." "Love Bites" creates a sense of emotional directness, which goes well with Dearing's gift for understatement and sudden images.' -- Claire Wilkshire Canadian Notes & Queries 'What is so beautiful about Ramona Dearing's debut collection of short fiction? The writing itself is beautiful; her words crackle with energy. She has the sensibility of a poet and provides surprise through language, paints images vividly, and does not settle for easy descriptions. The structure of each piece is beautiful too. Dearing knows that plot matters and these stories drive forward like Newfoundland rain in November.' -- Jay Ruzesky Malahat Review 'So Beautiful is Ramona Dearing's first book. She joins fellow Newfoundlanders Wayne Johnston, Michael Crummey, Michael Winter and Lisa Moore as one of the country's best young(ish) writers. Central, Western, and Northern Canadians should stop thinking about Newfoundland as the periphery. It is the centre.' -- Harold Hoefle Front and Centre
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