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Keystones of Entrepreneurship Knowledge als Taschenbuch

Keystones of Entrepreneurship Knowledge

23:B&W 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm Perfect Bound on White w/Gloss Lam. Sprache: Englisch.
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This is a very special book. It does not bring you new ideas that may be outdated in a few years from now. It brings you the 20 best articles ever published about entrepreneurship and small business. They have borne the test of time, and are still re … weiterlesen


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Keystones of Entrepreneurship Knowledge als Taschenbuch


Titel: Keystones of Entrepreneurship Knowledge
Autor/en: Rob van der Horst, Sandra King-Kauanui, Susan Duffy

ISBN: 1405139218
EAN: 9781405139212
23:B&W 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm Perfect Bound on White w/Gloss Lam.
Sprache: Englisch.
John Wiley & Sons

31. Oktober 2005 - kartoniert - 474 Seiten


This is a very special book. It does not bring you new ideas that may be outdated in a few years from now. It brings you the 20 best articles ever published about entrepreneurship and small business. They have borne the test of time, and are still relevant and valuable. They really are the Keystones of Entrepreneurship Knowledge.


TABLE OF CONTENTS. Preface . Rob van der Horst, Sandra King-Kauanui, Susan Duffy, editors. ICSB: CREATING GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE THROUGH. GLOBAL NETWORKS. by Sandra King-Kauanui, ICSB President. BEST PAPERS IN THE FIELD OF RESEARCH . Introduction . by J. Hanns Pichler and Roy Thurik. Small Business Economics . by William A. Brock and David S. Evans. A General Equilibrium Entrepreneurial Theory of Firm Formation Based on Risk Aversion. by Richard E. Kihlstrom and Jean-Jacques Laffont. A Conceptual Framework for Describing the Phenomenon of New Venture Creation. by William B. Gartner. Clarifying the Entrepreneurial Orientation Construct and Linking It to Performance. by G. T. Lumpkin and Gregory G. Dess. Entrepreneurship: Productive, Unproductive, and Destructive . by William J. Baumol. BEST PAPERS IN THE FIELD OF PUBLIC POLICY . Introduction . by David Storey and Lois Stevenson. Entrepreneurship, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and Public Policies. by David J. Storey. Entrepreneurship Policy for the Future: Best Practice Components. by Lois Stevenson and Anders Lundstrom. Do Markets Fail Entrepreneurs? And Are Markets Enough for Poor Localities?. by Alistair Nolan, OECD. Research Mimicking Policy: Entrepreneurship/Small Business Policy Research in the United States. by William Dennis, Jr. Evaluating the Effect of Soft Business Support upon Small Firm Performance. by Colin Wren and David J. Storey. BEST PAPERS IN THE FIELD OF EDUCATION . Introduction . by Kevin Hindle and George Solomon. The chronology and intellectual trajectory of American entrepreneurship education 1876-1999. by Jerome A. Katz. The State of Entrepreneurship Education in the United States: A Nationwide Survey and Analysis . by George T. Solomon, Susan Duffy, and Ayman Tarabishy. Measuring Progress in Entrepreneurship Education . by Karl H. Vesper and William B. Gartner. Emerging Structures in Entrepreneurship Education: Curricular Designs and Strategies. by Gerhard R. Plaschka and Harold P. Welsch. A Historical Examination of Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship Pedagogy. by George T. Solomon, K. Mark Weaver, and Lloyd W. Fernald. ii KEYSTONES OF ENTREPRENEURIAL KNOWLEDGE. BEST PAPERS IN THE FIELD OF SERVICE PROVISION . Introduction . by Colin Dunn and Michael Schaper. The Use of External Business Advice by SMEs in Britain . by Robert J. Bennett and Paul J. A. Robson. The Small Business Assistance Dilemma: Is the Disparity between the Offerings of Support Agencies and the Needs of Businesses Irreconcilable?. by John Breen and Sue Bergin-Seers. Outsider Assistance as a Knowledge Resource for New Venture Survival. by James J. Chrisman and W. Ed McMullan. Support for Rapid-Growth Firms: A Comparison of the Views of Founders, Government Policymakers, and Private Sector. Resource Providers. by Eileen Fischer and A. Rebecca Reuber. Accountants as Sources of Business Advice for Small Firms . by Paul N. Gooderham, Anita Tobiassen, Erik Doving, and. Odd Nordhaug. THE ICSB INTERNATIONAL OFFICE . by Susan Duffy. HISTORY OF THE INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL FOR SMALL BUSINESS. by Bob Brockhaus


Rob van der Horst is a regional economist from the Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands. After ten years of applied regional economic research at the Netherlands Economic Institute (NEI), he joined EIM Business & Policy Research in 1986. He has been responsible for a variety of (applied) economic research projects on entrepreneurship and SMEs. He was involved in projects in all EU countries, several Eastern European countries, the Russian Federation, Dubai, South Africa and Jamaica. He has been a consultant to the OECD and UNIDO. He is the director of EIM's Brussels' office. He is also the executive director of the ENSR: the European Network for Social and Economic Research, bringing together research institutes in 32 European countries. From 1992 to 2004 he was the project director of 'The Observatory of European SMEs', a research project for the European Commission. In the framework of the Observatory project a large number of reports have been prepared about structure and developments of SMEs in Europe. Rob van der Horst is currently serving as Senior-Vice President for Research and Publications of the ICSB. Sandra King-Kauanui is currently an Associate Professor of Management & Entrepreneurship at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. She teaches Entrepreneurship, Family Business and Organizational Behaviour. Since 1996, Dr. King-Kauanui has been an active member of the ICSB board serving as SVP of Finance and SVP of Research and Publications. She is currently serving as President of the ICSB for 2004-2005. Sandra has conducted research on various aspects of Entrepreneurship, including her recent work in spirituality and entrepreneurship, and in Family Business in various countries around the world, including Mainland China. As a result of her research, she has participated in over 60 research presentations in various international, national and regional conferences. In addition she has published her research in numerous academic journals. Previous to her career as an academic, Sandra started and operated her own business for twenty years. Through her company, she, along with her employees, provided tax, financial and business planning for over five hundred entrepreneurs and family-owned businesses. For three years, she hosted a cable TV talk show featuring discussions on financial, business and tax planning ideas. The business was successfully transferred to the next generation when she began her career at the University. Susan Duffy is the Executive Director of the International Council for Small Business (ICSB), a global organization of researchers, policy makers, practitioners and educators dedicated to advancing entrepreneurship and small business worldwide. Susan works with an international team of SME professionals to build global networks that disseminate research, share best practices, and support policy for small and medium enterprise development. Susan also runs the international headquarter office of ICSB at the George Washington University (GWU) in Washington, DC, USA. An educator for over ten years, Susan founded the GWU Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership Initiative. Built on primary research of current successful women entrepreneurs, this innovative curriculum combines core entrepreneurship courses with personal and professional development activities, including leadership training, network building and mentor support. Susan also lectures in Family Business Dynamics, Small Business Management and New Venture Environmental Scanning and received the GWU School of Business and Public Management's Undergraduate Teaching Award in 2002. Susan presents her work at national and international conferences and has published research articles on the State of Entrepreneurship Education in the United States and Expanding the Field of Family Business Research. Before coming to the George Washington University in 1998, Susan was a family business owner in the commercial construction industry. She has held leadership positions in health care and worked as an organizational consultant in private and public work systems. Susan has a Master's Degree in Applied Behavioral Science from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland and a Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition Science from the Pennsylvania State University. Currently Susan is a doctoral candidate researching entrepreneurial learning at The George Washington University School of Business.

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