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To Restore American Democracy als Taschenbuch

To Restore American Democracy

Political Education and the Modern University. 2:B&W 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm Perfect Bound on Creme w/Gloss…
At a time when democracy in America suffers from a profound sense of cynicism, lack of trust, and disengagement, especially among young adults, this book is a much needed antidote.
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To Restore American Democracy als Taschenbuch


Titel: To Restore American Democracy
Autor/en: Robert E. Calvert

ISBN: 0742534553
EAN: 9780742534551
Political Education and the Modern University.
2:B&W 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm Perfect Bound on Creme w/Gloss Lam.
Sprache: Englisch.
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

9. Dezember 2005 - kartoniert - 290 Seiten


At a time when democracy in America suffers from a profound sense of cynicism, lack of trust, and disengagement, especially among young adults, this book is a much needed antidote.


Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 Political Education and the Modern University Chapter 3 Between Resignation and Utopia: Political Education and the Modern University Chapter 4 Liberal Education and the Civic Project Chapter 5 The Media, the Mall, and the Multiplex: America's Invisible Tutors and the End of Citizenship Chapter 6 The Values of Media, the Values of Citizenship, and the Values of Higher Education Chapter 7 Public Spaces and MyUniveristy.com Chapter 8 The Culture of Expedience: Liberal Education Meets the "Real" World Chapter 9 Education and Character in an Age of Moral Freedom Chapter 10 Democracy, Character, and the University Chapter 11 How Do We Talk?God Talk and American Political Life Chapter 12 Plato's Dogs: Reflections on the University after 9/11 Chapter 13 The Civic Education of a Black American in a Great Big World Chapter 14 Moral Education and Democratic Citizenship Chapter 15 Utopias Gone Wrong: The Anti-Political Culture of the Modern University and How to Change It


Robert E. Calvert is professor of political science at DePauw University.


A standard charge in recent years has been that the American university has become unduly politicized. That is largely a misperception fostered by the grandstanding of left-leaning humanities professors and the consequent lamentations of right-leaning commentators who seem to believe it a proper function of universities to instill an uncritical patriotism in their students. The more pertinent worry is whether today's universities are doing what they can and should to give their students the knowledge and the critical acumen needed to lead the sovereign public of a democratic superpower. It would be hard to imagine a more appropriate and illustrious cast of contributors than the one here assembled to shed light on this very timely concern. -- Thomas A. Spragens, Jr., Professor of political science, Duke University To Restore American Democracy addresses familiar political concerns from an unexpected and promising direction. The essays collected in this book consider whether and how modern universities can encourage students to become true citizens, not just attractive future employees and entrepreneurs. The essays are stimulating in their own right and powerful as a collection. This is an important book. -- James Fallows, National Correspondent, The Atlantic Monthly This is an impressive volume whose participants include many of the most important students of democratic political education. It would be difficult to assemble a better group. -- Stephen Elkin, professor of government, University of Maryland Having assembled an extraordinary roster of scholars, Robert Calvert engages them in a fascinating discussion of the University's civic responsibility. Exposing the Academy's indifference to citizenship, the authors of this volume call on administrators, faculty, and students to probe the deep philosophical and historical roots of the troubled state of citizenship in the United States. Even as they indict the modern University for its inattention to our civic life, the essays of this volume bristle with possibilities for the study of politics in depth. Combining sophisticated intellectual inquiry with a deep and abiding faith in self government, To Restore American Democracy offers hope for those of us who believe that Universities can, indeed, have a duty to appeal to the better angels of our nature. -- Sidney M. Milkis, White Burkett Miller Professor and Chair, Department of Politics, University of Virginia This book is an integrated collection of essays about how colleges and universities are failing to prepare students to be responsible citizens in a religiously and ethnically pluralistic America, and what they should do to correct that failure. The authors, in their varied voices, explore specific ways by which students might learn to become adept practitioners of the democratic and republican skills by which their clashing interests, intellectual disagreements, and moral antipathies can be transformed into a workable common good. These essays are both realistic and hopeful, worried about the dangers political apathy and ignorance pose to our liberties, convinced that through improvements in political education a more involved and informed citizenry can be fostered. Reading these authors is to become involved in a stimulating, sometimes raucous, open-ended and action-oriented conversation about what it means to be an American-which, of course, is precisely what it should mean to be an American. -- George Allan, Professor of Philosophy Emeritus, Dickinson College
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