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An Author's Guide to Scholarly Publishing als Taschenbuch

An Author's Guide to Scholarly Publishing

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Directed specifically to the needs of academic authors, this realistic handbook is a guide to publishing success for both beginning and seasoned scholars. Robin Derricourt uses an immensely readable series of informal letters to provide a fund of pra … weiterlesen
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An Author's Guide to Scholarly Publishing als Taschenbuch


Titel: An Author's Guide to Scholarly Publishing
Autor/en: Robin Derricourt

ISBN: 0691037094
EAN: 9780691037097
Sprache: Englisch.

März 1996 - kartoniert - 264 Seiten


Directed specifically to the needs of academic authors, this realistic handbook is a guide to publishing success for both beginning and seasoned scholars. Robin Derricourt uses an immensely readable series of informal letters to provide a fund of practical advice: an up-to-date manual on how to plan and prepare a book, approach a publisher, secure a contract, and build a reliable author-publisher relationship that will last throughout the process of publication and marketing. Informed by rare common sense, and a sense of humor, the book speaks clearly about the most recent developments in the rapidly changing world of electronic publishing, clarifying what can and cannot be achieved with word processors. From the possible negative responses of a publisher to the questions implied by success - new editions and subsidiary rights - An Author's Guide to Scholarly Publishing is indispensable reading for academics in every field. Derricourt's candid yet encouraging suggestions will be useful at any stage of book preparation, including the process of writing, when focusing on purpose and audience benefits both the author and the future publisher, not to mention the future reader! Furthermore, his "letters" include those on various kinds of books - standard monographs, technical books, conference volumes, edited volumes, collected papers, textbooks, and works built on dissertations. A reference of "nuts and bolts", this book is also quick and entertaining reading when pursued from cover to cover.


Acknowledgements Planning and writing Audience 2Style 3Structure Preparation of manuscript Length 5Layout 6Word processing the manuscript 7Word processing for the typesetter 8Desktop publishing and camera-ready copy 9Notes 10Bibliographies 11Tables 12Illustrations Approaching a publisher Selecting a publisher 14In-house publishing 15Multiple submissions 16Complete manuscripts 17The formal proposal Checklist for submitting a proposal 18Peer review 19Visit 20Literary agents 21No reply Category of book Scholarly book 23Technical monograph 24Thesis/dissertation 25Conference volume 26Edited volume 27Festschrift 28Collected papers 29Across the disciplines 30Trade book 31Textbook 32New journals 33The non-academic author The publishing decision No - why? 35Revise and resubmit 36Yes - but revise 37Yes Dealing with production Contract 39Late delivery 40Delivery of the manuscript Checklist for delivery of the manuscript for production 41Book title 42Copyediting 43Updating the disk 44Design of the pages 45Typesetting 46Proofreading and alterations in proof 47Illustrations in production 48Providing camera-ready copy 49Preparing the index 50Jacket and cover design 51Printing 52Errata slips 53Don't assume all is well Marketing the book The cost of books 55Pricing a book 56Changing the pricing variables 57Paperbacking 58Help with marketing 59The book launch 60Getting reviews and publishing reviews 61Newspapers and magazines 62Radio and television coverage 63Bookshop sales 64Library sales 65Direct sales 66Prizes 67Subsidiary rights 68Translations 69Getting your book into the developing world 70Reprints and new editions 71Keeping in touch Publishing and the academy Research grants - inputs and outputs 73Who sets the agenda? 74Books and the appointments committee 75Subsidies 76Book exhibits and the academic conference 77Anthologies 78Is too much published? 79The electronic library and the end of the book 80Conclusion Bibliography Index


"Academics wanting to make their mark in the book market need good advice. Robin Derricourt provides just this in An Author's Guide to Scholarly Publishing... [The author] is full of humour as he pinpoints where each submission fails or succeeds."--New Scientist

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