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Groundwater in Geologic Processes als Taschenbuch

Groundwater in Geologic Processes

Sprache: Englisch.
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The second edition of this well received and widely adopted textbook has been extensively revised to provide a more comprehensive treatment of hydromechanics, to incorporate findings from the substantial body of research published since the first edi … weiterlesen


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Groundwater in Geologic Processes als Taschenbuch


Titel: Groundwater in Geologic Processes
Autor/en: Steven E. Ingebritsen

ISBN: 0521603218
EAN: 9780521603218
Sprache: Englisch.

Mai 2006 - kartoniert


The second edition of this well received and widely adopted textbook has been extensively revised to provide a more comprehensive treatment of hydromechanics, to incorporate findings from the substantial body of research published since the first edition, and to include three new chapters on compaction and diagenesis, metamorphism, and subsea hydrogeology. A systematic presentation of theory and application coupled with problem sets make this text ideal for use by advanced undergraduate and graduate-level hydrogeologists and geologists. It also serves as an invaluable reference for professionals in the field.


1. Groundwater flow; 2. Hydromechanical coupling; 3. Solute transport; 4. Heat transport; 5. Regional-scale flow and transport; 6. Ore deposits; 7. Hydrocarbons; 8. Geothermal processes; 9. Earthquakes; 10. Evaporites; 11. Compaction and diagenesis; 12. Metamorphism; 13. Subsea hydrogeology; References; Index.


Steve Ingebritsen is a member of the U.S. Geological Survey and currently serves as a research branch chief in the USGS Water Resources Discipline. Ward Sanford is a member of the U.S. Geological Survey and is currently research advisor for the groundwater hydrology discipline of the USGS National Research Program. Chris Neuzil is a member of the U.S. Geological Survey and is a senior hydrogeologist in the USGS National Research Program.


Review of the first edition: 'I unreservedly recommend this book as a teaching and reference text for everyone working on aqueous fluid-bearing environments in the Earth.' Marian Holness, Geological Magazine ' ... extremely well written, probably the best-written technical text I have ever encountered; the style is both lucid and concise, making it a joy to read.' Simon Bottrell, Geophysical Journal International ' ... an invaluable asset to any scientist, student and professional alike, who is studying mass and energy transport in Earth's upper crust ... a tremendous bargain.' Brian J. O. L. McPherson, GSA Today ' ... informative and thought provoking ... well written and comprehensive ... important reading for a wide range of professionals ... helpful in undergraduate and postgraduate education.' Juri Krasny, Hydrological Sciences Journal ' ... uniquely a hydrologic perspective of the role of groundwater as a geologic agent. ... Any reader interested in knowing more about the role of fluids in geologic systems ought to start with this book ... the authors specifically designed the book principally to serve as a teaching text. ... an excellent bargain and especially useful to all economic geologists curious about the geologic links between fluid migration, hydrothermal systems, and ore formation.' Grant Garven, Economic Geology 'I think that [the] text is outstanding ...' Andy Fisher, University of California at Santa Cruz 'I want to congratulate you on an excellent text. ... I am quite impressed with how thorough and clearly written it is. I think you guys have a winner here and it will be a BIG contribution to the geologic community.' Mark Person, University of Minnesota 'Opening [the] book was a shock. [The authors] have effectively merged high-tech physics with traditional geology. This is the first modern book that merits being labelled 'hydrogeology'. It will do very well.' Irwin Remson, Stanford University '... splendid revision of a fine first edition. There are few readers of this journal who cannot profit greatly from consulting this book.' Environmental and Engineering Geoscience 'The book Groundwater in Geologic Processes by Ingebritsen and Sanford (1998) played a key role in creating a unified view of groundwater in earth systems by developing a rigorous technical and theoretical framework for studying groundwater processes at large scales. The recently published Groundwater in Geologic Processes, 2nd edition, by Ingebritsen et al. (2006) further solidifies this book as an important teaching and reference tool in the research field. The book contains substantial new material and is much more then simply an update to the first edition. There is a new coauthor, Christopher Neuzil and completely new chapters on compaction and diagenesis, metamorphism and sub-sea hydrogeology. Additionally there are expanded discussions of the coupling of groundwater flow and deformation/compaction (i.e. hydromechanics). ... an excellent text that covers coupled groundwater flow systems in a geologic process context. The first edition of the book has been established as a standard for the study of groundwater in geologic processes and the second edition, with the new material, will solidify this position. This book is strongly recommended as a textbook for an upper-level or graduate level class in hydrogeology or as a reference for those interested in coupled groundwater flow systems in a geologic context.' Hydrogeology Journal 'This second edition is worthy successor to the first, greatly expanded and updated, but still retaining its clarity, readability and practicality. ... All aspects of the work are excellent: the illustrations are clear and uncluttered, the writing is concise and very readable and the layout makes it easy to find specific topics.' The Leading Edge '... a good primer on important concepts in groundwater flow and a broad view of their applications to specific geologic problems. ... an excellent introduction and supplement to understanding the role of fluids in geologic processes in the subsurface.' Pure and Applied Geophysics 'I think the authors have done an exceptional job of creating a book that shows that groundwater is much more than well hydraulics in the near surface. Ingebritsen, Sanford, and Neuzil have ably managed to cover an incredible range of topics, spanning enormous spatial and temporal scales, yet haven't gotten lost in minute details. ... I highly recommend the 2nd edition of Groundwater in Geologic Processes to any hydrogeologist who wants to learn more about groundwater in the Earth's crust.' Geofluids
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