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The Transgender Studies Reader als Taschenbuch

The Transgender Studies Reader

3 Line drawings, black and white; 18 Halftones, black and white. Sprache: Englisch.
Transgender studies is the latest area of academic inquiry to grow out of the exciting nexus of queer theory, feminist studies, and the history of sexuality. Because transpeople challenge our most fundamental assumptions about the relationship betwee … weiterlesen
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The Transgender Studies Reader als Taschenbuch


Titel: The Transgender Studies Reader

ISBN: 041594709X
EAN: 9780415947091
3 Line drawings, black and white; 18 Halftones, black and white.
Sprache: Englisch.
Taylor & Francis Ltd

19. Juli 2006 - kartoniert - 768 Seiten


Transgender studies is the latest area of academic inquiry to grow out of the exciting nexus of queer theory, feminist studies, and the history of sexuality. Because transpeople challenge our most fundamental assumptions about the relationship between bodies, desire, and identity, the field is both fascinating and contentious. The Transgender Studies Reader puts between two covers fifty influential texts with new introductions by the editors that, taken together, document the evolution of transgender studies in the English-speaking world. By bringing together the voices and experience of transgender individuals, doctors, psychologists and academically-based theorists, this volume will be a foundational text for the transgender community, transgender studies, and related queer theory.


Introduction Part I: Sex, Gender, and Science 1. Psychopathia Sexualis with Special Reference to Contrary Sexual Instinct R. von Krafft-Ebbing 2. Selections from Transvestites: The Erotic Drive to Cross-Dress Magnus Hirschfeld 3. Psychopathia Transexualis D.O. Cauldwell 4. Transsexualism and Transvestism as Psycho-Somatic and Somato-Psychic Syndromes Harry Benjamin 5. Imprinting and the Establishment of Gender Identity John Money, John L. Hampson, and Joan G. Hampson 6. Passing and the Managed Achievement of Sex Status in an "Intersexed" Person Harold Garfinkel 7. The Mutability of Gender and the Imperative of Sex Charles Sheperdson 8. A Manifesto for Cyborgs Donna Haraway Part II: Feminist Investments 9. The Drag Queen, The Camp Esther Newton 10. Sappho by Surgery: The Transsexually Constructed Lesbian Feminist Janice G. Raymond 11. Divided Sisterhood: A Critical Review of Janice Raymond's "The Trans-sexual Empire" Carol Riddell 12. A Transvestite Answers a Feminist S. Sullivan 13. Toward a Theory of Gender Suzanne J. Kessler and Wendy McKenna 14. Doing Justice to Someone: Sex Reassignment and Allegories of Transsexuality Judith Butler 15. Feminism and Trans Theory: Two Teams on the Same Side Stephen Whittle Part III: Queering Gender 16. Transgender Liberation: A Movement Whose Time Has Come Leslie Feinberg 17. The Empire Strikes Back: A Posttranssexual Manifesto Sandy Stone 18. Gender Trouble, Gender Rage Kate Bornstein 19. My Words to Victor Frankenstein above the Village of Chamounix Susan Stryker 20. Judith Butler: Queer Feminism, Transgender, and the Transsubstantiation of Sex J. Prosser 21. Are Lesbians Women? Jacob Hale 22. Hermaphrodites with Attitude: Mapping the Emergence of Intersex Political Activism Cheryl Chase 23. Mutilating Gender Dean Spade Part IV: Selves: Identity and Community 24. Body, Technology, and Gender in Transsexual Autobiography Bernice Hausman 25. A "Fierce and Demanding" Drive Joanne Meyerowitz 26. ONE Inc., and Reed Erickson: The Uneasy Collaboration of Gay and Trans Activism Aaron H. Devor 27. "I went to bed with my own kind once": The Erasure of Desire in the Name of Identity David Valentine 28. Bodies in Motion: Lesbian and Transsexual Histories Nan Alamilla Boyd 29. The Loyal Opposition Patrick Califia-Rice 30. Selections from Lesbians Talk: Transgender Zachary Nataf 31. Deep, Deadly, and Angry Jordy Jones Part V: Transgender Masculinities 32. Catamites and Kings: Reflections on Butch, Gender, and Boundaries Gayle Rubin 33. The Logic of Treatment Henry Rubin 34. Look! No Don't The Visibility Dilemma for Transsexual Men Jamison Green 35. Queering the Binaries: Transsituated Identities, Bodies, and Sexualities Jason Cromwell 36. "Spoiled Identity": Stephen Gordon's Loneliness and the Difficulties of Doing Queer History Love Heather 37. Transsexuals in the Military: Flight into Hypermasculinity George Brown Part VI: Embodied Ethics in Time and Space 38. What Does it Cost to Tell the Truth? Rikki Anne Wilchins 39. Perverse Embodiment Nikki Sullivan 40. Hermaphrodites in Love Alice Domurat Dreger 41. Fin de Siecle, Fin du Sexe: Transsexuality, Postmodernism, and the Death of History Rita Felski 42. Skin-Flick: Posthuman Gender in Jonathan Demme's "The Silence of the Lambs" Judith Halberstam 43. Genderbashing: Sexuality, Gender, and the Regulation of Public Space Viviane K. Namaste 44. From the Medical Gaze to Sublime Mutations: Re-viewing Non-standard Bodies 45. From Functionality to Aesthetics: The Architecture of Transgender Jurisprudence Andrew Sharpe Part VII: Multiple Crossings: Genders, Ethics, Race 46. The Chic of Araby: Transvestism and the Erotics of Cultural Appropriation Marjorie Garber 47. Transgender Theory and Embodiment: The Risk of Racial Marginalization Katrina Roen 48. Transgressing the Gender Boundary Wong Ying Wuen 49. Whose Feminism Is It anyway?: The Unspoken Racism of the Trans Inclusion Debate Wong Ying Wuen 50. Transgendering the Politics of Recognition Richard Juang Index


Susan Stryker is the Executive Director of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Historical Society, and currently holds a Social Science Research Council Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Sexuality Studies in the History Department at Stanford University. Stephen Whittle is Senior Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University and coordinator of the United Kingdom FTM Network.


"As both a prefix and an adjective, 'trans' goes over, across, and beyond, making the possibilities seem endless for trans(gender) studies. However, to advance or progress requires some point of departure. For trans(gender) studies to evolve, we must have a solid understanding of where it all began. The Transgender Studies Reader is indispensable for its ability to encapsulate the century of dialog that has become what appears to be a decade-old phenomenon." - Brice Smith, Women's Studies Quarterly
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