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Studies in Behavioral Anthropology als Taschenbuch

Studies in Behavioral Anthropology

Sprache: Englisch.
This is a unique collection of essays illustrating the author's distinctive approach to cross-cultural research, and a valuable companion volume to Graves's Behavioral Anthropology. Graves and his co-authors offer fifteen research essays as supplemen... weiterlesen
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Studies in Behavioral Anthropology als Taschenbuch


Titel: Studies in Behavioral Anthropology
Autor/en: Theodore D. Graves

ISBN: 0759105758
EAN: 9780759105751
Sprache: Englisch.

März 2004 - kartoniert - 422 Seiten


This is a unique collection of essays illustrating the author's distinctive approach to cross-cultural research, and a valuable companion volume to Graves's Behavioral Anthropology. Graves and his co-authors offer fifteen research essays as supplemental readings in research methodology, to convey the challenge and excitement of conducting systematic behavioral science research cross-culturally. For those concerned with a behavioral, scientific approach to anthropology, this book will be a valuable reference and teaching tool.


Chapter 1 Introduction Part 2 PART I: The Tri-Ethnic Community Study Chapter 3 1: Acculturation, Access, and Alchol in a Tri-Ethnic Community Chapter 4 2: Psychological Acculturation in a Tri-Ethnic Community Part 5 PART II: The Navajo Urban Relocation Research Project Chapter 6 3: Alternative Models for the Study of Urban Migration Chapter 7 4. Values, Expectations and Relocation: The Navajo Migrant to Denver Chapter 8 5: The Personal Adjustment of Navajo Indian Migrants to Denver, Colorado Chapter 9 6: Urban Indian Personality and the "Culture of Poverty" Chapter 10 7: The Navajo Urban Migrant and his Psychological Situation Chapter 11 8: Determinants of Urban Migrant Indian Wages Part 12 PART III: Medical Change in Highland Guatemala Chapter 13 9: The Process of Medical Change in a Highland Guatemalan Town Part 14 PART IV: Culture Change in Island Polynesia Chapter 15 10: The Impact of Modernization on the Personality of a Polynesian People Chapter 16 11: Stress and Health: Modernization in a Traditional Polynesian Society Part 17 PART V: Polynesian Adaptation in New Zealand Chapter 18 12: Kinship Ties and the Preferred Adaptive Strategies of Urban Migrants Chapter 19 13: Patterns of Public Drinking ina Multiethnic Society: A Systematic Observational Study Chapter 20 14: Barroom Violence in a Multiethnic Society: A Critical Incidents Study Chapter 21 15: Stress and Health among Polynesian Migrants to New Zealand Chapter 22 References


Theodore D. Graves is a retired professor of anthropology and social psychology who has conducted field research in the American southwest, Latin America, East Africa, and the South Pacific. He has twice won the Stirling Award in Culture and Personality of the American Anthropological Association.


These two volumes are a must for students and teachers of research methods in cultural anthropology. From questionnaires to field experiments, and from simple percentage tables to multivariate models, Graves' body of work offers wonderful examples for teaching research methods in cultural anthropology. -- H. Russell Bernard, University of Florida; author, Research Methods in Anthropology; editor, Field Methods For those of us in anthropology committed to doing research that is both theoretically explicit and methodologically rigorous, the publication of Ted Graves' two volumes is a welcome event. These volumes bring together in one place some of the most interesting and innovative research that has been done in anthropology in the latter half of the 20th century. Students today need to study carefully his approach to integrating ethnography and quantitative methods, just as we did when these articles first appeared. All of us will profit from his summary and the extension of his thoughts on the topic of behavioral anthropology, spanning thirty years of work. -- William W. Dressler, University of Alabama As cultural anthropology emerges from an extended period of malaise-sterile debates over qualitative versus quantitative method; the nihilism of post-modernist indulgence-these volumes offer a fresh perspective for revitalized inquiry. Reflecting developments in the larger field of behavioral science, they illustrate how attention to behavior, as well as to context and meaning, can enrich understanding and, at the same time, bring scientific rigor to the discipline. Written as a personal-intellectual odyssey, the volumes are engaging and instructive; both faculty and graduate students, especially those seeking a new way forward and the methods with which to explore it, should find them attractive. -- Richard Jessor, University of Colorado at Boulder I certainly agree with Graves on the need for a return to some sort of positivistic, scientific attitude in cultural anthropology, emphasizing evidence-based, and if possible, quantitative findings, with a research design that permits replication. -- Anthony F. C. Wallace, Professor Emeritus, University of Pennsylvania
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