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Torture: A Collection als Taschenbuch

Torture: A Collection

Revised. Sprache: Englisch.
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Torture is perhaps the most unequivocally banned practice in the world today. Yet recent photographs from Abu Ghraib substantiated claims that the United States and some of its allies are using methods of questioning relating to the war on terrorism … weiterlesen


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Torture: A Collection als Taschenbuch


Titel: Torture: A Collection

ISBN: 0195306465
EAN: 9780195306460
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Sanford Levinson

August 2006 - kartoniert - 342 Seiten


Torture is perhaps the most unequivocally banned practice in the world today. Yet recent photographs from Abu Ghraib substantiated claims that the United States and some of its allies are using methods of questioning relating to the war on terrorism that could be described as torture or, at the very least, as inhuman and degrading. In terror's wake, the use of such methods, at least under some conditions, has gained some prominent defenders, notably from within the White House. In this revised edition, Torture: A Collection brings together leading lawyers, political theorists, social scientists, and public intellectuals to debate the advisability of maintaining the absolute ban and to reflect on what it says about our societies if we do--or do not--adhere to it in all circumstances. New to this edition are essays by Charles Krauthammer and Andrew Sullivan on the adoption in 2005 of the McCain Amendment, which explicitly bars the use of torture and other cruel methods of interrogation.


Foreword: The Tyranny of Terror: Is Torture Inevitable in Our Century and Beyond?; ACKNOWLEDGMENTS; 1. Contemplating Torture: An Introduction; PART I: PHILOSOPHICAL CONSIDERATIONS; 2. Torture; 3. Political Action: The Problem of Dirty Hands; 4. Reflection on the Problem of "Dirty Hands"; PART II: TORTURE AS PRACTICED; 5. The Legal History of Torture; 6. American Interrogation: From Torture to Trickery; 7. The Mental State of Torturers: Argentina's Dirty War; PART III: CONTEMPORARY ATTEMPTS TO ABOLISH TORTURE THROUGH LAW; 8. Escalation and Necessity: Defining Torture at Home and Abroad; 9. Judgment Concerning the Legality of the General Security Service's Interrogation Methods; 10. Can the War against Terror Justify the Use of Force in Interrogations? Reflections in Light of the Israeli Experience; 11. The Promise and Limits of the International Law of Torture; 12. The European Convention on Human Rights and Its Prohibition on Torture; 13. The Prohibition on Torture and the Limits of the Law; PART IV: REFLECTIONS ON THE POST-SEPTEMBER 11 DEBATE ABOUT LEGALIZING TORTURE; 14. Tortured Reasoning; 15. Five Errors in the Reasoning of Alan Dershowitz; 16. Torture, Terrorism, and Interrogation; 17. Loose Professionalism, or Why Lawyers Take the Lead on Torture; Contributors; Index


Sanford Levinson is the W. St. John Garwood and W. St. John Garwood, Jr. Centennial Chair in Law and Professor of Government at the University of Texas at Austin. He is the editor of innumerable books, the author of Constitutional Faith and Wrestling with Diversity, and a frequent writer for the History Book Club.


"This superior collection of essays by 17 leading scholars provides a timely, penetrating investigation into this morally challenging but important topic.... It is a pleasure to read an edited book in which the chapters speak to each other. This is a well-crafted study in political ethics."--Choice" Few of this book's contributors want to engage in polemics, and few--to their credit--ever seem completely comfortable with their own conclusions."--The New York Times Book Review"[C]omprehensive and thought-provoking." --The American Lawyer"Sanford Levinson has done us all a tremendous service in compiling this rich set of essays on a highly compelling and timely topic." -- Ethics and International Affairs"Conceived wll before the Abu Ghraib story broke, Levinson's collection of essays by philosophers and lawyers provides a cooler, though not dispassionate, look at the issues surrounding torture. Contributors include Jean Bethke Elshtain, Richard Posner, Michael Walzer, and the inevitable Alan Dershowitz.... The collection considers the conditions under which torture might nonetheless be acceptable--notably, the 'ticking bomb' scenario, when the quick extraction of information can save many lives. Dershowitz argues that the normative case against torture remains strong but that under such conditions inhibitions will be overcome--and that it is best that any torturous interrogation be explicit and controlled. His critics denounce such a move as bringing torture into the realm of the legitimate. Other problems are raised, such as identifying the point at which pressure becomes torture."--Foreign Affairs"Closely argued, well written, and quite readable, these essays jointly constitute a valuable contribution to the field."--Library Journal
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