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Advances in Robot Kinematics

Analysis and Design. Auflage 2008. Sprache: Englisch.
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Springer published the ?rst book of the series of Advances in Robot Kinematics in an edited format in 1991. Since 1994, Kluwer and Springer published a book everytwo yearswithoutinterruptions.Thesebooksdealwith the theoryandpractice of robot kinemati … weiterlesen


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Advances in Robot Kinematics als Buch


Titel: Advances in Robot Kinematics

ISBN: 1402085990
EAN: 9781402085994
Analysis and Design.
Auflage 2008.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Jadran Lenarcic, Philippe Wenger
Springer-Verlag GmbH

29. Mai 2008 - gebunden - XII


Springer published the ?rst book of the series of Advances in Robot Kinematics in an edited format in 1991. Since 1994, Kluwer and Springer published a book everytwo yearswithoutinterruptions.Thesebooksdealwith the theoryandpractice of robot kinematics and treat the kinematic aspects of robot motion and design of robots.EachbookofAdvancesinRobotKinematicsreportsthemostrecentresearch projects and presents important new discoveries. The series of Advances in Robot Kinematics is considered a most important source of information in its area. The present book emphasizes kinematic analysis and design. The issues - dressed are fundamentally kinematic in nature, including synthesis, calibration, - dundancy,forcecontrol,dexterity,inverseand forwardkinematics,kinematicsin- larities, as well as over-constrained systems. Methods used include line geometry, quaternion algebra, screw algebra, and linear algebra. These methods are applied to both parallel and serial multi-degree-of-freedom systems. The results should - terest researchers, teachers and students, in ?elds of engineering and mathematics related to robot theory, design, control and application. The contributions had been rigorously reviewed by independent reviewers. The authorsdiscussed their results at the eleventhinternationalsymposiumon Advances in Robot Kinematics which was held in June 2008 in Batz-sur-Mer, France. The symposium was organized by the Institut de Recherche en Communications et - bernetique de Nantes, France in collaborationwith the J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia, under the patronage of the International Federation for the Promotion of Mechanism and Machine Science.


Preface; SINGULARITY ANALYSIS OF PARALLEL MANIPULATORS; A New Assessment of Singularities of Parallel Kinematic Chains , by Michele Conconi and Marco Carricato; Singularity Analysis through Static Analysis , by J. Hubert and J.-P. Merlet; Constraint Singularities and the Structural Parameters of Parallel Robots , by Grigore Gogu; Forward Kinematics and Singularity Analysis of a 3-RPR Planar Parallel Manipulator , by Xianwen Kong; Geometric Algebra Approach to Singularity of Parallel Manipulators with Limited Mobility , by Tanio K. Tanev; SinguLab - A Graphical User Interface for the Singularity Analysis of Parallel Robots Based on Grassmann-Cayley Algebra , by Patricia Ben-Horin, Moshe Shoham, Stéphane Caro, Damien Chablat and Philippe Wenger; Singularity Analysis of Limited-DOF Parallel Manipulators Using Grassmann-Cayley Algebra , by Daniel Kanaan, Philippe Wenger and Damien Chablat; DESIGN OF ROBOTS AND MECHANISMS; On the Design of Fully Constrained Parallel Cable-Driven Robots , by M. Gouttefarde, S. Krut, O. Company, F. Pierot and N. Ramdani; Synthesis of Part Orienting Devices for Spatial Assembly Tasks , by P. Larochelle; Minimum EnergyManipulator Design , by A. Rojas Salgado and Y. Ledezman Rubio; Synthesis and Analysis of a Constrained Spherical Parallel Manipulator , by G.S. Soh and J.M. McCarthy; A Nonholonomic 3-DOF Parallel Robot , by Patricia Ben-Horin and Federico Thomas; 4DOF Parallel Architecture for Laparoscopic Surgery , by Mohammad Aamir Khan, Matteo Zoppi and Rezio Molfino; Flapping-Wing Mechanism for a Bird-Sized UAVs: Design, Modeling and Control , by Ch. Grand, P. Martinelli, J.-B. Mouret and S. Doncieux; Extended Jacobian Inverse Kinematics and Approximation of Distributions , by Mariusz Janiak and Krzysztof Tchön; A Screw Syzygy with Applications to Robot Singularity Computation , by J.M. Selig and Peter Donelan; Singularity Robust Jacobian Inverse Kinematics for Mobile Manipulators , by Krzysztof Tchön and Lukasz Malek;Robots Based on Assur Group A (3.5) , by Karl Wohlart; Kinematics of Free-Floating Systems through Optimal Control Theory , by G. Le Vey; Genericity Conditions for Serial Manipulators , by Peter Donelan; Alternative Forms for Displacement Screws and Their Pitches , by I.A. Parkin; MOTION PLANNING AND MOBILITY; Time-Invariant Strategies in Coordination of Human Reaching , by Satyajit Ambike and James P. Schmiedeler; Mobility and Higher Order Local Analysis of the Configuration Space of Single-Loop Mechanisms , by A. Müller and J.M. Rico; Optimization of a Test Trajectory for SCARA Systems , by J.-F. Gauthier, J. Angeles and S. Nokleby; Singularity Free Path Planning for Parallel Robots , by Samir Lahouar, Saïd Zeghloul and Lotfi Romdhane; A Comparison between Two Motion Planning Strategies for Kinematically Redundant Parallel Manipulators , by J.A. Carretero, I. Ebrahimi and R. Boudreau; Trajectory Planning of Parallel Manipulators for Global Performance Optimization , by Ofelia G. Alba-Gómez, J. Alfonso Pamanes and Philippe Wenger; Human Motion Reconstruction by Direct Control of Marker Trajectories , by Emel Demircan, Luis Sentis, Vincent De Sapio and Oussama Khatib; PERFORMANCE AND PROPERTIES OF MECHANISMS; New Self-Motions of Parallel Manipulators , by Adolf Karger; Exact Envelope Computation for Moving Surfaces with Quadratic Support Functions , by Margot Rabl, Bert Jüttler and Laureano Gonzalez-Vega; A Compound-Structure Frame for Improving the Performance of a Dielectric Elastomer Actuator , by Giovanni Berselli, Rocco Vertechy, Gabriele Vassura and Vincenzo Parenti Castelli; Transitions between Multiple Solutions of the Direct Kinematic Problem , by E. Macho, O. Altuzarra, C. Pinto and A. Hernandez; Kinetostatic Performance of a Planar Parallel Mechanism with Variable Actuation , by N. Rakotomanga, D. Chablat and S. Caro; Results on Planar Parallel Manipulators with Cylindrical Singularity Surface , by G. Nawratil; Stiffness Matrix of Compliant Parallel
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