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Engineering Design

A Systematic Approach. 3rd. ed. Sprache: Englisch.
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This proven and internationally recognized text teaches the methods of engineering design as a condition of successful product development. It breaks down the design process into phases and then into distinct steps, each with its own working methods.


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Engineering Design als Buch


Titel: Engineering Design
Autor/en: Gerhard Pahl, Wolfgang Beitz, Jörg Feldhusen, Karl-Heinrich Grote

ISBN: 1846283183
EAN: 9781846283185
A Systematic Approach.
3rd. ed.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Ken Wallace, Lucienne Blessing, Gerhard Pahl
Springer-Verlag GmbH

12. Dezember 2006 - gebunden - XXI


This proven and internationally recognized text teaches the methods of engineering design as a condition of successful product development. It breaks down the design process into phases and then into distinct steps, each with its own working methods. The book provides more examples of product development; it also tightens the scientific bases of its design ideas with new solution fields in composite components, building methods, mechatronics and adaptronics. The economics of design and development are covered and electronic design process technology integrated into its methods. The book is sharply written and well-illustrated.


Fundamentals.- Product Planning, Solution Finding and Evaluation.- Product Development Process.- Task Clarification.- Conceptual Design.- Embodiment Design.- Mechanical Connections, Mechatronics and Adaptronics.- Size Ranges and Modular Products.- Design for Quality.- Design for Minimum Cost.- Summary.


Dr. h.c. Dr. Ing. E.h. Dr. Ing. Gerhard Pahl
1946-1954 study and graduation to the Technical College of Darmstadt; 1954-1964 initial start-up, construction and development of turbomachines with Brown, Boveri & Cie; 1965 - 1990 Professor for Mechanical Components and Engineering Design at the Technical College of Darmstadt; 1978-1984 vice-president of the German Research Foundation; Author of the Dubbel/Kapitel F; Member of the Berlin Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences, several special research interests.
Dr. Ing. Joerg Feldhusen 1977-1989 study and graduation to Technical University of Berlin, 1989-1994 Department head of Electronic Design of AEG Westinghouse Transportation Systems, Berlin; 1994-1996 Head of Design and Development of the Duewag railway vehicle manufacturing company, Duesseldorf; 1996-1999 Technical Manager of Siemens Light Rail, Düsseldorf and Erlangen; 1999 Professor for Engineering Design and starting from 2000 Director of the Institute for General Mechanical Engineering Design Technology of the Technical College of Rhineland-Westphalia in Aachen; Publisher of the Dubbel, Taschenbuch für den Maschinenbau (starting from the 21st Edition).
Dr. Ing. Karl h. Grote
1973-1984 study and graduation to DO Berlin; 1984-1986 Postdoc in the USA; 1986-1990 construction line at the engineer company car and traffic, Berlin; 1990 Professor at the California. State University, Long Beach, the USA; 1995 Professor for Engineering Design to the OvG Univ. Magdeburg; October. 2002 to Sept. 2004 Visiting professor at the Engineering Design Research Laboratory of Professor Erik Antonsson, CalTech, Pasadena, USA; Publisher of the DUBBEL, Taschenbuch für den Maschinenbau; Presidency of the scientific advisory "experimental factory Magdeburg" and co-ordinator of that research project.


"Engineering Design is widely acknowledged to be the most complete available treatise on systematic design methods. In it, each step of the engineering design process and associated best practices are documented. The book has particularly strong sections on design from the functional perspective and on the phase of the process between conceptual and detail design in which most key design decisions are made. The 3rd edition includes new material on project planning and scheduling. Anyone committed to understanding the design process should be familiar with the contents of this book."

Warren Seering, Weber-Shaughness Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

On the second edition of this title:

"With a renewed interest in the critical role product design plays in maintaining economic competitiveness, American designers would be well advised to become thoroughly acquainted with this wealth of information."

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