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History of Oriental Astronomy als Buch

History of Oriental Astronomy

Proceedings of the Joint Discussion-17 at the 23rd General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union,…
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Proceedings of the Joint Discussion-17 at the 23rd IAU General Assembly, organised by the Commission 41, held in Kyoto, Japan, August 25-26, 1997


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History of Oriental Astronomy als Buch


Titel: History of Oriental Astronomy

ISBN: 1402006578
EAN: 9781402006579
Proceedings of the Joint Discussion-17 at the 23rd General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union, organised by the Commission 41 (History of Astronomy), held in Kyoto, August 25-26, 1997.
'Astrophysics and Space Science Library'.
Auflage 2002.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von S. M. Ansari
Springer Netherlands

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The History of Astronomy in the Orient has been vigorously researched in the last several decades. We may recall here the publications of Joseph Needham's monumental volumes on Science and Civilisation in China, one volume of which is devoted to Chinese Astron­ omy, S. Nakayama's A History of Japanese Astronomy (Tokyo, 1969), and the School of Edward Kennedy's writings on Islamic Astronomy,1 which particularly culminated in the studies of the Critique of Ptolemaic Astronomy by the Islamic astronomers belong­ ing to Na~lruddin rusI's School, established at Maragha Observatory during the l3-l4th 2 centuries. In this backdrop of the emphasis on astronomy in the Orient, the first IAU Colloquium (No.9 1 ) on "History of Oriental Astronomy" was organised during the IAU General Assem­ bly, held in New Delhi, Nov. 13-16, 1985. The Proceedings ofthe Colloquium were then 3 published. The second effort by this Commission was to organise another International Colloquium on Interaction of European and Asian Astronomy, held in Vienna in Sept. 4 1990. Unfortunately its Proceedings could not be published. Noteworthy is that the Far East or the East Asia did not lag behind in this endeavour.


Preface. Scientific Organising Committee. 1. Oriental Astronomy during the Ancient and Medieval Period. 1.1. The Two Supreme Starts; Thien-i and Thai-i, and the Foundation of the purple Palace; Y. Maeyama. 1.2.Islamic Astronomical Tables in China: The Sources for the Huihuili; B. van Dalen. 1.3.The First Equation Table for Mercury in the Huihuili; M. Yano. 1.4. Three Stars Maps: Result of the Impact of Western Astronomy on Korean Tradition in the 18th Century; Il-Song Nha. 1.5. Projection Methods in the East Asian Star Maps; K. Miyajima. 1.6. Gnomon Measurements and the Obliquity of the Ecliptic; K.-Y. Chen. 1.7. The Legend of Vasista: A Note on the Vedãna Astronomy; Y. Ôhasi. 1.8. Spherical Trigonometry and the Astronomy of the Medieval Kerala School; K. Plofker. 1.9. Astronomical Dating and Statistical Analysis of Ancient Eclipse Data; K.D. Pang, et al. 2. Modern Astronomy in the Orient. 2.1. Philippe deLa Hire at the Court of Jayasimha; D. Pingree. 2.2. European Astronomy in Indo-Persian Writings; S.M.R. Ansari. 2.3. Toshio Takamine's Contact with the West; D.H. DeVorkin. 2.4.The Earliest Evidence of the Introduction of Kepler's Laws into China as is Observed in the Lifa Wenda; K. Hashimoto. 2.5. Tebbutt vs Russell: Passion, Power and Politics in 19th Century Australian Astronomy; W. Orchiston. 2.6. A New Museum of Astronomy in Korea; I.-S. Nha. 2.7. Oriental Astronomy: History of East Asian MathematicalAstronomy; S. Nakayama. 3. Additional Contributions. 3.1. Revisit An Eighth Century Chinese Table of Tangents; Q. Anjing. 3.2.Recent Advances in the History of Astronomy in China; L. Qibin, C. Meidong. 3.3. Eclipse Records in Early Korean History: The Koryo-Sa[prof.S.M.3]; F.R. Stephenson. Full Programme of the Joint Discussion. List of Contributors: Brief Biodata. Index of Authors.
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