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XAML in a Nutshell als Buch
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XAML in a Nutshell

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When Microsoft releases Windows Vista, the new operating system will support applications that employ graphics now used by computer games--clear, stunning, and active. The cornerstone for building these new user interfaces is XAML ("Zammel"), the XML … weiterlesen


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XAML in a Nutshell als Buch


Titel: XAML in a Nutshell
Autor/en: Lori A. Macvittie

ISBN: 0596526733
EAN: 9780596526733
Sprache: Englisch.

April 2006 - kartoniert - 284 Seiten


When Microsoft releases Windows Vista, the new operating system will support applications that employ graphics now used by computer games--clear, stunning, and active. The cornerstone for building these new user interfaces is XAML ("Zammel"), the XML-based markup language that works with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Vista's new graphics subsystem.
An acronym for Extensible Application Markup Language, XAML offers a wealth of new controls and elements with exciting capabilities, including animation and rendering of 3D graphics. Windows developers are already jazzed by the possibilities of using XAML for fixed and flow format documents like PDF and HTML, 2D and 3D vector-based graphics, form development, animation, audio and video, transparent layering, and a lot more. Many feel that XAML will eliminate the need for multiple file formats or plug-ins (read: Flash), while lowering development costs and reducing time to market.
The problem is, most developers don't know XAML. While it is fairly easy to understand, you still need a quick guide to bring you up to speed before Vista's release, and that's where this book's simple, no nonsense approach comes in.
XAML in a Nutshell covers everything necessary to design user interfaces and .NET applications that take advantage of WPF. Prerequisites such as Microsoft's new unified build system, MSBuild, and core XAML constructs and syntax--including shortcuts--are all presented with plenty of examples to get you started. The Core XAML Reference section lets you dig even deeper into syntax rules and attributes for all XAML elements with a series of quick-reference chapters. This section divides XAML elements into logical categories of elements, controls, shapes and geometry, layout, animations, and transformations for easy reference.
XAML in a Nutshell helps you learn, firsthand, how to use this XML-based markup language to implement the new generation of user interface graphics. As one reviewer noted, "Strong code examples and an efficient, conversational style take the tedium out of learning XAML and make the subject understandable--even interesting."


Chapter 1
I. Introducing XAML
1. Introducing XAML
The Benefits of XAML
What XAML Is Not
XAML Development Resources
2. Getting Started with XAML
XAML Prerequisites
Defining XAML Applications
Building XAML Applications
XAML Applications and Visual Studio
II. XAML Concepts
3. The Basics of XAML
Core XAML Syntax
Attached Properties
Binding Properties
4. Layout and Positioning
StackPanel and DockPanel
Using Width and Alignment
Margins and Padding
Absolute Positioning
5. Resources
Using Resources
Using Styles
6. Storyboards and Animations
Controlling Animations
Animation Using Key Frames
III. Core XAML Reference
7. Elements
8. Controls
Base Control Reference
Common Event Reference
Core Control Reference
9. Shapes and Geometry
10. Layout
11. Animations and Transformations
12. Events
Routing Strategies
Event Argument Reference
Event Reference
IV. Appendixes
A. System.Windows.Controls
B. System.Windows.Documents
C. System.Windows.Shapes
D. System.Windows
E. System.Windows.Media
F. System.Windows.Input.ApplicationCommands
G. Predefined Colors
H. XAML Interface in Code


Lori MacVittie is currently a Senior Technology Editor with Network Computing Magazine. In past lives she has been a software developer, a network administrator, and an enterprise architect specializing in web-based technologies. Through the course of her career she has nearly coded her way through the alphabet, starting with Apple BASIC, hitting "L" for LISP while consulting for Autodesk, and is currently on the letter "Y". Lori holds an M.S. in Computer Science from Nova Southeastern University, and lives with her husband and children in the technological mecca of the midwest, Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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