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DHCP for Windows 2000 als Buch

DHCP for Windows 2000

Auflage 2000. Sprache: Englisch.
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Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is an open standard Internet protocol used to allocate and manage IP addresses dynamically. Before DHCP came along, administrators had to manually configure each host on a network with an IP address, subn… weiterlesen
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DHCP for Windows 2000 als Buch


Titel: DHCP for Windows 2000
Autor/en: Neall Alcott

ISBN: 1565928385
EAN: 9781565928381
Auflage 2000.
Sprache: Englisch.

Februar 2001 - kartoniert - 277 Seiten


Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is an open standard Internet protocol used to allocate and manage IP addresses dynamically. Before DHCP came along, administrators had to manually configure each host on a network with an IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway. Maintaining the changes and the associated logs took a tremendous amount of time and was prone to error. DHCP uses a client/server model in which the system updates and maintains the network information dynamically. Windows 2000 provides enhanced DHCP client-server support.
DHCP for Windows 2000 is custom-designed for system administrators who are responsible for configuring and maintaining networks with Windows 2000 servers. It explains the DHCP protocol and how to install and manage DHCP on both servers and clients--including client platforms other than Windows 2000.
Readers get detailed and explicit instructions for using Windows 2000 DHCP to manage their network IP configurations much more efficiently and effectively.They get background information for using DHCP in general, plus complete information about the Windows 2000 use of DHCP. For those interested in what's on the horizon, the author steps up to the plate with an analysis of the future direction of DHCP and Windows support for IPv6.


Preface 1. TCP/IP Overview The TCP/IP Protocol Suite MAC Addresses IP Addressing DNS and Hostnames WINS and NetBIOS Names Summary 2. In The Beginning: RARP and BOOTP RARP What Is BOOTP? BOOTP Packet Structure The BOOTP Conversation Summary 3. Making Life Easier: DHCP Why DHCP? DHCP Packet Structure The DHCP Conversation The DHCP Relay Agent Summary 4. Designing a DHCP Infrastructure Who Needs DHCP? Creating an IP Addressing Plan Network Topology DHCP Client Needs Defining Scopes Fault Tolerance Putting It All Together: DHCP Strategies Summary 5. The DHCP Server Introduction to Windows 2000 DHCP Server in Windows 2000 Installing DHCP Server in Windows 2000 The DHCP Console Configuring a DHCP Server Leases Options Summary 6. DHCP Clients Windows 2000 Professional Windows NT Workstation 4.0 Windows 9x Windows for Workgroups MS-DOS Summary 7. Advanced DHCP Superscopes Delegating Administration Using Netsh Commands for DHCP Configuring Multihomed DHCP Servers The DHCP Database Supporting BOOTP Clients Configuring Cisco Routers Configuring Windows 2000 as a DHCP Relay Agent Summary 8. Multicasting: Using MADCAP Multicast Address Allocation Summary 9. DHCP Failover: Using Clusters Windows Clustering Building a Windows 2000 Cluster Summary 10. Integrating DHCP and DNS Domain Name System Windows 2000 DNS Server Dynamic Update Summary 11. Monitoring and Troubleshooting DHCP Monitoring DHCP Troubleshooting DHCP Summary 12. What Lies Ahead: IPv6 and DHCPv6 IPv6 DHCP for IPv6 Summary Appendix: DHCP Options Index


Neall Alcott has been designing, building, and managing networks for
the past 8 years. He is also an MCT who has been training students in
the Delaware Valley for the past 4 years. Currently, he is a Senior
Systems Engineer for Visalign LLC, a professional services firm
specializing in web solutions, web infrastructure, and managed
services for enterprise-wide clients in the pharmaceutical, financial
services, power/utility, entertainment/media, emerging
technology/growth, and state and local government industries. Neall's
current role at Visalign is as an eBusiness Infrastructure Architect,
planning and designing server architectures using Microsoft's .NET
platform. Previously, Neall was responsible for overseeing the Intel
platform infrastructure at one client's North American headquarters,
as well as 16 remote sites across the United States.


'Overall this is an excellently researched and written guide to administering DHCP in a Windows 2000 environment. Easy to read and follow, it should be on the bookshelf of every Windows 2000 administrator.' PING, September 2001 'Whether you are an experienced network administrator, or are just starting out, DHCP for Windows 2000 gives you the necessary information to manage and configure IP addresses effectively.' Freelance Informer, March 23rd 2001
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