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Medicine, Science, and Merck als Buch

Medicine, Science, and Merck

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P. Roy Vagelos grew up during the Depression as a wise-cracking son of Greek immigrants. He left his family's small restaurant to become a doctor and went on to master three professions and become the Chief Executive Officer of the multinational phar


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Medicine, Science, and Merck als Buch


Titel: Medicine, Science, and Merck
Autor/en: P. Roy Vagelos, Louis Galambos

ISBN: 0521662958
EAN: 9780521662956
Sprache: Englisch.

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P. Roy Vagelos grew up during the Depression as a wise-cracking son of Greek immigrants. He left his family's small restaurant to become a doctor and went on to master three professions and become the Chief Executive Officer of the multinational pharmaceutical giant, Merck & Co. Medicine, Science, and Merck follows Vangelos' life from childhood to retirement, from his academic years at the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University's Medical School, and Massachusetts General Hospital through his professional career at the National Institute of Health, Washington University, and Merck. Throughout, Vagelos never lost touch with his family values, his intense desire to help others, and his faith in the partnership principle and the competition that makes it work. P. Roy Vagelos and Louis Galambos offer an unusual perspective on working in three leading professions: medicine, science, and business. They take readers inside the laboratory and boardroom of one of America's large corporations, analyzing the mistakes and the innovations of Merck. P. Roy Vagelos, M.D. served as CEO of Merck & Co., Inc. from 1985 to 1994. Before assuming responsibilities in business leadership, he had won scientific recognition as an authority on lipids and enzymes and as a research manager. The author of more than 100 scientific papers, Vagelos has been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the National Academy of Sciences and the American Philosophical Society. Louis Galambos has written extensively on U.S. business-government relations, on economic aspects of modern institutional developments and on the rise of the bureaucratic state. A professor at Johns Hopkins University, ProfessorGalambos is the author of several books, including Anytime, Anywhere (Cambridge, 2002).


1. The making of a physician; 2. Hot science in big government; 3. The French alternative; 4. The research university - American style; 5. Turning the corner at Merck; 6. Crisis; 7. 'Blockbusters'; 8. On-the-job training; 9. Global aspirations; 10. The moral corporation; 11. Getting to know the Clintons; 12. Partners.


"...this book is good business history...makes a strong case for institutional autonomy of the pharmaceutical industry against government price controls of drugs." J.P. Brickman, United States Merchant Marine Academy, Choice "...a very important book...a seemless weave of many stories...tremendous nourishment." Rita Charon, Professor of Clinical Medicine, Columbia University "A wonderful book about how one individual's values and vision have shaped one of America's most innovative companies. It is a tale that ranges from the fight against AIDS to the discovery of lifesaving heart medicines. Read this book, and you'll understand more about modern medicine, public health and how private sector science benefits mankind everyday." Former Senator Bill Bradley "Roy Vagelos is a universally admired leader, and he has used his rare gifts of energy, creativity and idealism to profoundly affect our world. I encourage everyone to read the inside story of his central role in developing some of the most exciting, lifesaving innovations in modern medicine where he functioned in the combined role of scientist and model CEO." Bruce Alberts, President, National Academy of Sciences "If you want the real story on the pharmaceutical industry, Medicine, Science and Merck is the best place to start. Vagelos and Galambos tell us what it takes to be an innovator in an American industry that has long been the world's leading source of new drugs and vaccines." William C. Steere, Chairman of the Board Emeritus, Pfizer Inc. "Like so much of America, Medicine, Science, and Merck is, on the one hand, an intriguing story about an extraordinary American and a great American company. On the other and more importantly, it is also an intersecting and overlapping set of narratives about immigrants in America, medicine as a profession and an industry, and public policy that somehow transcends the fascinating story of an extraordinary American. Indeed this book succeeds in telling us a good deal about both ourselves and the nature of an important set of public policy issues that continue to grasp the public imagination and remain unresolved." Harold T. Shapiro, President Emeritus and Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, Princeton University "This journey shines with optimism for all of us who have become demoralized by the failure of the ideals of science, medicine, and the corporate world and by the threat of defeat of our shared ethical vision. The book also gives heart to the reader to take a similar journey, assessing its enduring values, measuring its missed opportunities, admiring its texture." New England Journal
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