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Symmetries in Physics als Buch

Symmetries in Physics

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Brings together philosophical discussions of symmetry in physics, highlighting the main issues and controversies.


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Symmetries in Physics als Buch


Titel: Symmetries in Physics

ISBN: 0521821371
EAN: 9780521821377
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Katherine Brading, Elena Castellani

22. April 2015 - gebunden - 445 Seiten


Brings together philosophical discussions of symmetry in physics, highlighting the main issues and controversies.


Preface; Copyright acknowledgements; List of contributors; 1. Introduction; Part I. Continuous Symmetries: 2. Classic texts: extracts from Weyl and Wigner; 3. Review paper: On the significance of continuous symmetry to the foundations of physics C. Martin; 4. The philosophical roots of the gauge principle: Weyl and transcendental phenomenological idealism T. Ryckman; 5. Symmetries and Noether's theorems K. A. Brading and H. R. Brown; 6. General covariance, gauge theories, and the Kretschmann objection J. Norton; 7. The interpretation of gauge symmetry M. Redhead; 8. Tracking down gauge: an ode to the constrained Hamiltonian formalism J. Earman; 9. Time-dependent symmetries: the link between gauge symmetries and indeterminism D. Wallace; 10. A fourth way to the Aharanov-Bohm effect A. Nounou; Part II. Discrete Symmetries: 11. Classic texts: extracts from Lebniz, Kant and Black; 12. Review paper: Understanding permutation symmetry S. French and D. Rickles; 13. Quarticles and the identity of discernibles N. Hugget; 14. Review paper: Handedness, parity violation, and the reality of space O. Pooley; 15. Mirror symmetry: what is it for a relational space to be orientable? N. Huggett; 16. Physics and Leibniz's principles S. Saunders; Part III. Symmetry Breaking: 17: Classic texts: extracts from Curie and Weyl; 18. Extract from G. Jona-Lasinio: Cross-fertilization in theoretical physics: the case of condensed matter and particle physics G. Jona-Lasinio; 19. Review paper: On the meaning of symmetry breaking E. Castellani; 20. Rough guide to spontaneous symmetry breaking J. Earman; 21. Spontaneous symmetry breaking: theoretical arguments and philosophical problems M. Morrison; Part IV. General Interpretative Issues: 22. Classic texts: extracts from Wigner; 23. Symmetry as a guide to superfluous theoretical structure J. Ismael and B. van Fraassen; 24. Notes on symmetries G. Belot; 25. Symmetry, objectivity, and design P. Kosso; 26. Symmetry and equivalence E. Castellani.


Katherine Brading is Junior Research Fellow in the Philosophy of Science at the University of Oxford. Elena Castellani is a researcher in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Florence.


Review of the hardback: 'The authors represent an impressive array of prominent names in the philosophy of physics at the start of the 21st century. This work deserves to be in the libraries of all institutions of higher learning that offer graduate level courses in physics or philosophy, and on the shelves of all researchers on the philosophy of physics. Careful and thoughtful editing has resulted in an attractive format, free of the typographical errors and other infelicities that currently so often mar books of this type. Good bibliographies and a detailed and competent index further extend its usefulness.' MetaScience Review of the hardback: '... will be useful not only as a reference work for researchers, but also as a valuable resource for a graduate course in the foundations and philosophy of modern physics.' Contemporary Physics Review of the hardback: 'This expert collection of articles on many aspects of symmetries in physics is much needed and long overdue. I found the collection timely, informative and stimulating. Many of the contributions are deft and elegant in technical treatment and clear and thoughtful in philosophical analysis. I recommend this volume to anyone who is seriously interested in philosophical issues on symmetries in physics.' International Studies in the Philosophy of Science Review of the hardback: 'I can warmly recommend this excellent collection for which the editors have assembled an impressive all-star crew of contributors. Congratulations for a job well done!' Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics
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