Project Manager MBA als Buch (gebunden)

Project Manager MBA

von Cohen
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Buch (gebunden)
Die traditionelle Rolle des Projektmanagers hat sich geändert. Projektmanager müssen heute denken wie ein CEO und dabei immer den Shareholder Value im Auge haben. Darüber hinaus müssen sie verstehen, wie die einzelnen Elemente ihrer Projekte zum Unte … weiterlesen
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Buch (gebunden)

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Project Manager MBA als Buch (gebunden)


Titel: Project Manager MBA
Autor/en: Cohen

ISBN: 0787952567
EAN: 9780787952563
HC gerader Rücken kaschiert.
Sprache: Englisch.
John Wiley & Sons

30. Oktober 2000 - gebunden - 264 Seiten


Project managers are no longer judged by the technical success of their projects alone. They re also held accountable for their contributions to the company s financial goals. Yet most project managers don t have the business knowledge necessary to make project-based decisions that lead to bottom-line success. In this book, Dennis Cohen and Robert Graham, both former university professors and experienced project management consultants, provide the skills that, until now, could only be gained through a graduate degree and years of hands-on experience.
Cohen and Graham walk project managers through basic business concepts such as value creation, accounting and finance, strategy, and marketing. They connect these concepts to the decisions project managers face every day. And they make it easy to apply the resulting solutions on the job through a unique business systems calculator. Readers can use the online calculator in conjunction with the book to understand how different project variables affect business outcomes, to determine the overall impact of proposed project changes, and to evaluate the economic results of many decisions they make.

Cohen and Graham s principles apply equally to projects in business, non-profit, and government organizations. And each one is illustrated through case studies drawn from a range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, the technology sector, even the winemaking business. Whether the mandate is to get new products to market, improve the infrastructure, or better serve customers and clients, this book teaches project managers how to make day-to-day decisions from an upper-management perspective. And it provides a blueprint for planning and pitching potential projects that demonstrates a higher level of business savvy.


1.(An Entrepreneurial Approach to Managing Projects)
2.(Accounting and Finance Basics for the Project Management Entrepreneur)
3.(Business Strategy: Where Are We Going and How Are We Going to Get There?)
4.(Project Management Processes for Business Results)
5.(Marketing and the Project Manager: Understanding the Customer and the Competition Too)
6.(Project and Post-Project Costs)
7.(Why Finance Matters for Project Managers)
8.(Decision Making and the Business Systems Approach)
9.(The Project Venture Development Process)


DENNIS J. COHEN is senior vice president and managing director of the Project Management Practice at Strategic Management Group. ROBERT J. GRAHAM has developed a consulting practice in project management and is the author of Project Management as if People Mattered and Creating an Environment for Successful Projects. Both Cohen and Graham have presented papers on this and other project management subjects at conferences of the Project Management Institute and Project World.


"This book touches on issues that are critical to a project's success but are frequently ignored by project managers. I consider this a must-read for anyone who wants to manage projects effectively." --Judd Kuehn, senior project management consultant, Chevron USA Inc.
"Dennis Cohen and Bob Graham, two pioneers in the development of project management education materials, produce a book that further enhances their status as icons in the field. This book provides the knowledge and skill project managers need to integrate their projects into the total business enterprise." --Paul C. Dinsmore, author, Winning in Business with Enterprise Project Management
"Cohen and Graham have presented a provocative view of the project manager's role that will stretch, expand, and challenge skill-sets and perspectives. It will prompt project managers and their teams to not only manage their projects well, but to look beyond to the larger organizational and financial contexts in which their projects reside and contribute. This is a critical mindset and paradigm shift for tomorrow's successful project managers!" --Robert Storeygard, project leadership specialist, 3M Learning Center-Business Acumen-Project Management and Teamwork Group
"This book is both timely and informative, a must-read, as the project manager evoles from a project-centric focus to a business focus. Bob and Dennis use an easy-to-read style with lots of examples to transform abstract financial concepts into something less intimidating." --Gregory M. Willits, project management process champion, Motorola
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