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Klick ins Buch 11th Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 2007 als Buch (kartoniert)

11th Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 2007

MEDICON 2007, 26-30 June 2007, Ljubljana, Slovenia. 'IFMBE Proceedings'. Auflage 2007. Paperback. Sprache:…
Buch (kartoniert)
Biomedical engineering brings together bright minds from diverse disciplines, ranging from engineering, physics, and computer science to biology and medicine. This book contains the proceedings of the 11th Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biol … weiterlesen
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11th Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 2007 als Buch (kartoniert)


Titel: 11th Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 2007

ISBN: 3540730435
EAN: 9783540730439
MEDICON 2007, 26-30 June 2007, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
'IFMBE Proceedings'.
Auflage 2007.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Tomaz Jarm, Peter Kramar, Anze Zupanic
Springer Berlin Heidelberg

12. November 2007 - kartoniert - 1212 Seiten


Biomedical engineering brings together bright minds from diverse disciplines, ranging from engineering, physics, and computer science to biology and medicine. This book contains the proceedings of the 11th Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing, MEDICON 2007, held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, June 2007. It features relevant, up-to-date research in the area.


Invited Lectures.- EMITEL - an e-Encyclopedia for Medical Imaging Technology.- Control for Therapeutic Functional Electrical Stimulation.- Patient-Cooperative Rehabilitation Robotics in Zurich.- From Academy to Industry: Translational Research in Biophysics.- Information Technology Solutions for Diabetes management and prevention Current Challenges and Future Research directions.- Systemic Electroporation - Combining Electric Pulses with Bioactive Agents.- Analysis of the ECG.- Intelligent Internet Based, High Quality ECG Analysis for Clinical Trials.- Effects of vagal blockade on the complexity of heart rate variability in rats.- Assessment of the Heart Rate Variability during Arousal from Sleep by Cohen's Class Time-Frequency Distributions.- An algorithm for classification of ambulatory ECG leads according to type of transient ischemic episodes.- Phase-Rectified Signal Averaging for the Detection of Quasi-Periodicities in Electrocardiogram.- Relative contribution of heart regions to the precordial ECG-an inverse computational approach.- Classification Methods for Atrial Fibrillation Prediction after CABG.- Modelling effects of Sotalol on Action Potential morphology using a novel Markov model of the HERG channel.- Sample Entropy Analysis of Electrocardiograms to Characterize Recurrent Atrial Fibrillation.- USB Based ECG Acquisition System.- QT Intervals Are Prolonging Simultaneously with Increasing Heart Rate during Dynamical Experiment in Healthy Horses.- FPGA-based System for ECG Beat Detection and Classification.- Feature extraction and selection algorithms in biomedical data classifiers based on time-frequency and principle component analysis..- Dynamic Repolarization Assessment and Arrhythmic Risk Stratification.- Fractal analysis of heart rate variability in COPD patients.- Autonomic Modulation of Ventricular Response by Exercise and Antiarrhythmic Drugs during Atrial Fibrillation.- Flexible Multichannel System for Bioelectrical Fields Analysis.- Neural Networks Based Approach to remove Baseline drift in Biomedical Signals.- Non-Linear Organization Analysis of the Dominant Atrial Frequency to Predict Spontaneous Termination of Atrial Fibrillation.- Using Supervised Fuzzy Clustering and CWT for Ventricular Late Potentials (VLP) Detection in High-Resolution ECG Signal.- Analysis of Surface EMG.- An Approach to the Real-Time Surface Electromyogram Decomposition.- Non-invasive estimation of the degree of motor unit synchronization in the biceps brachii muscle.- EMG Based Muscle Force Estimation using Motor Unit Twitch Model and Convolution Kernel Compensation.- Model Based Decomposition of Muaps Into Their Constituent Sfeaps.- Fast-Slow phase separation of Near InfraRed Spectroscopy to study Oxigenation v/s sEMG Changes.- Analysis of Uterine EMG/EHG.- Uterine Electromyography in Humans - Contractions, Labor, and Delivery.- Predictive value of EMG basal activity in the cervix at initiation of delivery in humans.- Evaluation of adaptive filtering methods on a 16 electrode electrohysterogram recorded externally in labor.- Abdominal EHG on a 4 by 4 grid: mapping and presenting the propagation of uterine contractions.- Evaluating Uterine Electrohysterogram with Entropy.- Detection of contractions during labour using the uterine electromyogram.- Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Data Analysis in Medicine.- GIFT: a tool for generating free text reports from encoded data.- Supporting Factors to Improve the Explanatory Potential of Contrast Set Mining: Analyzing Brain Ischaemia Data.- Availability Humanization - The Semantic Model in Occupational Health.- Analyzing Distributed Medical Databases on DataMiningGrid©.- Bioimpedance.- FENOTIP: Microfluidics and Nanoelectrodes for the Electromagnetic Spectroscopy of Biological Cells.- Impedance method for determination of the root canal length.- Separation of electroporated and non-electroporated cells by means of dielectrophoresis.- A simple DAQ-card based bioimpedance measurement system.- Bioimpedance spectroscopy of human blood at low frequency using coplanar microelectrodes.- Impedance Spectroscopy of Newt Tails.- Dielectric properties of water and blood samples with glucose at different concentrations.- Parameter Optimization in Voltage Pulse Plethysmography.- Inherently Synchronous Data Acquisition as a Platform for Bioimpedance Measurement.- Benefits and disadvantages of impedance-ratio measuring method in new generation of apex-locators.- Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation.- Effect of Modulated 450 MHz Microwave on HumanEEG at Different Field Power Densities.- Regenerative Effects of (-)-epigallocatechin-gallate Against Hepatic Oxidative Stress Resulted by Mobile Phone Exposure.- Conducting Implant in Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field.- Measurements of background electromagnetic fields in human environment.- Numerical Assessment of Induced Current Densities for Pregnant Women Exposed to 50 Hz Electromagnetic Field.- The Relation Assessment Between 50 Hz Electric Field Exposure-Induced Protein Carbonyl Levels and The Protective Effect of Green Tea Catechin (EGCG).- EMF Monitoring Campaign in Slovenian Communes.- Biomaterials.- Surface modification of titanium fiber-mesh scaffolds through a culture of human SAOS-2 osteoblasts electromagnetically stimulated.- Expression of Smooth Muscle Cells Grown on Magnesium Alloys.- Coalescence of phospholipid vesicles mediated by ?2GPI - experiment and modelling.- Advancing in the quality of the cells assigned for Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation (ACI) method.- Mesenchymal Stem Cells: a Modern Approach to Treat Long Bones Defects.- Biomechanics.- Combination of microfluidic and structure-continual studies in biorheology of blood with magnetic additions.- Virtual Rehabilitation of Lower Extremities.- Rating Stroke Patients Based on Movement Analysis.- Bending stiffness of odontoid fracture fixation with one cortical screw - numerical approach.- Elastic Moduli and Poisson's Ratios of Microscopic Human Femoral Trabeculae.- The Dissipation of Suction Waves in Flexible Tubes.- Hip stress distribution may be a risk factor for avascular necrosis of femoral head.- Elasticity Distribution Imaging of Sliced Liver Cirrhosis and Hepatitis using a novel Tactile Mapping System.- Changes in Biomechanics Induced by Fatigue in Single-leg Jump and Landing.- Musculoskeletal Modeling to Provide Muscles and Ligaments Length Changes during Movement for Orthopaedic Surgery Planning.- Numerical model of a myocyte for the evaluation of the influence of inotropic substances on the myocardial contractility.- Biomechanical Analysis of Bolus Processing.- Application of Simplified Ray Method for the Determination of the Cortical Bone Elastic Coefficients by the Ultrasonic Wave Inversion.- Model for Muscle Force Calculation Including Dynamics Behavior and Vicoelastic Properties of Tendon.- Biomedical Engineering Education and E-learning.- New courses in medical engineering, medical physics and bio/physics for clinical engineers, medicine and veterinary medicine specialists in Serbia.- The Education and Training of the Medical Physicist in Europe The European Federation of Organisations for Medical Physics -EFOMP Policy Statements and Efforts.- Assessment of a system developed for virtual teaching.- A Web-Based E-learning Application on Electrochemotherapy.- The value of clinical simulation-based training.- Biomedical Engineering and Virtual Education.- Presentation of Cochlear Implant to Deaf People.- Internet Examination - A New Tool in e-Learning.- Biomedical Instrumentation and Measurement.- Development of a calibration bath for clinical thermometers.- Evaluation of non-invasive blood pressure simulators.- Development of Implantable SAW Probe for Epilepsy Prediction.- Accurate On-line Estimation of Delivered Dialysis Dose by Dialysis Adequacy Monitor (DIAMON).- Clinical implication of pulse wave analysis.- Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring is highly sensitive for detection of early cardiovascular risk factors in young adults.- Simple verification of infrared ear thermometers by use of fixed-point.- Control Abilities of Power and Precision Grasping in Children of Different Ages.- Bluetooth Portable Device for Continuous ECG and Patient Motion Monitoring During Daily Life.- Wearable Wireless Biopotential Electrode for ECG Monitoring.- Modelling and Simulation of Ultrasound Non Linearities Measurement for Biological Mediums.- A Personal Computer as a Universal Controller for Medical-Focused Appliances.- System Identification of Integrative Non Invasive Blood Pressure Sensor Based on ARMAX Estimator Algorithm.- Experimental Measurements of Potentials Generated by the Electrodes of a Cochlear Implant in a Phantom.- Evaluation of muscle dynamic response measured before and after treatment of spastic muscle with a BTX-A ? A case study.- Home Care Technologies for Ambient Assisted Living.- Development of the ISO standard for clinical thermometers.- Hardware optimization of a Real-Time Telediagnosis System.- Application of time-gated, intensified CCD camera for imaging of absorption changes in non-homogenous medium..- The impact of the intubation model upon ventilation parameters.- The hybrid piston model of lungs.- Biomedical Signal Processing.- Estimation of Neural Noise Spectrum in a Postural Control Model.- Optimized Design of Single-sided Quadratic Phase Outer Volume Suppression Pulses for Magnetic Resonance Imaging.- Analysis of foveation duration and repeatability at different gaze positions in patients affected by congenital nystagmus..- Frequency characteristics of arterial catheters - an in vitro study.- Signal Processing methods for PPG Module to Increase Signal Quality.- Detection of the cancerous tissue sections in the breast optical biopsy dataflow using neural networks.- On the Occurrence of Phase-locked Pulse Train in the Peripheral Auditory System.- A device for quantitative kinematic analysis of children's handwriting movements.- Blood Flow and Oxygenation Measurement.- Monitoring of preterm infants during crying episodes.- Measuring Tumor Oxygenation by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Oximetry in vivo.- Radiotracer and Microscopic Assessment of Vascular Function in Cancer Therapy.- The Influence of Endurance Training on Brain and Leg Blood Volumes Translocation During an Orthostatic Test.- Comparison of two hypoxic markers: pimonidazole and glucose transporter 1 (Glut-1).- Effects of vinblastine on blood flow of solid tumours in mice.- Automatic recognition of hemodynamic responses to rare stimuli using functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy.- Brain Research and Analysis of EEG.- Brain on a Chip: Engineering Form and Function in Cultured Neuronal Networks.- Identification of Gripping-Force Control from Electroencephalographic Signals.- Quantitative EEG as a Diagnostic Tool in Patients with Head Injury and Posttraumatic Epilepsy.- BSI versus the Eye: EEG Monitoring in Carotid Endarterectomy.- Assessing FSP Index Performance as an Objective MLAEP Detector during Stimulation at Several Sound Pressure Levels.- The Colorful Brain: Compact Visualisition of Routine EEG Recordings.- Using ANN on EEG signals to predict working memory task response.- Comparison of methods and co-registration maps of EEG and fMRI in Occipital Lobe Epilepsy.- Multimodal imaging issues for electric brain activity mapping in the presence of brain lesions.- Proposal and validation of a framework for High Performance 3D True Electrical Brain Activity Mapping.- EEG Peak Alpha Frequency as an Indicator for Physical Fatigue.- Acetylcholine addition and electrical stimulation of dissociated neurons from an extended subthalamic area - A pilot study in the rat.- Cross-correlation based methods for estimating the functional connectivity in populations of cortical neurons.- Movement Related Potentials in Spontaneous and Provoked Thumb Movement.- Cardiovascular System.- Simulation of Renal Artery Stenosis Using Cardiovascular Electronic System.- Extracellular ATP-Purinoceptor Signaling for the Intercellular Synchronization of Intracellular Ca2+ oscillation in Cultured Cardiac Myocytes.- Computer Assisted Optimization of Biventricular Pacing Assuming Ventricular Heterogeneity.- Power density spectra of the velocity waveforms in Artificial heart valves.- Medical Plans as a Middle Step in Building Heart Failure Expert System.- Method for Reducing Pacing Current Threshold at Transesophageal Stimulation.- User-centered system to manage Heart Failure in a mobile environment.- Comparison of Four Calculation Techniques for Estimation of Local Arterial Compliance.- The Effect of in vitro Anticoagulant Disodium Citrate on Beta-2-glycoprotein I - Induced Coalescence of Giant Phospholipid Vesicles.- Electroporation Based Therapies.- Cell membrane fluidity at different temperatures in relation to electroporation effectiveness of cell line V79.- Voltage commutator for multiple electrodes in gene electrotransfer of skin cells.- Voltage breakdown measurement of planar lipid bilayer mixtures.- Antitumor effectiveness of electrotransfer of p53 into murine sarcomas alone or combined with electrochemotherapy using cisplatin.- Electrochemotherapy in veterinary medicine.- Tumor electrotransfection progress and prospects: the impact of knowledge about tumor histology.- Quantification of ion transport during cell electroporation - theoretical and experimental analysis of transient and stable pores during cell electroporation.- A numerical model of skin electroporation as a method to enhance gene transfection in skin.- Tumor blood flow modifying and vascular disrupting effect of electrochemotherapy.- Real time electroporation control for accurate and safe in vivo electrogene therapy.- Electrochemotherapy of equids cutaneous tumors: a 57 case retrospective study 1999-2005.- Electrochemotherapy in treatment of solid tumours in cancer patients.- Electropulsation, an biophysical delivery method for therapy.- Bases and rationale of the electrochemotherapy.- A critical step in gene electrotransfer: the injection of the DNA.- In vivo imaging of siRNA electrotransfer and silencing in different organs.- An endoscopic system for gene & drug delivery directly to intraluminal tissue..- The effects of irreversible electroporation on tissue, in vivo.- Equine Cutaneous Tumors Treatment by Electro-chemo-immuno-geno-therapy.- Analysis of Tissue Heating During Electroporation Based Therapy: A 3D FEM Model for a Pair of Needle Electrodes.- The induced transmembrane potential and effective conductivity of cells in dense cell system.- An experimental and numerical study of the induced transmembrane voltage and electroporation on clusters of irregularly shaped cells.- Functional Electrical and Magnetic Stimulation.- The effect of afferent training on long-term neuroplastic changes in the human cerebral cortex.- An Experimental Test of Fuzzy Controller Based on Cycle-to-Cycle Control for FES-induced Gait: Knee Joint Control with Neurologically Intact Subjects.- Troubleshooting for DBS patients by a non-invasive method with subsequent examination of the implantable device.- Treating drop-foot in hemiplegics: the role of matrix electrode.- FES treatment of lower extremities of patients with upper / lower motor neuron lesion: A comparison of rehabilitation strategies and stimulation equipment.- Optimal Control of Walking with Functional Electrical Stimulation: Inclusion of Physiological Constraints.- Magnetic Coils Design for Localized Stimulation.- Gait and Motion Analysis.- Vertical unloading produced by electrically evoked withdrawal reflexes during gait: preliminary results.- Two-level control of bipedal walking model.- Data mining time series of human locomotion data based on functional approximation.- Kinematic and kinetic patterns of walking in spinal muscular atrophy, type III.- The Gait E-Book - Development of Effective Participatory Learning using Simulation and Active Electronic Books.- A Study on Sensing System of Lower Limb Condition with Piezoelectric Gyroscopes: Measurements of Joint Angles and Gait Phases.- Health Care and Medical Informatics.- A standard tool to interconnect clinical, genomic and proteomic data for personalization of cardiac disease treatment.- How do physicians make a decision?.- Informational Internet-systems in Ukrainian healthcare - problems and perspectives..- Reducing time in emergency medical service by improving information exchange among information systems.- Data Presentation Methods for Monitoring a Public Health-Care System.- Adaptive Altered Auditory Feedback (AAF) device based on a multimodal intelligent monitor to treat the permanent developmental stuttering (PDS): A critical proposal.- Simulation in Medicine and Nursing - First Experiences in Simulation centre at Faculty of Health Sciences University of Maribor.- Open Source in Health Care: a milestone toward the creation of an ICT-based pan-European health facility.- The Open Three Consortium: an open-source, full-service-based world-wide e-health initiative.- O3-RWS: a Java-based, IHE-compliant open-source radiology workstation.- O3-DPACS: a Java-based, IHE compliant open-source data and image manager and archiver.- GATEWAY: Assistive Technology for Education and Employment.- Reshaping Clinical Trial Data Collection Process to Use the Advantages of the Web-Based Electronic Data Collection.- Telepathology: Success or Failure?.- Health Care Technology Assessment and Management.- E-learning for Laurea in Biomedical laboratory Technicians: a feasibility study.- A hospital structural and technological performance indicators set.- Continuous EEG monitoring in the Intensive Care Unit: Beta Scientific and Management Scientific aspects.- Technology Assessment for evaluating integration of Ambulatory Follow-up and Home Monitoring.- A Multi Scale Methodology for Technology Assessment. A case study on Spine Surgery.- Heart Rate Analysis.- Complexity Analysis of Heart Rate Control Using Symbolic Dynamics in Young Diabetic Patients.- Recurrence Quantification Analysis of Heart Rate Dynamics in Young Patients with Diabetes Mellitus.- Joint Symbolic Dynamic of Cardiovascular Time Series of Rats.- Technical problems in STV indexes application.- 2CTG2: A new system for the antepartum analysis of fetal heart rate.- Speeding up the Computation of Approximate Entropy.- Cardiac arrhythmias and artifacts in fetal heart rate signals: detection and correction.- Medical Imaging.- Artery movement tracking in angiographic sequences for coronary flow calculation.- Battery powered and wireless Electrical Impedance Tomography Spectroscopy Imaging using Bluetooth.- Using Heuristics for the Lung Fields Segmentation in Chest Radiographs.- Sampling Considerations and Resolution Enhancement in Ideal Planar Coded Aperture Nuclear Medicine Imaging.- Measuring Red Blood Cell Velocity with a Keyhole Tracking Algorithm.- Web-based Visualization Interface for Knee Cartilage.- Markov Chain Based Edge Detection Algorithm for Evaluation of Capillary Microscopic Images.- Lung Surface Classification on High-Resolution CT using Machine Learning.- Evaluation of Tomographic Reconstruction for Small Animals using micro Digital Tomosynthesis (microDTS).- Methods for Automatic Honeycombing Detection in HRCT images of the Lung.- Stochastic Rank Correlation - A novel merit function for dual energy 2D/3D registration in image-modulated radiation therapy.- Evaluation of peptides tagged nanoparticle adhesion to activated endothelial cells.- Estimation method for brain activities are influenced by blood pulsation effect.- Classification of Prostatic Tissues using Feature Selection Methods.- Texture Classification of Retinal Layers in Optical Coherence Tomography.- Automatic cell detection in phase-contrast images for evaluation of electroporation efficiency in vitro.- Medical Physics.- Scattered radiation spectrum analysis for the breast cancer diagnostics.- Laminar Axially Directed Blood Flow Promotes Blood Clot Dissolution: Mathematical Modeling Verified by MR Microscopy.- Snoring and CT Imaging.- Modulation of the beam intensity with wax filter compensators.- A Model of Flow Mechanical Properties of the Lung and Airways.- Standard versus 3D optimized MRI-based planning for uterine cervix cancer brachyradiotherapy - The Ljubljana experience.- Problems faced after the transition from a film to a DDR Radiology Department.- Verification of planned relative dose distribution for irradiation treatment technique using half-beams in the area of field abutment.- Experimental verification of the calculated dose for Stereotactic Radiosurgery with specially designed white polystyrene phantom.- In vivo dosimetry with diodes in radiotherapy patients treated with four field box technique.- The Cavitational Potential of a Single-leaflet Virtual MHV: A Multi-Physics and Multiscale Modelling Approach.- Wavelet-based quantitative evaluation of a digital density equalization technique in mammography.- Interaction between charged membrane surfaces mediated by charged nanoparticles.- Optical biopsy system for breast cancer diagnostics.- Implantable brain microcooler for the closed-loop system of epileptic seizure prevention.- Acetabular forces and contact stresses in active abduction rehabilitation.- Time-Frequency behaviour of the a-wave of the human electroretinogram.- Studies on the attenuating properties of various materials used for protection in radiotherapy and their effect of on the dose distribution in rotational therapy.- Monte Carlo Radiotherapy Simulator: Applications and Feasibility Studies.- Recovery of 0,1 Hz microvascular skin blood flow in dysautonomic diabetic (type 2) neuropathy by using Frequency Rhythmic Electrical Modulation System (FREMS).- Rehabilitation Engineering.- Complementary evaluation tool for clinical instrument in post-stroke rehabilitation.- Electrically Elicited Stapedius Muscle Reflex in Cochlear Implant System fitting.- Use of rapid prototyping technology in comprehensive rehabilitation of a patient with congenital facial deformity or partial finger or hand amputation.- Using computer vision in a rehabilitation method of a human hand.- Experimental Evaluation of Training Device for Upper Extremities Sensory-Motor Ability Augmentation.- New Experimental Results in Assessing and Rehabilitating the Upper Limb Function by Means of the Grip Force Tracking Method.- The "IRIS Home".- Evaluation of biofeedback of abdominal muscles during exercise in COPD.- Robotics and Haptics.- Can haptic interface be used for evaluating upper limb prosthesis in children and adults.- FreeForm modeling of spinal implants.- Grip force response in graphical and haptic virtual environment.- A Hierarchical SOM to Identify and Recognize Objects in Sequences of Stereo Images.- Assessment of hand kinematics and its control in dexterous manipulation.- A model arm for testing motor control theories on corrective movements during reaching.- Sports Sessions.- Acceleration driven adaptive filter to remove motion artifact from EMG recordings in Whole Body Vibration.- The Influence of Reduced Breathing During Incremental Bicycle Exercise on Some Ventilatory and Gas Exchange Parameters.- A Novel Testing Tool for Balance in Sports and Rehabilitation.- Change of mean frequency of EMG signal during 100 meter maximal free style swimming.- Telemonitoring of the step detection: toward two investigations based on different wearable sensors?.- Repeatability of the Mean Power Frequency of the Endurance Level, During Fatiguing Isometric Muscle Contractions.- Ultrasound Image Processing.- Obtaining completely stable cellular neural network templates for ultrasound image segmentation.- Segmentation of 3D Ovarian Ultrasound Volumes using Continuous Wavelet Transform.- Selected Applications of Dynamic Radiation Force of Ultrasound in Biomedicine.- Breast Ultrasound Images Classification Using Morphometric Parameters Ordered by Mutual Information.- Virtual Reality in Medicine.- Development of Knee Control Training System Using Virtual Reality for Hemiplegic Patients and Feasibility Experiment with Normal Participants.- Development of Alcohol craving induction and measurement system using virtual reality: Craving characteristics to social situation.- Cataract Surgery Simulator for Medical Education.- Clinical Engineering and Patient Safety.- Patient safety - a challenge for clinical engineering.- MIDS-project - a National Approach to Increase Patient Safety through Improved Use of Medical Information Data Systems.- Improving Patient Safety Through Clinical Alarms Management.- A Clinical Engineering Initiative within the Irish Healthcare System toward a Safer Patient Environment.- A Pervasive Computing Approach in Medical Emergency Environments.- System for Tracing of blood transfusions and RFID.- A preliminary setup model and protocol for checking electromagnetic interference between pacemakers and RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification).- Current Status of Clinical Engineering, Health Care Engineering and Health Care Technology Assessment in Austria.- Clinical Engineering Training Program in Emerging Countries Example from Albania.- BME Education at the University of Trieste: the Higher Education in Clinical Engineering.- Certification of Biomedical Engineering Technicians and Clinical Engineers: Important or Not.- Findings of the Worldwide Clinical Engineering Survey conducted by the Clinical Engineering Division of the International Federation for Medicine and Biological Engineering.- Clinical Engineering in Malaysia - A Case Study.- Medical Equipment Inventorying and Installation of a Web-based Management System - Pilot Application in the Periphery of Crete, Greece.- A prototype device for thermo-hygrometric assessment of neonatal incubators.- Health Technology Assessment in Croatian Healthcare System.- A QFD-based approach to quality measurement in health care.- EVICAB - European Virtual Campus for Biomedical Engineering.- The E-HECE e-Learning Experience in BME Education.- Web-based Supporting Material for Biomedical Engineering Education.- European Virtual Campus for Biomedical Engineering EVICAB.- BIOMEDEA.- Biomedical Engineering Education, Virtual Campuses and the Bologna Process.- How New and Evolving Biomedical Engineering Programs Benefit from EVICAB project.- Learning Managements System as a Basis for Virtual Campus Project.- Future of Medical and Biological Engineering.- Computer Aided Surgery in The 21 Century.- Multi-dimensional fluorescence imaging.- Nanomedicine: Developing Nanotechnology for Applications in Medicine.- The Physiome Project: A View of Integrative Biological Function.- Synthetic Biology - Engineering Biologically-based Devices and Systems.- Biomedical Engineering Clinical Innovations: Is the Past Prologue to the Future?.- Innovations in Bioengineering Education for the 21 Century.
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